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Helper bee
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I have had really horrible cramps like that. I think it is gas. Im not sure if you ate something that didn’t agree with you, but once in a blue moon this will happen to me. The pain, the cold sweat, and even the nausea (which I actually believe is from the pain) There isn’t much you can do but maybe carry around some gas medicine? It doesn’t happen to me enough to take preventative measure, but I feel your pain! PS, I am so sorry you had to go through that in a public place!

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Honey Beekeeper
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Do you think there was something in your drink? This all sounds INCREDIBLY fishy to me….it sounds crazy bizzarre. Even if you drink on a relatively empty stomach, you shouldn’t have felt like that….

Edit: like toastercat said, I get really bad debilitating gas like that too. It usually ends with a 20 minute stint in the bathroom and I feel incredibly, violently sick. But I can always feel it coming on..it’s not sudden….

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Helper bee
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Oddly something similar happened to me at a wedding last summer.  We were eating breakfast at a restaurant and suddenly my peripheral vision was gone/black and I felt like I was drugged.  I told my boyfriend we had to leave immediately so I went to the bathroom outside thinking someone spiked something with a hallucinogen.

I actually hadn’t mentioned it to the doctor, but my initial thought was a mini stroke just because of the disorientation and SLIGHTLY disorganized speech probably brought on by a panic attack that happened shortly afterwards.  I would suggest you get an appointment and not ride it out like I did.  I came to my own conclusion it was vertigo because we were in a casino boat, there was a mirror on my left side and a man standing on my right (reflected in the mirror) and the carpet was a nauseating psychedelic pattern.  Your brain does weird things when your vision gets messed up.

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Buzzing bee
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Gosh, that sounds horrible!  Are you by any chance lactose intolerant (or have any food intolerance)?  I don’t know if this is at all related, but I am lactose intolderant, and when I overdo it, my stomach hurts, and I get nauseous , but I never throw up – my fiance (the med student) tells me it is a sympathetic reaction to the abdominal pain which is why I get nauseaus and cold sweaty like you’re describing.  The second part sounds similar to the experiences I have had before fainting – and you could have had this because the pain was making you nervous and/or was just so bad.  I haven’t these together though, although it totally seems possible that one could have brought on the other.  If it happens again, or if you’re really worried about it, I would definitely call your regular doctor.  I hope this helps at all and I’m sorry you had this experience!

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Helper bee

I think I would go to a doctor and tell her what happened.  I had something similar happen and after a lot of tests they determined it was a complicated migraine.  You don’t have to have a headache to get this kind of migraine. 

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Busy bee
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I had the same thing happen to me a few times over the past few years.  The doctor said that it could be anything from low or high bood sugar to dehydration.  They never did come to a conclusion so to this day I’m not really sure what caused it.

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Busy bee
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maybe food poisoning?

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Bumble bee
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That happened to me at a wedding last month!!! two drinks during the cocktail hour, plus food, and then we sat down to dinner, they put the salad in front of me and I thought, ” I am going to throw up!” and left the table.  One of the other bridesmaids ended up taking me back to the hotel.  In my case, I think I was severely dehydrated (I’d eaten but hadn’t had any water) and the alcohol must have made it worse.

Of course, at the time, every one just asked if I was pregnant.

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Bumble bee
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My sister has had something similiar happen. She was told that it could be an intestinal twist or blockage that resolves itself.

It could have been some sort of allergic reaction. Did you have any new foods or types of alcohol?


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Blushing bee
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that sounds like an episode of what i think was food poisoning that I had last week.. it was HORRIBLE.. my dad was talking to me and i was so zoned out.. I don’t even know what I said back.. I would say that was it. I popped 2 gravol and waited for it to knock me out.

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Blushing bee

When I get nautious I get panic attacks. It’s possible some of your symptoms were caused by panic. If you’re really worried mention it to your doctor next time you see him/her.

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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: March 2011

I am sorry you had to feel this way. From what you stated, it could be a panic attack. I used to get them all the time, and that is exactly how I felt. They would come at random time. Just to be on the safe side though, if I were you, I would go to the doctor to get checked out.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

I would echo all the possibilities that the other bees have mentioned and just bring up one more. Was there a buffet? Was this catered by a group that handled all the food together? With people experiencing these reactions at events like this, I wonder if there’s something food-related involved… With buffets or catered events where large quantities of food are made at once, there may be an increased possibility of some kind of food poisoning…? I agree with everyone else that this is something you should ask your doctor about. I hate when unexplained things happen to my body too! It’s kind of scary when you can’t figure out WHY you’re feeling the way you are. I hope it’s nothing! 🙂

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