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I am not in the medical profession but that seems a lot. I have always suffered from allergies and I understand one medication and eye drops, but Allegra and Benedryl seems a little much. Hopefully some other bees may be more familiar with the treatment of child allergies today.

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Don’t both medications have different active ingredients? Meaning they may differentially target his allergies – maybe the doctor is hedging his bets/mixing antihistimine approaches to maximize your son’s comfort during allergy season.

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Have you tried dietary changes for him?  Or is it just pollen?  I noticed my hayfever allergies are muched reduced eliminating grains and dairy.

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I’d say that’s alot… but I hate taking meds!

Maybe see if just uping the allerga helps & then if it doesn’t only using the benadryl when needed… and not necessarily “every 6 hours”

And whatever you do don’t ever bring him to Texas! lol I think it’s impossible NOT to suffer from allergies here…. for atleast 1 season out of the year anyways =/

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I would also say thats a lot. One thing I will suggest that worked for me (I used to have all the same symptoms as him, I hated life for most of the year) was to get locally made organic honey, and put it in anything I could. I drink a lot of tea, so I would put it in there, and it also came with a layer of pollen (tastes like bubble gum, seriously!) to help build up the immunity to local allergens.

I can tell you, it has helped me immensely. I only have to take meds now to help with some skin issues, but I only have flare ups once in a while

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@MrsSl82be:  I was actually just talking to Darling Husband this morning about uping my local honey intake! Becuase this spring Texas junk is NO GOOD! lol

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@MrsSl82be:  I also eat lots of local honey and it has changed my allergies so much

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@MarryMeTiffany:  My SS suffers too, and from 3.5-4.5 he was at the WORST point.  He has allergy induced asthma, as well as inflammitory reactions in his entire nasal cavitiy.  He looked like death most days.  After several hospital trips to emergency, we got into a pediatrician who gave us a program for him.

He got daily: Aerius in the morning, Benadryl at night, ventolin inhaler 2 puffs, 3x a day, a steroid inhaler (can’t recall the name, but a very high dose, adult inhaler) 2x a day, and nasonex for his post nasal drip which inflamed his throat and then casued coughing which caused airway obstruction/asthma attack.  We also used humidifiers in his room, and allergy eye drops.

This went on for almost 2 years during which time we slowly were able to wean him back to the Q-var inhaler 2 x a day, the Aerius/Benadryl and no ventolin unless needed, nasonex as needed also.  He now gets Aerius in the mornings, q-var 1 puff in the morning only, and often on weekends we don’t give him anything and he handles it okay.  If he gets a cold we then ramp back up to q-var 2 puffs 2x a day, and the ventolin/nasonex as required, usually only if he starts with the constant coughing.  He is well under control now, and the doc predicted he would grow out of it over time. We had him tested, and there were lots of mild allergens he reacted too, nothing too severe, but enough to casue his little body grief.
So yes, while it may seem you son is on a lot of meds (and really, he is) it ISN’T unusual for allergy kids to have something like that at the beginning of a treatment program.  He will likely grow out of it over time, and allow it to be scaled back as needed and it will become more controllable at the very least!  The way the doc explained it to us, is his body is fighting itself so much, and is in a constant state of alert, that the reactions won’t settle down so every new allergen that he comes in contact with sends his immune system into a tizzy, or constant red zone.  A heavy regime will get it under control, and over time help lessen the severity of the reactions when allergens are introduced.

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I am an Allergy Queen. I grew up in California where the pollen count tends to rank among the highest in the country.  Whenever I go back home and visit, most of the time I am on bed rest from my allergy medication, but it’s either the allergies or the bed…I choose groggy like all the time and bed rest. 

I have suffered ever since I was a baby…badly.

The benadryl gets me down, so watch your little one as he may be sleepy and in a daze. 

Hopefully once the allegra kicks in, he might not need the benadryl. Bausch and Lomb make the best eye drops. Visine doesnt do a thing. Also, a wash cloth that has been rung with cold water and put over my eyes for a little bit always helped the itchy and puffy area. 

Hope he feels better! 

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I have bad allergies, and when I was around that age I was going to the hospital every 4 hours (even at night) for a nebulizer until the order came in for the one I had at home.  It’s better now, but there are times where I will take claritin and reactine and singulair along with my inhalers.  Have you seen a specialist?

Things I would recommend:

make sure the eye drops are meant for long term use, there are many with rebound effects (the name brands I know of are opticrom and cromylin (sp? cromilyn?))

Get him using some type of saline rinse.  It doesn’t have to be a netti pot (they are awkward).  You can start with smaller sprays for him to get used to before switching to something with a larger volume, like a squeeze bottle.

A cold washcloth is great for itchy eyes.  Rinsing his face hands and hair after playing outside is a good idea.  A change of clothes also helps after playing outside.

Keep him inside on days when his allergies are really bad.

Avoid prednisone.  IMO, any medication is worth it if it means I can avoid prednisone.

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My pharmacist said Allegra is much better. Claritin takes up to a week to work, Allegra 30 minutes. They have differenet antihistimines,,, this may be just what the doctor ordered.

You can take him off Benadryl UNLESS YOU ARE GOING OUTSIDE!!! But really Claritin can handle that. He may be good as far as the eye drops are concerned too, but if he is outdoors and you notice itchy eyes or redeness… give him drops then and before he heads out to play.


Give him a head to toe bath and fresh clothes when he comes in from pollen seasons… he will be good to go. Also check his milk, cheese, yogurt, butter (Dairy) in take.


From a servere allergy sufferer.

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