(Closed) Is there a married couple you look up to?

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Both our parents are divorced, but both our mums have been in long term loving relationships since, over 15 years, they are pretty cool, easy going couples. My grandparents on my father’s side, I could certainly look up to, although my papa is now singing with the angels, bless him. He was a funny, jovial type who adored my nana and she was more of the dominant one, who ruled the roost, but it worked, and they were silly together and made each other laugh – Like me and my Fiance.

I would say though, whilst in Thailand, my Fiance and I met a couple in their late 30’s early 40s, who had two young teenage children. We LOVED this couple, they were young in spirit, open minded, adored their children but allowed them their freedom to be who they are, they partied with their kids (within reason) spoke openly with their children about life, love and made them appreciate what they had by showing them the highs and the lows of how other people live (well-travelled).

This couple were HOT, clearly very much fancied the pants off each other, the husband always complimenting his wife, the wife doing a sexy lil dance for him by the pool during sunset, when the kids were back in the beach hut…me and my Fiance just looked in awe and said “I hope we are like that in 10 years’ time” 🙂

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Great topic. As much as it pains me to say it, there aren’t that many older married couples that I look up to. Most of my friends’ parents are still married but not exactly happily. My own parents split when I was 5. My Dad never remarried, and my mom did but I wouldn’t say she is the glowing example of marital bliss. She’s happier now, but during my formative years, she was single.

That being said, one of my best girlfriends, her parents are still together, were also high school sweethearts like Fiance and I, and are deliriously happy. They also told us that we remind them of a younger version of themselves, which I took to be a good omen. I just keep reminding myself that our happiness depends on us, and is stronger than the past we may have come from.

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Yep. FI’s aunt and uncle.

A cousin of his came up to us at a recent family wedding and wished us as much happiness in our marriage as they have in theirs. It just emanates from them. They still hold hands under the table when the go out to eat. Its adorable.

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Awww!! I have an aunt/uncle who are now 70 and they are a great inspiration for us. They do not live anywhere near us. In fact they are 1000s of miles away so we rarely ever get a chance to talk to them. But whenever we can talk on the phone or get a chance to see them, they always leave us in high spirits about our own relationship and something to think abt. Amazing!

I love seeing/hearing stories like this.

Darling Husband and I have been together since 4+ yrs and it STILL feels like we just fell in love for the first time every single day. It’s a great feeling and I want this to continue on for many more yrs to come.

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Omgoodness we have a couple at church that we just LOVE and admire!!!

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I think both of our parents have good marriages!

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My grandparents on both sides, definitely. And actually, my own parents. My paternal set of grandparents have been married almost 55 years, and my maternal grandparents are coming up on their 50th anniversary this January. My Mom and Dad will be married for 20 years next December! I’m fortunate to be part of a family who’s central figures have remained together through good times and bad. Both sets of grandparents were married only to each other (no previous marriages with anyone), the same goes for my own parents. They all fight (well, who doesn’t, honestly?) but they know that marriage is for life; they made a commitment and they’ve all certainly kept it. I admire them all beyond what they realize. My paternal grandparents married young (she was 16, he was 19) and somehow, they’ve made it all this time without ever having a conversation about divorce. I’ll even catch my grandmother smiling at my grandfather, and he’ll wink back at her…sharing some secret the two of them only understand, I’m sure.


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Haha, nope. Pretty much everyone in our immediate families have been divorced at least once and those who haven’t been aren’t particularly happy with each other. The only marriage that has seemed to work has been my aunt and uncles though they’re still under the 20 year mark. Even being surrounded by so many failed relationships, I have faith that our marriage will last. I’ll report back in 30 years, though. lol 

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My grandparents and FI’s parents. My grandparents have been married for over 50 years now, since they were 19 and 20. They are adorable and so happy and in love. FIs parents have so much fun together still. For example, last weekend we went over to pick them up, and they had been out in their backyard eating pizza and drinking wine, and got drunk just the two of them having a great time. Its like they are 20! It was so hilarious.

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Both sets of our parents are still married.  My IL’s are happy, but in their own way.  His father isn’t really affectionate and is a bit, stiff.  Darling Husband is very must the opposite.

Our relationship is more like my parents and I hope that we are as happy as they are when we have been married for 30-something years!  They still hold hands and laugh and have fun.  They go on Friday night dates, go for walks, play golf, etc… They are very respectful of each other and their relationship.

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My priest and her husband, my aunt and uncle.  Both still madly, giddily in love.  And Gabbie Giffords and Mark Kelly (though I hope we never have to go through anything close to what Gabbie went through, and I don’t think we’ll ever have a long-distance component to our relationship like they did before she was shot).

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My parents!

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Hands down, I wish that we have what my parents had for over forty years before my father passed away. They both loved each other a deep amount and had an amazing marriage. They always worked through whatever conflicts they had, rarely were mad at each other and when they were worked it out. THey raised 6 wonderful kids but always made time for each other in the craziness. I couldn’t have had better role models and I wish that we at least have some of what they have in our own way.

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