(Closed) Is This Cheating? What Should I do! :( (long post..sorry)

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I’d be sick. You are absolutely right that there’s no excuse for what he did other than he was looking for an opportunity to cheat. Whether that opportunity presented itself or not is not relevant. You don’t go to hotel bars and talk to strange women and either insinuate or flat out say you are single when you have a fiancee at home. There’s just no way I could trust him. 

I’m really sorry about this. I can’t even imagine how terrible it must have been to find this out.

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Ahh man, thats terrible. I’m sorry you had to find all this out. I’m also glad you snooped and found out, instead of what most woman say ” trust” your man. I don’t have a whole lot of advice on what you should do, maybe counselling is in order to sort thourhg your emotions, because like yu said, you can never trust him again. To answer your question on what would I do? I would probably leave him for a few weeks when he gets back, to sort through my own thoughts and feelings, and to let him know this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. I would also, after reconciliation ( because I beleieve I would reconcile) do some couples therapy, to try and heal whatever it was that caused this in the first place,

I’m sorry this happened, it’s not you. I hope you get through this tough time. Hugs!!!!

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Trust me, she’s not lying. She has nothing to gain or lose by telling the truth to you- HE does. “I don’t remember” is PFFFFT-worthy. Any engaged man should automatically be able to answer that with NO. NO I didn’t say I was single, NO I’d never have said that. There should really be no contemplation or fence sitting on that. 

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I would make it very clear to him that you and he need to have a long conversation when he gets home. That this type of behavior is not acceptable and that if he has any desire to save your relationship he needs to be 100% honest with you and his actions needs to change drastically.

Maybe set up a couples counseling session for the two of you the week he gets home.

I’d also ask him to stop drinking on this business trip. Since he “doesn’t remember” what he does when he goes out to bars and talks to girls, he needs to not do that while he’s away from you.

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This is really not good. He will continue to travel once you are married, and I think everytime he leaves you will be questioning him. I think you will drive yourself crazy. My only suggestion is counciling. You have to determine for yourself if you think you can honestly trust him moving forward. If there is an ounce of doubt you will be in for a lifetime of questions, mistrust and sadness.

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I have this problem with a friend of mine, who’s BF is continuously caught “almost cheating”.  It’s very upsetting because you never know when the “other shoe drops” or if she just caught him in time from actually cheating.

He always swears up and down that the other person is the one making this up and then a day or so later, his story changes, “maybe” he texted her, “maybe” he emailed her, etc.  I do feel for you because on one hand, you want to believe that he came home alone but keep in mind, that he was at that bar chatting girls up.  It might not be cheating but it’s highly innappropriate.

It takes a LONG time to get over this because you never had the signs, you’ll never really know.  You need to be okay with that but you need your Fiance to change his job.  It sounds drastic but you’re worth it – since his job requires him to be away so much, he will always be in those situations – by himself, at a bar….

I’m so sorry this has happened to you….

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Sounds like you have dodged a major bullet finding this out now.

I agree with PP’s she doesn’t have anything to gain by lying to you, he has a lot to lose by telling the truth which he is seemingly unwilling to do.

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If he ‘can’t remember’ and keeps saying that, I don’t think there’s anyway I could stay.  At that point he’s lying and trying to continue to lie and there’s no way I could be in a relationship like that.

If at some point he comes to and all of a sudden remembers the messages and conversations and can explain his feelings, then I think there’s a chance.  His feelings might lead you guys apart but it could be also something that he was just immature about and can learn and grow up from the experience.  I wouldn’t be getting married until I was confidant he had actually used the experience to change and grow though, which is a bit of a long process.

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He should just be a man ad admit the truth, nothing worse than someone who cant come clean. Why is he denying seeing the facebook message that he actually read? If he wants to have a future with you, the lies gotta stop so you can try to start rebuilding the foundation of trust again

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I agree with ohheavenlyday.  There is no reason for this woman to lie.  Your fiance has some real explaining to do, not remembering isn’t good enough.

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Oh wow, I am so sorry to hear this. I can almost guarantee you will never find out what actually happened that night, but I believe the girl you messaged that your Fiance said he was single and spoke to another girl at the bar, most likely hitting on her.

And yes, in my opinion that’s cheating. How would your Fiance like it if YOU went to bars and told men you were single – then one of them actually  messaged you on FB to keep talking? It might be one thing if he was drunk and flirty, maybe she just got the impression that he was single and he didn’t actually say it. That is somewhat forgivable, especially from a guy who is about to get married and maybe a little freaked out, that is pretty normal. But it does NOT make it okay to go home with someone else, if he did that it’s over.

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I’m really sorry to hear about all of this. What are the chances this is the only time he’s lied and you just happened to catch him? Not only is he talking to other girls at the bar but he’s completely disregarding the fact he has you in his life, not just as a gf but a FIANCE! I’d give the ring back and thank him for his time. He doesn’t seem to have a problem lying to not only you but anyone he comes in contact with. You need a man that doesn’t tolerate that kind of behavior to beat the crap out of him. It won’t change him, but he definately deserves it. I wish you the best of luck….a good way to think of it, better to find out now than later! 

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