(Closed) Is this a migraine?

posted 6 years ago in Wellness
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    Honey bee
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    The sensitivity to light is what I would attribute to a migraine.  But I don’t usually vomit or have bowel issues with mine.

    It sounds like you might have an aura as well.  If your vision in pinholed, this can accompany a migraine.  I get these about every 3 months.

    But if this has lasted more than 24 hours, I would call your Doctor.

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    I am light and noise sensitive with migraines. I also get sick when I get one. My guess is that it is. But as @Kate said, if its been 24 hours you should call a doctor.

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    Buzzing Beekeeper

    Sounds like a migraine.  Was the pain in your head behind your eyes? That’s how I can tell.

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    @secondchances:  You should go to a doctor.  It could be a migraine, or it could be something else.  I went to the doctor with one of my friends who was having similar symptoms, and the first guess the doctor made was meningitis.  Ended up being a different virus or something, but that’s not something you want to fool around with.

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    That’s what it feels like when I get a migraine – I usually vomit or at least get very, very sick to my stomach, can’t handle light, and I feel like I have a hangover the next day.  However, I can’t feel what you’re feeling and I’m also not you so I can’t say whether or not you’re having a migraine.  I agree with pp that if it lasts longer than 24 hours you should go to the doctor asap.

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    Sounds like it… i vomit when i get them but the bowel issue is a bit odd.

    You should see your doctor as everyone said.  

    I usually get a massage before if I can catch it soon enough (I can feel muscle spasms in my neck and between shoulder blades before I get them) or afterwards, it helps everything relax and the muscles get very tense.  Sometimes you might see spots (like if you stand up too fast), this is the “aura” but if you woke up with it you may have missed that part.  Try taking 2 advil and 2 tylenol – because they’re different drugs its ok to take them all at once and it should relieve the pain.  My mom’s a nurse and thats always the first thing she recommends.  There are meds you can take specifically for migraine, see if you can get a prescription from the dr so you can catch it early next time.

    Hope you’re feeling better!  Whenever I get a migraine I’m out for two days and I want to die, ah you poor thing!

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    I think this definitely sounds like a migraine, but of course I’m not a doctor so I can’t be 100% sure. If it doesn’t pass within 24 hours or you get another one I would definitely go to the doctor.


    If it is a migraine I might have an explanation for the bowel issues. This might be a bit Too Much Information for you but where are you in your cycle? I get migraines like clockwork two times a month, right before I ovulate and right before my period.  I get them when my estrogen levels drop ( I am extremely hormone sensitive). With my migraines I often get higher anxiety, plugged up ears, nausea and my bowels often change. It’s not from the migraines so much as it’s the hormone shift.

    This might not apply to you at all, but I thought I’d throw it out there. Definitely check with your doctor! I hope you start feeling better, migraines are the worst!

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    Some symptoms sound like them. I get migraines very frequently. Ugh they are terrible. And vomiting can be caused by a migraine but I’ve never heard of diaherea from migraines.

    I’d say go to the doctor to get checked out. And if it is a migraine most over the counter meds don’t work, but they have meds specifically for migraines

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    the light thing is definitely a migraine thing. I get nausious too but i don’t actually throw up. your body is most likely just reacting to it in a different way – especially considering its your first one. I get them everyfew months id say so my body is more used to it.

    Advil or excedrin migraine and remember to eat. Coffee helps too if your a coffee drinker. (i think its because of the caffeine) I don’t feel like eating when i have a migraine but lack of food will prolong it..

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    Have you taken anything for it? Like Aleve, or Excedrin? I would start popping some of those babies. 

    My migraines (I’ve only had a couple, luckily!) usually last a couple of days. I get light sensitivity and vomiting like you’re describing, coupled with terrible throbbing head pain behind the eyes.

    Drugs help take the edge off till it runs its course. 

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    I would venture to guess that yes, you are haivng a migraine. If you are in day two and you have taken any sort of ibuprofen, excedrin, aleeve, etc and have had no relief that you call your doctor. I get them very frequently (so frequently that I actually have to take prescription medicine when I get them now because nothing else helps) that I can tell you that you do not want to let this go on. Also, if your stomach can take it, drink something with caffeine in it. It will help with blood flow in your brain. (No lie, I was told that by my doctor).

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

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