Is “University of Phoenix” a real deal or a scam?

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@AprilJo2011: They use multiple universities depending on the degree. For instance, they use Baylor for Hospital Admin Masters program.

A prof for the above mentioned MA program also worked for UofP. I think the other points about it have been mentioned

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It’s not a scam, but a degree from U of P isn’t even worth the paper it is printed on. It’s a university for those who haven’t really done their homework when it comes to higher education.  It’s the same story with Everest College, Argosy, ITT, etc.

One of my friend’s mother teaches a nursing class there.  She said that she has begged the administration to fail some of her students, but if they fail then U of P doesn’t get their money.  She ended up quitting because it was against her morals.  These are the people who are supposed to give us medical attention…

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It isn’t a scam, however they are a for-profit university (which is frowned upon for previously listed reasons).  I think there are too many misconceptions about online education.  I, personally, wouldn’t attend U of P, but online degree programs can be legitimate.  Almost all well-known private AND state universities offer exclusively online degree programs now.  It is a new day and age.  Now, other posters are correct in that some degrees require further certification that you cannot get online.  For instance, I am getting my Bachelor of Psychology online through a reputable brick and mortar school.  However, I will not be able to do my Doctorate online because there are no APA accredited online programs, so far.  But, I would definitely not consider my school to be “diploma mill”.  I have to do school work just like everybody else and if I don’t do it then I will fail the classes, be dropped, and lose financial aid.  It isn’t easy, breezy.

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we were just talking about this in my grad class last night. My professor teaches for U of P and admitted it was a scam. He actually told us this last night, and wouldn’t recommend it to ANYONE. One of my classmates saw a news article about how they charge out the wazoo for classes, and how you’re better off going locally, either to a community college or university and paying for individual credits. I wish I knew the article she was referencing, but if my own professor who teaches there says it’s a scam, I’d believe it.

Not only that, but even if it is accredited, the fact that you even have to ask illustrates the negative stigma it has, which means even if the degree from there is valid, it may not be socially accepted.

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@Tswife4ever: Visit the Council of Social Work Education before you pay any money to get a degree in Social Work: They tell you exactly which schools are accredited for Social Work and at which levels (Bachelors, Masters, PhD). These schools adhere to the CSWE’s policy on education and have to be re-accredited every 10 years or so. If you want to be a licensed Social Worker then you must go to one of these schools. But if you just want the degree then any school is fine. For me, it didn’t make sense for me to get a degree without my license… and most jobs wouldn’t hire me without a license!

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I’m sorry, but a lot of you need a refresher in what “scam” means. From



a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.
verb (used with object)


to cheat or defraud with a scam.
University of Phoenix is not a scam. And those of you that are saying that are being disrepctful to an educational choice that some people make. U of P is a for-profit online school. It does not have a strong academic reputation because they do not have strict admissions guidelines. However, if you wish to earn a degree online it is a good fit for you.
I say this because I work in Higher Education. I work for a non-profit unversity nothing like U of P at all, I just felt it my duty to explain to you guys the difference. And why it’s not fair to insult something you don’t know much about. Yes, many people might look down on it bc it isn’t a “real” university. And many people might think it’s too expensive. However, at the end of the day – they aren’t trying to be anything they aren’t. They give accredited degrees via online courses. Works for some people, Might not work for everyone.
The end.

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No way not a scam! I got my degre from their a few years ago and it was hard lol! They put u through a lot of tests and rigger and the degres will help you land the job you want. I got a job as a financial advisor for Primerica right out of school.

youll be glad you went there!

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So expensive.  I have 2 degrees from uop and im kicking my self in the ass now.

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GoldfishPie:  Hello, 

You mentioned that “the degree from UoP is not worth the paper it is written on” At first I went to a traditional university Cal State University of Bakersfield. I found that the school was horrible, and so were the teachers. I would say the degree from there is not worth the paper it was written on. I have spoke to many of the students there; some loved it and others hated it, but the school had the courses he or she needed, to where, other schools were  either to far to drive, or it was in another state.

Yes the school UoP is expensive and so are other universities. I liked that I could either go traditional or online, which online met my needs, to where CSUB did not! Also, I had a Psychology teacher at CSUB, senerio, I wanted to drop the class because I did not have any background in psychology, which means I did not take any courses to understand the terminology. So, in the event of asking the teacher to drop me from class, she down right said, “NO and if you drop I will give you an F” This was the first two weeks of school. This left a bad taste in my mouth, so I started looking for another school and found UoP which was in my general area.

At first I did struggle, but I did get use to the way the classes were structured, and to be honest there were teachers I did not like, but most I did. Recieved my Bach, and then recieved my Masters in Education, which was the most enjoyable time I had in the career of my education.

I loved working with the teachers, along with my teammates. It was very hard, and not to mention, their teachers did not give an inch, they worked the student, so that, he or she would come out of the class with knowledge and understanding, about what he or she taught! (i.e you needed to read the material, and answer the discussion questions with understanding).

I would not recommend Cal State University of Bakersfield to anyone who is looking for quality education!

I would recommend UoP!!!

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 I call BS on people above scam statememt.  Regular institutions make billions in athletics and entitlements, overpaid teachers or professors and administrators, and the push for still having to pay for hard bound books is ridiculous in today’s technologies… 


2. Standard institutions are also given money from the states on top of the high tuitions and extra monetary funding they receive.  


3. The education is the same or worse with traditional institutions as you have to sit in classrooms with hundreds of students and you are just a number as to UOP where each student has personal communications with the instructors… 

Yes UOP is a real college and is the best option for working adults.

Military accepted, Dept of defense accepted, federal job accepted, state universities accept them, they are a real university, period. 

99% of people who bad mouth this school actually couldn’t perform time management and get their required weekly essays in on time, couldn’t do the weekly required entries on time, or straight up plagiarized papers and failed… Not the university’s fault. Or these individuals are with a state institution.


In fact I have a friend who plagiarized everything at a traditional university and passed… Hmmm 


So yes University may be private, but I had a great experience for my bachelor’s degree and now attending the university of Wisconsin for my master’s… 


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Rome1 :  You must feel strongly about this to dig up a thread that is 6 years old as your first post on a forum new to you.

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julies1949 :  I do as it showed up when I was looking 

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