(Closed) Is there that "one thing" you wish was different about your SO?

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  • Wedding: October 2009

I wish my husband had more patience, espically when it comes to the logisitcs of a big group. But he knows this is an area he needs to work on 🙂 

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@drlolaz:  I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her…

The only thing I would change is that he understood me a little better. Sometimes we go around in circles and it’s super annoying.

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Busy bee

He’s often very bitter and disillusioned and somewhat angry at the world (never at me!) while I adore him I do worry that he is going to turn into Carl Fredrickson from UP before he meets Russell.

I also wish he was a smidge taller only because we can’t hold hands since we’re essentially the same height but his arms are longer. It is highly uncomfortable.

And, you know, if he got a cool couple million tomorrow that wouldn’t be bad.

But yes, I love him and I accept that this is part of who he is.

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  • Wedding: July 2010

We would both love him to have a better job. 


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  • Wedding: May 2014

I wish he knew that money isnt just growing on trees! He thinks our bank account is never ending and he isn’t even working right now so we have about 1/3 of our regular income to live with and he just doesnt get it! It is so frustrating at times.

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I wish my husband shared my interest in running. I’ve been a runner for many years, and he, bless his soul, runs like he as a stick up his butt and clocks in at a 11-minute mile. Sigh… But, we do hike together and go on long walks with our 2 dogs. Lately, he’s been hinting at getting bikes so we can ride together so it’s definitely a step in the right direction. 

Also, I would love for him (and his kids) to be more assertive when it comes to making decisions. For birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, his entire family waits till the last minute to make a decision on the activity/time/place/guests/etc. I’m an obsessive list-maker and planner and it kills me to not have any idea what we’re doing for any given special occasion. But, I’ve learned to work with this quirk of theirs by gently guiding everyone into a discussion about it till we reach an agreement. 

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I wish he wouldn’t work in the restaurant industry. That’s all he knows & has ever done.. and he loves it. But I hate it. He’s a general manager of a popular restaurant and works the strangest, longest hours, is never home on the weekends, never has a holiday off.. I really wish he’d find a nice 9-5 job and be home with me more.

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I wish he were more liberal about certain social issues (I almost broke up with him over his views on gay rights), but considering he comes from a VERY conservative society, he is still remarkably open-minded and progressive.

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  • Wedding: February 2013

I wish he made more money, but he would say the same thing. In the end, it really makes no difference in the way that I love him and am so happy to be his wife.

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I think there are always things you could look to change and I’m sure that there are things that our SO’s would like to change about us. At the end of the day its all about who you are going to be happy with. You seem to be very in love with this person and have a great relationship. I do not think that him not having a college degree makes him any less of a person.(Not that im saying your saying hes not a good person) My fiance is currently in school to get his accounting degree. I on the other hand started going to a university when what I really wanted to do was be a hair stylist. After waisting 2 years on school and trying to please other people and look better I went to cosmetology school & I couldnt be any happier doing what I am doing. I feel that as long as you guys are happy with what you are doing in your lives that is most important. There are plenty of people out there that have tons of money and are very comfortable, but you get bored and wander. I agree with you on the kid thing. I want to stay home with my kids to which is part of the reason I love doing what I do so much because it will allow me to be a mother first. I think maybe you are looking too far into things. Its great that you are so driven and have a plan, but in the end after your kids are all grown up it will just be you and your SO all by yourselves again. So the question you should be asking is Will you see yourself with this person in 40-50 years after the kids are grown and its the two of you again?

🙂 Great post!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

Partner is perfect! And would be more perfect is he were just a few inches taller (just, like, 6 or so, lol).

I do wish he was a little more adventurous, but I’ve accepted this and just learned where I can push him and where I can’t. He’s definitely opened up to new experiences a lot more since we’ve been together. I actually got him excited to go canoeing on our honeymoon! He’s still not going scuba diving with me anytime soon (or ever) but I have no problem with him sitting in the boat while I enter the aquatic food chain. 🙂

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  • Wedding: August 2015

I wish he wasn’t so socially awkward around new people. He has an odd sense of humor that new people don’t really “get” and it can be a bit embarrassing. But at the same time, his cleverness and ability to always make me laugh is one of my favorite things about him.

It was also be nice if he was more handy with tools/fixing cars… he’s not exactly a “manly man” in that sense.

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he usually just cant have ONE beer. i wish he could have two beers and quit. also hes kind of a light wieght . he gets really hyper, loud, and kind of belligerent. lol not in a bad way. just in a light wieght way. plus i really wish he didnt chew. something he just picked up last year. i hate it!!!!

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The things I might change about Mr. M are so insignificant…and they are part of what makes him who he is, and I love him for all he is.

I wish he wouldn’t be such a collector.  He collects one type of popular toy, and he has over 400 of them!  He’s got them in a corner of the living room, and sometimes, they’re spread all over the place!  He needs to keep them on the shelves IMO.

I also wish he wouldn’t pass gas like he does.  I’ve dated others who did, too.  I guess it can be such a typical guy thing.  He could be more discreet about it, but he jokes about it.

The last thing would be that I would like him to express his feelings towards me more than he does.  He says it’s hard, especially after years of suppressing them around his ex gf (really bad relationship there…she was not very kind to him).  When he does express them, however, he blows my mind with the things he says!


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My Fiance plays the drums and always has a beat going on in his head. Well every now and then he’ll clap his hands together really loudly (like the snare drum) and it scares the piss out of me. I have sensitive ears and it drives me up the wall. I literally want to karate chop him in the throat everytime he does it!!

Oh, and he constantly smacks my butt…like repeatedly, while I’m trying to cook or shower haha

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