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Busy bee
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I agree with the author! I think that the news media isn’t just focused on the negative in the wedding industry, but really everything.

I think its very unfair for them to try to say that we’re being “scammed” when there are so many wedding planners, photographers, etc. that REALLY care about what they do and deserve every penny that they get.

My planner is arranging everything for me for only $1500. Just imagining the amount of work that I would have to do myself if I didn’t have her overwhelms me. And like the author said, I am far from the only bride she is doing all this work for.

I think the majority of wedding professionals really do care. There are some that really only care about the money, but I wonder what service they are providing. Because from what I’ve seen most of these wedding professionals aren’t making THAT much money..

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Sugar bee
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I didn’t read the whole thing as I am already married but there are a few things that I would question. Yes on your wedding day everything needs to be “perfect” and you only get that one shot to capture the moments. However in my opinion Bridal portraits in your dress or wedding attire should not cost more than a regular portrait session with the same photographer just because you are wearing a white dress.

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Bumble bee
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I read this on facebook and I was conflicted.  When I was doing makeup for weddings, I never charged the bride more just because she was the bride.  If everyone was getting the same type of makeup that the bride was getting my price would only drop when you had more bridesmaids.  I never agreed that the price should fluctuate more for the bride, or the mother or anything of the sort.  That being said, I think with any type of business industry you have the vendors with a heart of gold who love what they do and you have the shady characters too.  The only thing a bride can do is inform herself and be prepared.  It’s sometimes good that we think we could be getting scammed because it makes you question things, and asking questions normally brings up other good points.  We can’t afford to think that everyone in the wedding industry is warm and helpful, just as we can’t think that every professional in another industry has all the answers and would move a mountain for you.  When you do find that vendor who is the best, they normally get the rave reviews and recommendations and those things kind of speak for themselves.  I know personally, I tried to stick with family owned businesses.  When their name is on the actual business, and they are feeding their families from that business, they want you to be happy, so they will in the very least, be nice and not act like you were so lucky to hire them!  I read “bridal bargains” and it opened my eyes to the industry.  Its good to know what you’re getting into and not be niave. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@bmo88:  I agree with the article, but I think in GENERAL, the wedding industry is a bit of a scam.

What I mean by that is that little girls are led to believe they’ll marry their prince charming and be a princess for a day. That idea is carried forth and ends up costing the average bride thousands of dollars… for one day.

I am all for spending money the way you want, but many couples get into debt over this one day event. If you have the money then fair enough.

Of course you can argue that anything luxurious is like this. For example, I have always loved diamonds and certainly buy into the hype the diamond industry creates.

So it’s not so much the individual vendors that I am talking about… they’re just trying to get their piece of the pie. Fair enough. It’s the whole concept of spending thousands on a dress you’ll wear for a few hours, freaking out over centerpieces.. the whole shebang. I think that is a bit ridiculous and it pays to go into it with an informed mind. I decided I don’t want any of that. The rings I do… but none of the drama because you have to invite everyone you know, or the hassle with coordinating everything or having dress regret. Again, it’s fine if you go into it knowing what you’ll be paying, but a lot of couples don’t quite realize what they’re getting into until it’s too late.

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Helper bee
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@bmo88:  I’m having trouble trying to figure out what the author is trying to say about vendors hiking up fees, or the “wedding word” myth. I remember getting an info packet from a DJ when I was first planning my wedding. I noticed that a wedding cost $1300 for 5 hours of service while a Bar Mitzvah cost $800 and included 2 dancers. When the DJ company called me to follow up on my interest, I asked them about the price difference. They explained that weddings often require more coordination (entrance, first dance, father-daughter dance, etc). I am a Long Island girl through and through and have been to more Bar Mitzvahs than I can count. I reminded the DJ that a Bar Mitzvah involved a lot of coordination, including an entrance, 13 candle lighting songs, a mother-son or father daughter dance….what’s the difference? He simply said “well…it’s different”. Not an acceptable answer.

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Sugar bee
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My thoughts on the WIC aside, I could understand higher prices for wedding related services…because other services are trying to get return customers and the more returning customers the more discounts you could offer.  If you’re doing a wedding it’s probably a one-time return from those specific customers. 

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Not sure I agree. After reading “One Perfect Day,” I’m a little too cynical to completely buy the “We do weddings only for the love, and it only costs more because we pamper you!” line of thought.

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Sugar bee
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I don’t agree with the author, and I do agree with the wedding industry “scam”.

if you say “wedding make up”, no matter how professional the artist is, nearly always it’ll be more than regular make up. and it’s not better make up or anything, and if it is, why are they offering worse services to other regular full price paying customers?


shoes: if you search bridal shoes it’s a lot more expensive than regular white shoes.

ditto with white gowns, bridemaids dresses, jewerly, etc.


even photos. i’ve hired photographers for many events: always cheaper than wedding photography. same amount of hours invested.


stupid made up fees like cake cutting are not found in other types of events


or buying wedding flowers vs bulk flowers from costco. same flower, same quality, different price.


i could go on and on.

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Bumble Beekeeper

The wedding industry is no more or less of a scam than the fashion/beauty industry. Maybe the problem isn’t the industries themselves but the people (yes women) who buy into it.

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Blushing bee
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While there are some vendors out there who must do it for love, these people are in business to make money. I’d say it amounts to a scam, because to get reasonable prices you really have to get serious about research, your budget, and haggling. On the Bee boards, I’ve read brides justifying a $3.50 cake cutting fee by breaking it down… You’re paying $300 for 30 min of service? You don’t get charged those fees for a retirement party. 

Photography is my current pet peeve. In my area, prices START (read: start) at around $3000 for a ‘wedding package’. That’s crazy! My grandparents had exactly 4 photos from their wedding and neither of them lost sleep wishing their day was documented like a spread from Vogue. 

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