(Closed) Is there any food you just CAN’T eat?

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Honey bee
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Soggy cereal. Slimy, gross… just ew.

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Helper bee
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I have a couple of food issues.  #1.  I am allergic to nutmeg, so fall and winter really aren’t good seasons for food for me!  My throat will swell slightly and I get super bad acid reflux. 

#2.  I will not eat anything that I wanted as a pet when I was younger (or now).  My Mother-In-Law laughs at me for this one, but I stick it out!  I won’t eat anything someone hunted, goose, lamb, veal (for moral reasons, not the pet rule), goat, etc. I also don’t eat seafood because it’s just plain gross.

#3. I am allergic to donuts!  Most contain nutmeg, plus the smell makes me want to yak.

#4.  I can’t eat anything fried, which goes along with the donuts.  Thanks to a shoty gull bladder, I have a built in diet plan!

#5.  Anything with a weird texture, like watermelon or tapioca.  My parents told me tapioca was fish eggs when I was little, so it scarred me for life.

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Helper bee
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I absolutely cannot stand sausage.  Even the smell of it makes me want to gag.  I’ve also never been able to eat spaghetti for some reason.  People always find this really bizarre. 

I could go on for hours with this probably…my fiance is always telling me that I should write a book titled “Things that Gross Me Out,” because I’m always saying how some food or other grosses me out!

I’ve always been an incredibly picky eater, but I’ve gotten a wee bit better as I’ve gotten older 🙂

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Fish!  Any kind.  The thought makes me ill.  I’ve forced myself a few times & gotten violently ill every time.  It’s a shame because it’s so good for you & diet friendly.

My doc said, just leave it be.  We could test for allergies, maybe it’s a fresh vs saltwater thing but he said basically just live with the fact that you don’t eat seafood.

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Bumble bee
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I am so glad I am not the only one with irrational food aversions.  Like several of you, I cannot stand the feeling of peach fuzz in my mouth.  It just creeps me out…it’s very similar to the feeling I get when a balloon is rubbed…ICK.  So, even though I prefer the taste of peaches, I almost always eat nectarines, because I have to peel peaches to be able to eat them…and I’m pretty lazy.  Nectarines are just easier.

I also have to wash my hands with hot water and lots of soap if I touch milk.  I cannot drink milk, just can’t.  Not even chocolate milk.  But I can eat ice cream, pudding, some cheses in small amounts, and yogurt.  Oddly enough, I can even occasionally eat a bowl of cereal with milk.

But the biggest phobia has to be EGGS…especially the yolks.  And those yolks that look like there is some baby chicken embryo thing starting?  I’m grossing out right now just thinking about it.  I think my bad feelings for eggs began at a summer camp egg toss where the eggs were slightly less than fresh.  I could not get that smell off me no matter how much I washed. 

So now, I cannot deal with raw eggs at all.  I can cook with eggs, though it makes me uncomfortable.  If egg gets on me, I have to stop what I’m doing and scrub my hands immediately.  But eating eggs? I cannot deal at all with eggs over easy, sunnyside up, anything where there is the tiniest bit of moisture in the yolk. In fact, I don’t eat egg yolks at all.  The yolk of a hard-boiled egg?  Nasty, pasty, and  gag-inducing. 

But I have a husband who likes what I consider to be raw eggs.  Worse, he will dip his toast in the runny yolk.  I have had to leave the table after watching him take a bit of that, with the yolk dripping off the bread…

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Honey Beekeeper
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Wow i like pretty much everything on this list =].

I won’t eat livers, cow tongue, tripe, or other unusual body parts if i can avoid it. Chicken feet, haha. I had a chinese friend who ate chicken feet. Yeetch. 

My husband can’t eat mashed potatoes. Or anything pureed like that. It makes him gag at the table. Same with sushi, california rolls…mushrooms….zucchini..artichokes….all kinds of good stuff 🙂

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Helper bee
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Cucumbers! I am not a picky eater and will eat almost every vegetable but I HATE cucumbers!!

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Honey bee
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@2PeasinaPod: lol I had a good giggle about the Peeps

Cilantro is something I can’t stand!!! BLECH.  I also don’t like fat (beef, chicken, whatever) meat off the bone, bacon that isn’t nearly burnt

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