(Closed) Is there such at think as drinking too much water?

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Helper bee
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Yes, i once had a water intoxication … to hard to explain in English but just google ‘drinking too much water’ and the effects.

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Honey Beekeeper
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You can get water intoxication as pp’s have said.

You won’t get it from drinking that amount of water between lunch and the end of your work day, unless you are also drinking a phenomenal amount of wter the rest of the day.

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Honey bee
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You can safely consume half your body weight in ounces (ex: you weigh 150lbs, you can drink 75oz) of water in a day as long as you keep peeing 🙂

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Busy Beekeeper
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Water, quite simply, is a solvent. Salt and sugar dissolve in water. When you drink water, you urinate or sweat it out later and it is contains a lot more sugar, minerals, and electrolytes than it did when it went in. Water washes all that out.

those with a low metabolic rate have trouble storing adequate amounts of glycogen and often have a tendency towards hypoglycemia. Likewise, they have a hell of a hard time retaining electrolytes and other minerals like magnesium. Both hyponatremia (low electrolytes) and hypoglycemia (low sugar) can induce things like migraines, seizures, headaches, anxiety attacks, anger and aggression, frequent urination (polyuria), vomiting, nighttime urination and bedwetting in children (nocturia), night terrors and nightmares, and a long list of other complaints – all of which are serious stressors.


so basically you can over water yourself. sip some 100 % juice occasionally in your day if you are still thirsty to keep levels in check (salts, sugars, etc) ( assuming your not diabetic or have a serious health condition)

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Buzzing bee
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Yes, you can drink too much water.  I don’t think what you’re drinking will be an issue (I go through that twice between lunch and the end of the day), but you can start flushing out electrolytes or just drink more than you need and have to pee constantly. 

As long as you’re drinking when thirsty and not getting dehydrated, you’re probably already drinking enough water.  Apparently most people don’t need 64 oz/day. Which, considering I drink 3-4 times that makes me think that I am causing myself a lot of unnecessary bathroom breaks. (I got used to drinking a lot and now I’m ALWAYS thirsty… every doctor hears this and wants to test me for diabetes, too.)

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Bee Keeper
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I have a 24 oz water bottle as well that I fill up probably…  3-4 times a day sometimes more. Check google for exact numbers like the PP’s said but I’m sure you’re fine! You have to drink a LOT of water to overdrink it!

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Worker bee
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I drink at least 100oz of water a day. Clear pee is healthy pee. You will get used to it.

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Honey Beekeeper
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@KristenGotMarried: That’s what I’ve always heard too.

OP – I went for about 3 months drinking at least 90 oz of water a day without a single negative effect (besides extra bathroom breaks).  You’re no where near water intoxication with what you’ve said you’re drinking.

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Bee Keeper

The local news had a story last week busting the water myth that you need to consume a certain amount of water per day.  You only need to consume enough fluids to rehydrate yourself.  Not that you can’t drink more, you just don’t need to.

Also, as you consume more water your body starts to shed its water load to keep a balance (which is why you pee so much).  So it’s possible to dehydrate yourself by fooling your body into thinking it has too much water.

I still think it’s healthy to drink plenty of water, just don’t overdo it.  😉

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Sugar bee
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There was a water drinking contest where I’m from for a radio station. A girl drank so much water without peeing, that she died.

Yes, you can drink too much water.

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Blushing bee
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Just drink enough to not be thirsty. Essentially, it doesn’t sound like you are hurting yourself with the amount of water you’re drinking, but all the extra water on top of what you need to stay hydrated isn’t giving you any extra health benefits either. So if you’re going nuts with running to the loo every half-hour, I’d say cut back a bit.

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Busy bee

as PP’s said you can drink too much but the amount your drinking is safe as long as you go to the bathroom as much as you need, Its always better to drink more water this time of year anyway you need to stay hydrated. some fluids go through me faster (coffee and juice) so it could just be that the water goes through you pretty quick I wouldnt worry about it your doing something good for your body

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I drink approximately 100 oz a day.  True story.  I’ve heard of wanter intoxication as a teenager, but I haven’t had any problems.  

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