(Closed) Is this sapphire marked-up?

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That sort of grading system for sapphires does not exist, which I suppose allows them extra leeway in what they call it. There is not any standardization for grading the clarity of a sapphire (or a ruby)

Traditionally sapphires are graded on colour saturation only, with more desireable (or rare) colours being more expensive. Sapphires that are natural and not treated in some way (heat-treated, chemical-treated, filled) are also more expensive.

I cannot access the video, but there does seem to be a visible (to the naked eye) inclusion in the sapphire. Not a crack. Round brilliant cuts are usually the best at hiding inclusions in stones (especially if they are well-cut).

Only you can decide if that stone is worth the price tag to you.

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I thought maybe I was blind because I didn’t see it at first (I only saw it when the stone rotated back around), I still barely saw it when I did… Unless I didn’t notice the right thing? I have never heard anything bad about The NSC.. I also think it’s a very pretty stone!

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@xoxocheri:  I’ve heard that, while the NSC has a good selection of stones, they do tend to price higher than what you’d expect.  That particular stone is beautiful, but I don’t know if it warrants that price tag….it seems a bit high.    

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I feel this stone is marked up. But let me explain “natural sapphire clarity” a bit first. Natural sapphires are graded very different than diamonds. A stone can be “eye clean” and have certain types of inclusions. This one is probably not that, but I’d have to see it IRL not magnified 500 times to be sure if thats a fissure or a rutile silk filament. The way it goes tot he edge and the edge indents I’m leaning towards fisure however.

“Eye clean” in natural untreated sapphires means that to an untrained eye you wont see inclusions. It does not mean they are not there. My stone has “rutile silk filaments” in it but is graded eye clean. These are essentially crystals in my stone, there are three and they are actually clear. There is only one that is visable and that is only if you have the stone at the right angle and know what to look for it hits a corner on the table. However because these filaments do not affect the overall clarity and without magnification most will never see them and even trained they can only be seen at a couple of angles it is an eye clean stone. Silk and rutile crystal is expected in an untreated stone its one of the ways they actually verify the stone is not treated.

In this stone’s case however the stone has a number of issues. The cut is good, it is not exceptional it has minor windowing, and it isnt completely round. The stone’s color is undersaturated as well. There is also some bicoloration going on here/zoning. I feel the price per carat is a little steap. I also dont feel this is a true pad but more of a peach sapphire. True pads should be salmon colored and flash pinks and oranges. This is peach with pink flashes.

My stone was $16 more than this stone. It is 2.36 carats and unknown till the shipped it an alexandrite color changer, they thought it was just purple. It was also cut by a master cutter mine direct and fully saturated.

NSC has good stones come in, but their cuts can be iffy. The best stones have outside certification,and sell quickly. We almost bought a stone from them then went a different route cutter direct since at the time the 3 stones I had been considering sold and NSC had no stock that I felt was worth the cost at the size my husband wanted.

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@dewingedpixie: Well said! And on top of all the issues you’ve mentioned, I see a lot of brown tones in the color of that stone.

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@xoxocheri:  Wild fish Gems, Larry Woods, Jeff White

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I just wanted to mention that mt H got me a sapphire from TNSC and it’s gorgeous and wasn’t overpriced. He also had a great experience there and they had great customer service.

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@xoxocheri:  I was on the search for the perfect pad too. It’s very hard to find a decent color stone with good quality because pad’s are so evasive but lovely! I think it’s over priced though. The color is not saturated and I can’t see that translating to a deeper pink/orange color when set in any gold-even if it’s rose gold. 

It is quite a large inclusion. My pad is “eye clean” but has two small inclusions. I didn’t think I would be able to get over it but I honestly can’t say I’ve ever had anyone close enough to notice and it doesn’t bother me. However, I think that one would be more than obvious once set. 

Mine is a 1.25 carat Padparadscha sapphire and we bought it from Wild Fish Gems for only $200 less than listed for this pad. Trust me. WAY more than we were planning to spend but once I saw it in person it was everything I was looking for. They have a great 15 day return policy and you can put things on hold for as long as you like. They responded very quickly to my questions and it was generally a gerat experience. 

Good luck on your search!

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