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  • poll: Is this offensive? Should they pay their bill?

    Yes it's offesnive

    No, it's just an accurate description like saying skinny girls

    Other (explained below)

    They have the right to refuse paying

    They DO NOT have the right to refuse paying

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    still should pay.

    no tip.

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    I would have immediately notified the manager who would have comped the bill, absolving all need to tip. That is awful behavior.

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    I’d have walked out without paying… just saying. If this happened to me and I would have stayed there would have been a scene so they would probably just be happier if I left. lol

    That is so just so rude.

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    I think the restaurant did the right thing by offering a discount on their meal, and they definitely still needed to pay. I mean, if the waiter had written “hot chicks” they probably would have been fine with it. Really, there are bigger problems in the world (says the girl who gets all torn up about being in the waiting stages of her relationship, perhaps somewhat hypocritically).

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    I think that what the waiter did was offensive. I wouldn’t have asked to not pay, I just wouldn’t have tipped after speaking with a manager. It wasn’t the restaurants fault. It was the waiter’s fault. 

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    When I worked at a bar, instead of labeling by table numbers, I would put in my own description. Mine were generally pretty benign, though, like “red shirt” or “Patriot Jersey”. Even so, I always changed it back to the table number when I was printing it out. I am sure whoever entered it meant to change it and forgot, but that is the folly of using offensive names to keep track of your orders.

    I wouldn’t flat out refuse to pay, but if this was an incident brought up to management, I would be shocked if they didn’t comp the meal.

    Didn’t this same thing happen last year with Papa Johns? Some guy who took the order wrote, ‘Lady Chink Eyes’ and the CEO himself apologized?

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    @lashphi:  +1

    People usually don’t go around insulting others by saying they’re skinny, but they will with calling them fat. 9/10 times saying someone is skinny is a compliment. 10/10 times calling someone fat is an insult.

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    It’s offensive but they should still have to pay.

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    The description absolutely is offensive, but the customers definitely do NOT have the right to refuse payment.

    However, any restaurant manager worth his or her job should have comped this check for these ladies.

    As is evidenced by how things unfolded in this situation, the resulting negative publicity from how poorly this was handled — and the resulting loss of potential future revenue — will have a much greater negative impact on this restaurant’s bottom line than whatever revenue may have been lost by comping this single check.

    Studies have shown that if a customer has a negative experience with a company, and the company does a good job of fixing the problem, the customer actually will have a more favorable opinion of the company than he or she would have if a problem had not even occurred.  This restaurant manager had the opportunity to do proper damage control in the moment and, unfortunately, blew it. 

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    I think it’s offensive. I’d also be offended, though, if someone labelled my table ‘the skinny girls’ – I’ve had way too many bad experiences (mostly in highschool, but that kind of thing sticks with you) with people commenting on how skinny I was in a non-complimentary way. In my city, there’s some real racist comments toward Asians as well, so even something like ‘the Asian table’ could be taken the wrong way, dependig on the person. Really, I think it depends on the person – one person could think nothing of it, and the next would be enormously hurt and offended. Nonetheless, like a lot of PP’s have said – there’s so many better ways to ID a table.

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    I’d be suing the establishment for emotional distress.  If I got that bill with that on top I’d probably cry (whether it was true or not) because I take things personally and “Fat Girls” is just uncalled for and mean.  No one should have to be described in an offensive manner like that.  The “Ugly itch from Tattooville” and “Lady Chink Eyes” was even more offensive.  Who has the right to judge me for something that is hereditary, a life choice or whatever.  No one knows my story, why I am the way I am etc, I do not feel its necessary to “describe” me in such a manner.

    I feel those lady’s were absolutely correct in refusing to pay.  The waiter should be fired.

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    I voted that YES it is offensive, but they should still be responsible for paying the tab. The waiter made a very offensive mistake doing that, and I believe he should be fired, however that’s ONE person, not the entire establishment. A formal apology should be issued, the waiter should lose his job, and that should cut it, IMO. 

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