Is this ring too big for me?

posted 10 months ago in Engagement
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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 2017

Much too large, rainbowy, “cloudy” and splintery cut all give it away   Most large moissanite or cz in the 1+ dia equiv wt are fairly easy to see they’re not diamonds. With a 3 ct equiv it becomes especially obvious. That being said,  it still is a very pretty ring and looks good on your hand!

It doesn’t matter what *we*think. Get what *you* like. No one will likely be rude enough to actually *ask* what your stone is. Who cares who knows? It’s a symbol of love and commitment. 

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Helper bee

People, the original poster simply asked if the ring looked too big on her finger, not if it could “pass off as a diamond”. You  don’t even know if that’s her intent. It would have been more helpful if most of you would have held the snark & just answered her question 🙄. 

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Helper bee

I personally think the finger coverage is great, but I wouldn’t go any bigger.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2020

Way too big. Looks like a piece of costume jewelry from Claire’s. Even if it was a diamond it would be too big. I agree with PPs that 1.5-2 will give you plenty of finger coverage. 

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Helper bee

I think it’s too big – at least to my eye. No matter what kind of stone! Just looks too costumey to me for an everyday engagement ring.

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Worker bee

I think you can absolutely pull it off size wise. However I do not understand how anyone with a ring that big gets anything done, seems like it would be in the way during your everyday life but what do I know🤷‍♀️😅 I am very practical in my way of thinking 😂

I do not know anything about moissys and have never seen one in real life (they look very pretty on instagram videos though 😘) and I do not even know if we have them in my country ( I am not in the US) so I am staying out of that discussion 😂 


Congrats on your engagement Bee! Hope you find the ring of your dreams! 

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Buzzing bee

Too big for me personally. I agree with other pps saying its ‘suspiciously large’ and if you go with that band, which I think is way too OTT and takes away from your solitaire, people will be questioning your stones for sure. I think it just depends on if it bothers you or not. If it doesn’t and you love it. Then rock it. 

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The size is gorgeous! I have long fingers about your size, and love large solitaire.  I love Moissanite, and when I wear it, I do not care if people think negatively about it. I have actually had some good reactions, and people wanting to get a moissy of their own.  I have a bit of a dramatic way about me, and people have told me that big rings fit my personality. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

TwilightRarity :  

Finally, not to be harsh, but if your nail polish is frequently in the state it’s in in your pictures, that is going to impact the overall look of your hands as well as the perception of your ring’s quality, unfortunately.

I’m glad you said it. OP ,your nails and   nail polish are not exactly selling  that stone…….. 

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  • Wedding: August 2019

Whereas I think the ring looks beautiful on you, if I saw someone with it I would immediately assume it’s a cubic zirconia (hardly anyone outside these boards has even heard of moissanite) unless I knew you were earning ££££. I also agree it looks like costume jewellery for that very reason. 

I also think the wedding band you paired it with looks far too bulky, and in my opinion actually makes it look tacky. Sometimes less is more when it comes to things looking classy and expensive, but it’s up to the individual on what their personal taste. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2018

I’m a 6.25 with a 2.5 carat diamond so that’s about the same finger coverage (54%) as you’ll have with this stone. I love the size of my stone and the way it looks. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2017

If you dont want people to know it isnt diamond I would go a touch smaller, just my opinion. Mainly I would say I’m not wowed by the quality of the stone from these pics. It could just be the pictures but I would go a touch smaller and for a higher quality moissanite. Xx 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: London, UK

It would be too big for me and would stand out in a negative way within my circles and area in general. It would be assumed to be costume jewellery. However all that is totally personal to me and my situation. No doubt it’s a lovely ring either way and if you can wear it confidently then you absolutely should go for it. It’s gorgeous!

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Bumble bee

Way too big for me, it looks like costume jewellery, if I saw someone with that ring in person I would assume it was a CZ and nobody where I live has moissanite. Not sure if your intention is to pass it off as diamond, but the colour is off (looks very blue/green) and unless you’re rich I don’t think anyone would believe you could afford a diamond that size. I would aim for 1-1.5ct with a better quality stone if I wanted it to pass as a diamond.  

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2019

alemonpav :  I love a big solitaire! Depending on your lifestyle this size is totally doable! However, if you want people to think it’s a diamond go smaller. Much smaller. Also, I don’t like this stone. It looks inexpensive. As other bees have said, part of that may be from the added effect of the state of your nails? I don’t know? If I were you I’d keep looking. 

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