(Closed) Is there a conspiracy theory you actually believe ?

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hikingbride :  A thousand times thank you for your words regarding disease cures/treatments. As a scientist who has studied several diseases both in academia and in the biotech/pharma industry, the idea that thousands of scientists are covering up cures while their loved ones die is absurd. Even though I understand that in pharma, sometimes the more potentially lucrative projects are the ones that get priority, you’d have a hard time silencing academics, they don’t make enough money and finding a cure would be life changing. Diseases are so much more complex than the general public can even fathom, that’s why there’s no cure for things. I, personally, don’t think they’ll ever be a magic bullet for cancer for that reason, it’s a million diseases in one. Ugh, I get so worked up about that one.


But yeah, this thread has me face palming pretty hard. Sandy Hook? Really? 

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leembee :  the fact that you glibly put “killed/affected” in quotes in reference to a massacre where 20 small children and 6 innocent adults were slaughtered sickens me. 

I don’t know what sort of payback or satisfaction you could possibly get from believing and saying things like that but have some decency! If you truly believe this and can’t see what is so wrong about your attitude, you need to seek professional help  


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I also believe that 9/11 was an inside job. It’s absurd to believe that planes caused that type of implosion. There’s some really interesting documentaries about it on YouTube if anyone is interested in hearing more about it. Not to say it wasn’t a tragedy and people weren’t affected, but I don’t believe it was as black and white as a terrorist attack. 

Also, not sure if I believed that the USA went to the moon. Why wouldn’t they go back since- surely they didn’t learn all they could’ve during one short trip. 

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Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. My personal favourite.

My Father-In-Law believes basically any and all conspiracy theories that he sees on the internet. 9/11 was an inside job. Sandy Hook was a hoax. Monsanto is trying to poison us with GMOs. The government is trying to poison us via chemtrails. Aliens and the government are in cahoots, probably trying to kill us. Jews secretly run the world. Holocaust didn’t happen. We are in the early stages of a new world war and they’re trying to wipe out Christians. He once told me that the Kardashians are actually Satanists, and they’re famous due to a deal with the devil. He has absolutely no real basis for his arguments beyond reading about it on the all-knowing internet (though he will never provide sources). It’s exhausting.

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abeeinlove :  I’m pregnant with my first so you’re right maybe I would see things differently if I had a child. Just like I said our questions can be affected by our beliefs, I think our reactions are as well. I’m deeply offended when people immediately accuse women of lying about rape and abuse because I’ve been through sexual assault and abuse. We all have our biases, I certainly would never want to be disrespectful to a parent who lost a child and I can only imagine the constant fear I will have once our little one enters the world. I probably should have kept my opinion to myself here but I just can’t help but feel questions in my mind about the whole thing, it’s not something I’m spreading or have even expressed to anyone other than my husband (who doesn’t necessarily agree), and today on this thread. I don’t really think my own internal thoughts and questions can be insensitive but perhaps sharing them here was. 

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I do not believe that a dingo took her baby (Azaria Chamberlin). The fact is dingoes can’t neatly fold baby jackets and place them neatly on a rock. I believe the son did it and the parents covered it up (which is kind of understandable but not right). I think at that time the Australian public wasn’t prepared to believe that someone, especially a little boy or mother, could kill a baby.

I believe aliens are out there but I don’t think they are green men in flying machines. More than likely it is in a form that we can’t recognise and totally beyond our limited scientific knowledge.

Julian Assange is being set up so America can extradite him. 

I think government cover ups happen, especially military cover ups but most of the time it is in plain sight and they use misdirection and the media/terminiology. Classic example allied forces bomb a doctors without borders controlled hospital despite being told daily of it’s co-ordinates and reconfirmed as an NGO controlled site (standard procedure for NGO’s in war zones) and it gets swept under the carpet and noone is held accountable. Isis bombs a similar ngo controlled hospital in the same region and it is across the media, calling them monsters (which they are) and retaliation bombings ensue and cries of war crimes. Sorry but when we make mistakes in war we need to be held accountable and answer to war crimes.

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So, I don’the actually believe it, but the Mandela effect is my favorite conspiracy theory.  

I have no problem believing the royal family was behind Princess Diana’s death. The royal family is scary AF. 

I enjoy reading Elvis/Michael Jackson theories about them faking their deaths, I don’t believe them but it’s a fun thing to read. 

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SithLady :  My husband is currently getting his PhD in biology and has been working in biomedical research for a few years so that one has always really pissed me off! After hearing about his projects at work and just a lot about how that whole industry works that conspiracy just doesn’t make any sense to me 🙂

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Horseradish :  Interesting.  There is a lot of evidence supporting the ‘theory’ that Sandy Hook was actually closed that day, and had been for several years.  Many of the residents of Newtown wondered how it was possible that there was a shooting there because they were aware of this.

WestCoastV :  I put it in quotes because I don’t believe it happened, not because I’m some crazed individual that would take satisfaction out of something like this?  God, why would someone want something like this to happen??  You can believe it happened, you’re entitled to do that.  My belief is that these kids are alive and well, thankfully. 

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I’m seeing a lot of correlation between belief in insane theories and presidential election leanings, but that’s none of my business *sips tea*

The only one I could possibly believe is JFK. And even that only tenuously. 

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leembee :  They are not “alive and well.” What the fuck is wrong with you??

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I don’t actually believe in any of these, but I really get a kick out of watching conspiracy theory videos on YouTube and my favorites are about the Mandela Effect, Nibiru/Planet X, and the New World Order. And the comments on these kinds of videos are hilarious! I do however believe the government is hiding the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial life. After all, why would earth be the ONLY planet in the ENTIRE universe with living organisms? The universe is a big place! 

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leembee :  I can assure you the Boston bombings were real. They happened 2 blocks from my home.

I do believe some theories that say the government and big pharma companies prevent the cure or prevention of some diseases.   I’m not saying scientists are lying or covering up cures.  Sometimes drug companies make a lot more money   treating some diseases than they would curing or preventing them, so they focus on doing that.  Think about the pink ribbon movement for breast cancer. It raises money for awareness and treatment, not finding a cure or preventing breast cancer.  There is no finacanial incentives to preventing or curing the disease.  And many companies that use the pink ribbon in their marketing and donate to the treatment, have been proven to use ingredients in their products that actually cause cancer (yoplait, Avon etc).  

Don’t forget when it was considered a just a conspiracy that tobacco companies knew cigarettes caused lung cancer and other health problems.

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JFK. I don’t think he could have acted alone. 

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