(Closed) is this a bladder infection? tmi

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Have you eaten anything peculiar as of late? I know vit b complexes can make your pee cloudy, alongside some foods

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@lilchicana:  Possibly. I’d definitely get it checked out sooner than later, just in case…bladder infections can spread to the kidneys if not treated, which is not good news, so always better to err on the safe side. You could just be dehydrated, so drink lots of water meanwhile as well.

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Doesn’t sound like it. I get a bladder infection about once a year (during my summer breaks when I tend to combine frequent overdrinking with too much sex haha TMI) and the only recurring symptom is painful urination.If it persists,  go see a doctor though!

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it is possible that it could be a bladder infection. the two times i’ve had it i didn’t have painful urination or cloudy/smelly urine. all i had was abdominal pain that i was blaming on a possible cyst or cramps but after my period was gone, the pain kept on. i went to the doctor and had a urinalysis done and turned out both times it was a bladder infection. the doctor told me it was because i wasn’t drinking enough water. they gave me IV with fluids (i was super dehydrated) and antibiotics. definitely see your doctor as soon as you can just in case it is. you don’t want it to get worse!

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It *could* be, but it can be so many other things.  I’ve had UTIs since I was a toddler and you might want to just have a doctor check it out.  If it is a UTI, the sooner you have antibiotics the better and if it’s *not* a UTI, it might just be something else minor you can get cleared up ASAP.

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Abdominal pain/pelvic pain is always worth getting checked out.  There’s a bunch of things it could be, most of which can be treated with antibiotics.  But no matter what it is, you don’t want to wait till it gets seriously bad.

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Get to your doctor! I had the same pelvic pain and symptoms of a BI and even got told by a Dr it was a bladder infection…after the antibiotics it didn’t get ANY better. I went to my gyno and it was a completely different diagnosis. She gave me different meds and it went away.


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What I find suspect is the cramping and the “smell”. I had one really bad one like you describe, and that was years ago. I do however, sometimes besome slightly symptomatic but I find that if i pound some cranberry juice (the real stuff which needs to be diluted with water) I always keep it around for maintence –  it usually kicks whatever is developing.

For you I would definity go to the doctor though, start pounding some cranberry juice while you wait for your apt – like some of the other Bees are telling you, Abdominal/Pelvic pain is always worth checking out, especially after this length of time.


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AZO sells over the counter UTI test kits. Maybe get one of those and see what it says? I’d call the doctor though. I’ve had a couple of UTIs with no pain during urination.  If you have any doubt, call your doctor though. 

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Doesn’t sound like it. With UTIs there is commonly inflammation of the bladder and urethra, so you’ll get urination pain (If the pain is when you start urinating, it’s your kidneys. If the pain is after you finish urinating, it’s your bladder.)

I haven’t found that cloudy urine “means” anything. abdominal pain may or may not be apparent with a UTI (I get them often and sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.)


Alka seltzer can be used to treat UTIs, I’ve used it myself with success. I took 2 tablets in a full glass of water twice a day (Morning/night) and chased it with a lot of water, cranberry pills and unsweetened cranberry juice. In two days my UTI was gone.

If you’re worried, you could try the juice/water/alkasetlzer method, but I don’t think you have a UTI.

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Sounds like a kidney infection, you need to get to a dr. ASAP.

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@lilchicana:  A little advice from me…not to scare you but I’ve been diagnosed with UTIs and kidney infections in the past and most recently I found that its actually kidney stones. Same symptoms as you…the pain in my abdomen was caused by the stones being stuck in the tubes on both sides. There was never any visable blood when I peed until it started getting really bad. I have to do a 24 hour urine collection to determine why I get the stones and I can def tell there is a funny smell. The left kidney stone was so bad that it damaged my kidney and now I have to get it removed. I trusted the doctor that it was just a UTI until months later the pain came back and it was worse. I don’t recommend ignoring this. please go see a doctor. 

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