(Closed) Is this a stupid reason to postpone my wedding?

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I’m sorry you’re not having a good day.  This is my suggestion: keep the wedding date and set a more manageable goal.  In order for a goal to motivate you, it needs to be achievable and measureable (example: By February 6th, my goal is to lose 5 pounds.   These are the steps that I’m going to take to make it happen….).  I would start focusing on living a healthier lifestyle that incorporates changes that allows you to become who you want to be (physically and mentally).

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In short, yes.

You need to love you for you and losing weight wont change the person you are or who is getting married. 

What if you don’t lose the weight or lose as much as you want? Will you feel even worse for postponing the wedding?

I think its a great goal to get in shape and we all want to look good in our pictures. And you will look great no matter what.

I think you should set a plan to be healthy not only for your wedding but for your life and realize that your life does not begin with a wedding, it has already started and the weight you are on that day does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

As for buying a dress, but a dress that fits you at that time, with a corset preferably and if you have to have it taken in then great! I did, lots of people have do.

Learning to love yourself is hard, but needs to be done. Make a list of your good qualities and reread daily out loud.

Make a plan to be healthier and as you become healthier there are other positive side effects, eating well physically affects your brain and hormones in a good way- as does exercise.

And make a short list of things you want to improve on and work on improving those.  Accomplishing weight goals is just as important as building yourself inside.

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I would keep the wedding date, but definitely start working out and portioning food.

I suggest, once again, using My Fitness Pal (you can find me as SassyTart09).  Let me go copy what I put in another post so you can get an idea on how it works.

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Awww, don’t postpone your wedding over this!  Remember, your fiance thinks you are beautiful and that is why he wants to marry you!

Try looking at Maggie Sottero dresses–her designs are really flattering on women of any size. 

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My Fitness Pal will give you the amount of calories you should eat daily.  Here’s how it works:

  • You set your goal weight 
  • It’ll ask you questions about your daily activities 
  • It’ll give you the amount of calories your should eat daily
  • Log on after you eat a meal and/or snack to record food
  • After recording the meal and/or snack, it’ll give you remaining calories for the day
  • You also want to record drinks and what you did for exercise as well.
  • Only negative about recording the exercise is that it’ll up the remaining calories for the day.  I suggest logging that in at the end of the night.
  • At the end of your recording, it’ll tell you how much you’ll weigh in approximately 5 weeks if you continue on with that plan.

You can use this both on-line or as an app for your phone.  =)  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Feel free to message me at any time.

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It’s definitely doable but you will have to kick some serious calorie and cardio booty.  Ten pounds a month is a difficult goal when you have to sustain the same rate of loss over a long period of time.  A nutritionist and a reputable trainer should be able to help you put together a plan.

Some issues: dress fittings will not wait until the last day.  For the amount that you want to lose, September should be your ideal time period unfortunately.  How about 50lbs and then you can just work on maintaining? 

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@AudzinLuv: I am more than willing to help at any time.  Please do take me up on my offer. =)

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I don’t want to add a negative note here, but our original date was 27th July last year. I didn’t lose the weight for that date. We only postponed because of money, though.

It’s so hard to find the motivation – it usually doesn’t matter what everyone else says, it’s something so hard to define that happens inside your own head.

I only found my mojo this week, really, and like yourself I would love to lose 70-80 for the weding, but I really don’t have that kind of time. Now I’m working on a reasonable but still kind of tough 30-40. I’ll just have to do at that lol!

If you start a sensible plan now, or the minute you get out of bed tomorrow morning, you have what, 32 ish weeks? That is a great amount of time, at say 2lb per week, which is perfectly doable, that’s 64 lbs down. That’d be perfect, wouldn’t it?

You need to be healthy and happy on your wedding day: the particular number on the scale or on the tag of your dress isn’t really that important. I didn’t read all of the other responses cos it’s bedtime here, but you can still eat quite a lot and have dramatic weight loss – particularly in the first 20 or so lbs down. Just keep reducing intake until you stop losing, more or less!

It’s the silver lining to having a lot of weight to lose – you can lose a lot of weight fairly quickly!

Plenty of lean meat & fish, all the veg & fruit you want, and easy on the carbs, specially the fried and sugary nasties. Lots of water. As much exercise as you can happily do without injury.

Mrs. Glasses’ recent blog post on weight loss is really quite good. I know she didn’t have as much to lose as us, but the main points are still the same.

Best of luck, chick, and try not to let it get you down. Every day you work on it is another day closer to your goal, so don’t wait any longer to start!

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I just wanted to chime in and add that I LOVE myfitnesspal, it’s really great.  The “friends” feature and messageboards also help you to not feel alone in your efforts!  My name on there is lezerlies if you decide to sign up and want a friend on there. 🙂

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 Don’t change your day!

 I was the heaviest I have ever been at my wedding. Looking at pictures I am not the happiest with my weight but in those pictures everyone had a smile on their face, including me. I had never seen my hubby more happy or had he thought I looked more beautiful. Start being a healthier you now, and by your wedding, no matter what size, you feel so much better.

 I really hate the stigma weddings put on woman to look “perfect”. I mean look at the pictures of wedding dresses in magazines; they all show some teeny tiny, lanky looking woman who makes any dress look absolutely glamorous because its so huge on her. In reality thats not what most brides look like. Is it just me or does even the “plus size’ dress models even look like they are in great shape??

 Your beautiful the way you ARE. Your wedding day, your dress or anything about your looks will not reflect who you are on your wedding day or how your husband thinks of you. The reason he is marrying you that day is because your a pretty awesome person. And THAT is what the entire day is about! Now flaunt what yo momma gave ya! 😉

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I think it’s doable. I second the fitness and nutrition tips everyone else has already said, and I would add that if it’s not in the house, you won’t be tempted. So be super strict with yourself in the grocery store, and then when you’re at home raiding the cupboards for something to snack on, you’ll only have healthy choices.

I’m a big fan of the “smaller meals more frequently” routine. I recently lost 20 pounds and two dress sizes eating 1400 calories a day (broken into 5 meals of a few hundred or so calories each) and working out regularly, and despite the fact that this was a huge calorie restriction from what I used to eat, I actually felt like I was eating more!

My other piece of advice is to get out of the house. If you find that you’re sitting around eating and not doing much else, go for a walk or run an errand you’ve been putting off. Just like mindless eating is a habit, you can find ways to make not eating into a habit too. Three brisk 10-minute walks a day can apparently do wonders for your fitness level, not to mention your health.

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@AudzinLuv:It’s not all about the pounds ladies, at least for me it’s not. If you are working out and including some weight lifting you will look amazing. Maybe the goal should be tone and healthy instead of loosing sooo many pounds. Just a suggestion.

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Statistically it is easier to lose weight than gain it. You can def reach this goal. P90x everyday girl! And drink only water, no juice, no soda, and no coffee and especially no alcohol. No sweets and cakes or candies (that include chocolate and gum). No pork or red meat! Try to keep fruit portions to 2-3x a day, no more than that. You can eat all the cake and meat you want on your wedding. My friend has done it and so has my sister. My friend did p90x everyday and my sister did zumba and tae bo everyday. Along with a healthy diet. Do not ever skip meals because you def not lose the weight. Never eat like you feel full or ready to explode. Try to eat every 3 hours with small snack (like a fruit, veggie sticks, or a yogurt, or piece of cheese) in bewteen and eat meal portions the size of your fist. Do this and you will reach your goal! So excited for you. you can do it, i promise, just think of your wedding day and dress!

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