(Closed) "Morning" sickness starting at 13 weeks. Could it be acid reflux?

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I’ve heard of MS hitting later or getting it in the 2nd trimester, but admit it’s not very common.  It could be partly acid reflux.

They say vitamin B6 helps with MS. I think I never got MS because I took it until the 3 month mark. You could give that a try.  Or ginger tablets, those help whenever I have an upset tummy.

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Could be indigestion. Is the sick feeling right under your sternum or further down in the stomach area? I developed indigestion around week 9 and it is slowly becoming better or I’m slowly learning how to tolerate it. (I’m 12 weeks now.) For me, I have to avoid most foods with acids – i.e. milk, tomato, fruit juices, most fruits, etc… and avoid deep fried greasy foods.

I also eat differently now – my largest meal is in the morning when I feel the best and my meals get smaller throughout the day. Carbs are a regular part of meals (and I rarely ate carbs pre-pregnancy so I kind of hate it).

Finally, I stop eating after 5:30 – 6:00pm so I can sleep. I find that I also dont drink as much (not good) because drinking causes the same issue. Icy cold drinks help but I slowly sip them through a straw and try top avoid drinking at the same time as eating.

My doctor said there are meds they can give after 13 weeks if it gets intolerable so you may want to try adjusting how/when and what you eat/drink and if it doesnt make it more tolerable, call the doctor.

Dont take the ginger tablets without consulting your doctor first, they can thin the blood and may not be a good idea for your pregnancy.

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Last week (at 12 weeks) I started shifting from queasiness to just uncomfortable when I ate. I finally figured out that my internal organs are started to get smushed and it always felt like I just ate a giant Thanksgiving meal, additionally, my digestion has slowed to a crawl. So not only is my stomach not able to hold a lot of food, it takes forever to empty. Some exercise helps move the digestion along, and not wearing any tight fitting cloths makes me more comfortable. I also have to make sure I’m not slouching when I eat and I’m not filling up on liquids. Best of luck!

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I had one sick day at about week 14.  It was due to taking my prenatal pill while getting ready in the morning and delaying my breakfast.  Could it be that you’re not eating at the same time as taking the prenatal?  As soon as I took the prenatal during the pill my sickness went away.

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I can’t speak to the morning sickness/acid reflux, but I can assure you that the constant burping is a normal (albeit not super common) pregnancy symptom.

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MS can hit whenever. Acid Reflux is when you feel acid coming up in your throat… it’s not just food.. you sound like you’re having late MS.

I have acid reflux. It’s HORRIBLE… even more because I’m experiencing early Cholestasis of pregnancy and am on meds to make acid clump in my stomach… its horrible.. but you will feel the burning of acid in your throat.

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Ok, this is gonna be gross, but here goes.

In my personal experience, morning sickness is a full-out puke. It includes the stomach heaving, watery eyes, runny nose, all around disgustingness.

Acid reflux is much less intense. It just feels like some of the food in your stomach is sneaking back up your esophagus. It doesn’t include the panic “need to stop everything I’m doing, bend over and spill my guts” feeling that MS did.

Normally, a few Tums makes me feel much better when reflux hits, but some people need a prescription to make it go away.

Also, around 14-18 weeks, I couldn’t eat anything bigger than an egg at 1 sitting. It was like I had had gastric bypass. It was crazy how full I got so fast. It especially stunk because I hated leftovers, so I kept wasting food. Around week 18, that let up, and now at 29w5d, I can eat like a horse and never feel completely full 🙂

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Is there any link between this feeling and when you take your prenatal. Here’s why I ask, I had been taking mine before bed…but then I read this article saying how they weren’t effective if you had anything in your stomach when you took them. So I started taking them as soon as I woke up and waiting an hour to eat. And that went well for afew weeks, but as soon as I hit week 13…..forget it if I try that I vomit and vomit and vomit some more. It took me a while to make the connection but as soon as I started taking them at night again I stopped puking.

The way I see it is…I was puking all of the vitamin up when I took it in the morning…food in my stomach or not having it stay in my system has to be more effective than sending it down the toilet…

Just a thought from my own experience.

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Could definitely be acid reflux, your progesterone levels are pretty high right now and that causes relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter, leading to the reflux, burping, sour stomach feeling, etc.  I would definitely try taking some type of antacid and see if that helps!  Throwing up is no fun 🙁 You could also take some Zantac, it is a class B pregnancy drug and shown to be safe (although I know how a lot of people on here are against taking anything at all, but I know that ranitidine (generic name) has been a total life saver for me!).  

Also, just practicing good “reflux” hygiene like someone already mentioned:  avoid spicy foods, caffeine, acidic foods like tomatoes, etc., really heavy fat-content foods like fried foots, etc.  Also, do not lie down for 2-4 hours after eating or drinking, which means try to not eat or drink anything that far in advance of bed time.  

I found that I was getting pretty bad heartburn around the same time in my pregnancy as you, then it seemed to improve some farther in to the 2nd trimester.  Now that baby is smashing all my organs, (I’m 31 weeks), heartburn has been back with a vengeance and anything I eat or drink can bring it on.  I have been being VERY careful not to eat anything after supper, because if I do, I am staying awake until that 4 hours has past before I can even think about lying down for bed.  My entire family wanted Mexican food the other day, so I agreed and ate it for dinner and completely regretted it that night–I was up most of the night with terrible heartburn. Argh heartburn sucks!  

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@As_You_Wish:  My reflux and heartburn started later but it still could be, who knows. I got the flu very early on – about 14 or 15 weeks and I could tell the difference right away between the flu and morning sickness. I also had diarrhea that came on with it.

You can take tums or liquid gaviscon to see if it helps and raise your head to keep your system elevated. I found for me it didnt matter what I did, the heartburn would come regardless. Those over the counter things offered me temporary relief which is better than nothing.

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What you’re experiencing sounds a lot like ‘Morning’ Sickness. I have had severe acid reflux with my pregnancy and it is 10 times worse than morning sickness. It literally feels like I have fire in my esophagus. It’s pretty miserable, and if you do get acid reflux (I hope you don’t!) you will know it!

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