(Closed) Is there still a chance I could’ve gotten pregnant? TMI

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Well there’s always a chance to become pregnant, even on the pill. The most effective way to take the pill is, as you said, every day at the same exact time. It still works really really well if you take the pill every day, not necessarily at the same time. So if you are “forgetting” and taking it a few hours later, I really wouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s when you skip a day altogether that it becomes a bit less effective. 

And really, it also depends on when in your cycle you skipped the pill. It’s worse to skip pills earlier in your cycle (earlier in you pack) than later. The pill works by tricking your body into thinking you’re pregnant and not releasing an egg. 

You can always call your doctor, especially if you are worried. Tell him/her the story and see what they say. 

Also, as an aside: I’m pretty sure the other forms of birth control would be just as effective compared to the way you take your pill. Some people like the Nuvaring, or you can get birth control shots. Maybe you can just inquire about them at your next gyno appointment.

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Just take the pill you missed this morning. I’ve heard that if you miss one pill in a cycle you can double up the next day and be fine, but more than one a month and you are at higher risk of getting pregnant. Of course that could be wrong.

If you are an hour or two off from taking your pill I wouldn’t stress out. It’d be more stressed if I completely forgot to take it. It’s recommended to take it at the same time everyday but if you take it an hour or two late every once in a while I don’t think you should fret.

It’s always a good idea to call your Dr. to get info and peace of mind.

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I believe you can take it this morning and get back to your normal routine tonight and you’re supposedly fine. BUT, there is always a possibility. You could always switch to something like Nuvaring, though. You only put it in every 3 weeks; i used that in college when i would stay up late and my schedule was really unpredictable

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I hated the pill too, for much the same reason.  I had similar experiences with forgetting and never had a pregnancy scare, if that makes you feel any better!  Second PinkBubbleGum’s suggestion to give your doctor a ring just to check.

I switched to the patch some years back and I absolutely love it.  You only have to remember to change it once a week (and even then you have some wiggle room) and because it’s external, my fi helps remind me to change it.  It makes him feel involved.  Having a sticker on for most of the time took a little getting used to, but I never really notice it anymore.

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@canuba: I remember using the patch. It used to leave these marks on my body. I switched after a few months to the ring. I started off with pills and I just found them exhausting!

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You SHOULD be OK. I believe yaz is a medium level pill, so even being a bit later taking it you should be ok. There are some light hormone ones that it really makes a difference. As was mentioned it does matter where you are in your cycle. If you are concerned you could go get the morning after pill just as a double up. I was once concerned through a forgotten, called == For morning after and I was told I was fine based on the one missed.

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If you miss a pill, take two the next day and you should be okay.  Where are you in your pack?  Beginning?  Or closer to the end?  I’ve missed a pill here and there and I’ve always been just fine, no worries.

Also, I have to ask–4:30am?  Really?  There has got to be a better time!  I take mine every night before I go to bed.  It sits on my nightstand next to my phone charger, so I always remember.  Can you take your pill at the same time you do something else that you do every day?  Maybe put the pills next to your toothbrush and take your pill every day after you brush your teeth?  Put the pills in your purse and take them every day at lunch?  Something?  I’m just saying…if I had to take my pill in the middle of the night every night, I’d be missing way more pills than you are.  I LOVE sleeping.

As far as the ring and other monthly options, I think those would be harder for me to remember than the pill.  If I have something I’m supposed to do every day, I can remember it.  If I have to something every few weeks, or once every x days, that’s much harder to keep track of for me.  Just my two cents!

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@canuba:the patch was taken off the market a few years ago. is it back now, or are you not in the us?

chances you’re pregnant are super slim. if you have trouble remembering to take the pill, you should try the ring.

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Chances are pretty slim, but know that depending on what pill you’re on, you might experience some morning sickness from doubling up on the pill. I’ve been on it for seven years and have had to take two pills in a day twice (once I forgot, and once the pharmacy messed up and didn’t have the Rx for me on time) and I was horribly ill the morning after both times. It’s not a pregnancy symptom–just your body adjusting to the double dose of hormones.

I’ve heard the ring works pretty well, so if your life’s going to be nuts for a while and you’re worried about remembering to take it, you might consider other methods of BC. Good luck!

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as everyone else has said, i think chances are pretty slim. i am not telling you to do this by any means, but i missed an entire 8 days of birth control and never got pregnant. after being on the pill, some women after try for months, if not years, to get pregnant. i doubt being a couple hours to a day late will do anything.

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@kitzy: I was on the patch about 6 months ago, and I’m in the US.  I didn’t know it was ever taken off the market!

@SweetRose2011: As long as you take both pills the day after you forget one you should be ok, but if you’re not sure a call to the doctor never hurts!

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Probably not pregnant, but definitely look into other birth control so you don’t forget to take it. I have the IUD- LOVE it- no need to remember anything…. take it out when we are ready to try again- and NO HORMONES!!!

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I think you’re okay. If you’re really concerned, you could always wait a bit and take a test.

Maybe pairing the time you take your pill with another activity that you do every morning at the same time (brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, etc.) will make it a better habit.

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Just FYI – if you lose a pill like how you mentioned, you can just take the one for the next day and start your placeabo week a day early (i.e. technically be a day ahead for the rest of this cycle) – not usually a big deal.

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