(Closed) Is there anything we can eat?

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Honey bee
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Honestly? I just followed what my ob said, no raw fish or alcohol. I ate whatever I wanted otherwise and I am 39 weeks.

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Honey bee
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I agree with you that it seems like at every turn there’s a food that’s on the “don’t eat” list. Try not to worry about it, if they even made the sauce with raw eggs I’m sure you didn’t eat enough to do any harm.

Do your best but with every recommendation made about something NOT to eat, the risk is still very low if you eat it only once by accident. Even if you eat it a few times, odds are you’ll be fine especially if it’s from a reputable restaurant.

As if they don’t take the fun out enough with having us cut alcohol and caffeine they have to take our deli meats etc… too!

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Bumble bee
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You are probably doing your baby more harm with all your worrying than any of the things you’ve posted about ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure it’s fine! And tartar sauce is rarely prepared from scratch with raw ingredients, but if you’re still worried call the restaurant and ask.

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@tnbellebee:  Darling, I doubt they are going to feed you a sauce made with anything raw in th US in a restaurant.  It would have to be pasteurized.

My best advice is to STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE.  Seriously.  DO NOT DO IT!

You could probably find info on that thing that ANYTHING is bad for you!  I know what you mean though- feeding myself during pregnancy is like Survivor.  I have to eat frequently and small amounts, very inconvenient- on top of all these silly rules.  It is hard, I think, but now that I am second trimester I am trying to be more laid back. 

Don’t worry though, restaurants have pretty strict standards.

PS- Another pregnant bee gave this great advice:  If you eat something you were not supposed to- just don’t do it again (aka- let it go.)  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble Beekeeper
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It is highly unlikely that any restaurant in America tabsolutely ridiculously expensive is making in house tartar sauce or Caesar dressing or hollandaise or anything like that with raw eggs… Too much effort and too much liability. Also, the cheese almost everywhere is pasteurized too… If it is a chain restaurant or a casual dining place, you are most likely just fine.

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Sugar bee
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I follow the basic rules like no alcohol, no caffeine and no raw fish, but everything else seems like a gray area to me. I don’t see the point of worrying myself over something as small as a soft serve ice cream cone or having a slice of a deli meat. The risk of listeria is incredibly low. Plus, the last big listeria outbreak was found in canteloupe. Seriously, canteloupe! What am I going to do, avoid all fruit too?

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Busy bee
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I know, right?  Even worse I’m so over everyone and their brother being in my business over what I’m eating. A certain woman in my life, from week on was like “YOU CAN’T GO FOR COFFEE! PUT DOWN THAT PEPSI.” Back.off, woman.  I’m cutting my caffeine back drastically atm and can’t deal with you right now -____- 

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Honey bee
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Don’t worry about it. I was that way up until my third trimester. I relaxed quite a bit now.

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The human body is amazingly resiliant. There are a lot of things we can eat that are a lot less harmful than people think. Little known fact: All eggs sold in the United States are pasturized in-shell before they are sold. Does this kill every microorganism? Nope, but it definitely makes it a lot safer to be eaten raw and in lightly cooked situations. It is difficult for salmonella to get inside eggs. Rather, the contamination comes from the eggshell itself that has been contaminated with salmonella.

You don’t need to panic over every little thing you eat. The human species has survived for over 200,000 years, and I highly doubt our great, great, great so on and so forth ancestors were picking over which foods they could and could not eat while pregnant.

You can have 300 mg of caffeine per day while pregnant, and many doctors allow one glass of wine a week. The biggest concern for pregnant women is their sugar intake — sugar is a lot more dangerous than caffeine or raw eggs.

So, take a breath, stop freakin’ out and simply enjoy your days or nights out with family. You can taste here and there! Even raw fish is allowed in moderation (Some species are more dangerous than others due to mercury content, such as Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, or Tilefish), you just need to use your best instincts on overdoing it.

Your baby is delicate, but having an egg or a sip of wine here and there isn’t likely to do damage.

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Honey bee
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Just wanted to mention newest guidelines say lower mercury raw fish (since someone mentioned raw fish) is ok in moderation. In Japan women are told that some sushi intake is a healthy part of a pregnancy diet and good for the baby’s brain, and they have some of the longest lived healthiest people on the planet.

So a salmon roll once in awhile probably won’t hurt either! ๐Ÿ˜›

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@Hyperventilate:  +1!

Op, you’ll be fine ๐Ÿ™‚ When I was pregnant with my first, I gave up bbq’d food because I had read that the ‘char’ was bad. That didn’t last long.. However I ate raw fish and had an occasional glass of wine throughout all three of my pregnancies. All of my babies were full term and healthy and delivered ‘naturally’. Good luck, but don’t worry about it too much.

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Honey bee
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My OB basically told me that unless I prepare every single thing I eat myself, I’m going to have to take some risks, so don’t worry so much.

Since being pregnant, I’ve eaten deli meat (warmed), hot dogs, soft serve froyo, soft cheeses (just about anything sold in the US is pasteurized) and I order my steak medium. I do avoid raw eggs, but I ate raw cookie dough for years before I was pregnant and I never, ever got sick. I highly doubt there were raw eggs in your tartar sauce.

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