(Closed) Is there such a thing as too much fruit??

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I think everything in moderation, I have more of a tendency to eat vegetables over fruit. most fruits make my tongue itch … Weird I know, it’s a very light allergy. I love Oranges,Tangelos and Mandarines. Watching your calories is good but don’t be a nazi about it.. I always think fresh, organic,clean etc is ALWAYS better than processed foods even if they are higher in calories… 

Here’s a link about some I the better fruits for you. 


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Very simple, too much fruit = no weight loss or putting on weight


Some fruit like coconut, avocado and mango are really high in calories, and personally if I’m dieting I need to watch how much fruit I eat.


Obviously your body will burn more energy digesting mango than a chocolate bar, but as the PP said, everything needs to be eaten in moderation. 

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I roast chickpeas and have that as a snack. I season them (1 can) with 2 tbsp soy sauce, a little honey, olive oil, and red pepper flakes… pop em in the oven at 400 degrees until they’re all roasty looking. it’s yummy. you can season them with other stuff too. 

It has the added benefit of making you go to the bathroom regularly. 

haha i said this just in case you’re looking for snack ideas. 

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Yes, absolutely. Fruit is full of sugars. Sugar = bad carbs.

You still need fruit in your diet in moderation for fibre and vitamins.

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I limit fruit to 2 servings a day. Too much sugar and carbs otherwise IMO. That’s find with me since I don’t really like fruit anyway lol.

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I disagree that sugar = bad carbs.  All carbs are broken down by the body into glucose, the most simple form of sugar.  Whether you eat a carrot, a slice of cake, or a mango, your body makes it into glucose and uses it for fuel, or stores excess as fat.  Parts of protein and fat molecules are broken down into glucose as well.  They are also used for fuel and excess is stored as fat.

If you are counting your calories and accounting for the fruit you are eating, and feel satiated, I can’t see any harm in eating a lot of fruit.

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While it’s full of sugar, there’s also some fiber, which isn’t the worst thing ever. I would try to mix it up with some veggies too. Too much fruit just sounds…painful.

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I dont think you should put fruit in the same basket as chocolates and other sugary treats. There are reasons why nutritionists tell us to eat 2 pieces of fruit per day… it is because there are nutritional benefits.

That said, you  need to pick the fruit based on the vitamins it provides you. I personally eat a lot of banana – particularly if I am going to the gym in the evening (potassium)

But my nutritionist told me to only eat 2 pieces per day and no more. Anything more is probably giving you more sugar than you need. You could try chopping up veggies and eating with a little bit of hummus as a snack?

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In high school my doctor actually told me I was gaining weight from eating too much fruit. Moderation is key to any food except celery (she said I could eat 100 pounds of this and never gain a pound). Too bad I hate celery. 😉

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@meg.miles:  I hate celery too, but I really want to like it so I keep tasting it.  And spitting it out, LOL.  

I think it depends on how you’re counting / keeping track.  For example, on the Weight Watchers Points Plus system, there’s a list of all kinds of fruits and veggies that are no points and you can eat as many as you want.  You’re not counting calories on that though, you’re counting points, and not limiting your sugar or carb intake.  It sounded crazy at first, since I love fruit and always avoided too much of it before, but I’ve actually lost weight in the last few weeks and I’ve been eating bananas and grapes (and misc veggies) a LOT for snacks and lunch so it must be working!!

Although, Darling Husband1’s oncologist warned us to be wary of fruit that started with the letter P (Pears, pineapple, peaches, prunes, plums, etc.) because they would cause him to go to the bathroom a LOT…not to be gross.  

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I’m not crazy about most fruit, so I don’t eat very much of it. I completely agree with what you said about feeling guilty about the amount of calories it has. I simply cannot make peace with eating a piece of fruit that has as many calories as a chocolate bar. If I’m going to eat those calories, I want the chocolate!

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Generally fruit tends to be higher in calories and sugar than vegetables, and calories are calories. While all calories are not created equal, if you’re eating more calories than you’re using then you will gain weight. That doesn’t mean that you should cut out fruit though. It’s high in vitamins and fiber, so if you must have something sweet you’re definitely better off with some pineapple over chocolate cake. I tend to eat very simple fruits that don’t require a lot of effort like apples, bananas, and grapes.

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