Is wearing makeup considered part of professionalism?

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Buzzing bee
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I will occasionally throw mascara on, but on a regular day to day basis I typically wear no makeup. 

If I’m attending an event or something like that, I will typically wear makeup. 

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Helper bee
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I don’t think makeup should ever be a requirement. I personally wear a full face every day, but that’s my choice. I work in a women dominated field in a large city and I would say that makeup wearing is 50/50 at my office. A lot of women including higher ups don’t wear any. I say as long as you look put together, ie not just rolled out of bed look, I don’t care whether or not you wear any.

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Busy bee
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I work a desk job and I usually try to wear eyeliner and lip balm/lipstick because I feel like my face looks sleepy and/or disinterested without it. When I evaluate the professionalism of another person, I value their actions, attitude, and work ethics more than how they look. 

Of course, there may be different pereceptions in different fields. 

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Busy bee
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I think it depends on a)the job setting and b)the general appearance and hygiene of the person. I work with 3 women who wear no makeup and they honestly look pretty rough everyday. BUT, they seem to care very little about their appearance in general. I think natural can be done well if you take care of your skin and hair. 

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Blushing bee
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I wear a full face every day but I’m pretty good at it after years of practice. It’s definitely a more natural look. I do foundation, blush, brows, eyeliner, mascara and something on my lips. Sometimes tinted chapstick, sometimes lipstick. 1) I just really love makeup and think it’s a fun way to express yourself, 2) I think I personally look much better with it, 3) I am very young looking, so even though I’m almost 28 I look about 15 without it, and 4) I’ve battled acne my whole life even though I take good care of my skin. Bad genes, what can ya do? So personally, I would never dream of going to work without foundation, mascara and brows MINIMUM. But that’s just me. I work with girls who don’t wear makeup and I don’t think they look unprofessional, just a bit less put together maybe? I think it looks more polished to wear it, unless you have crystal clear skin and no dark circles under your eyes, like my one friend who wears absolutely nothing and still looks stunning!! If I wore nothing I’d look like I just rolled out of bed. Depends on the person! 

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Busy bee
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slomotion :  girl im with you there. SHIT TON. and i love it. i cant go back now. theyd think i was sick or something. im 1 of 3 woman in my office and im the only one that wears makeup. its my thing.

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Busy bee
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In my office, I’ve noticed a correlation among women who wear makeup and women who look ‘put together.’ Generally, the women who wear makeup also take the time to curl their hair, wear heels and dress in the latest fashion trends. I actually can’t think of one woman at my office who spends time on their hair, nails, clothes, etc but doesn’t wear makeup. 

Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle. I never wear heels and alternate different shirts with the same pair of dress pants every day. My hair is back in a ponytail and I do my eyebrows and wear mascara daily. I’m blonde so that feels like a necessity to me. I envy other women who look perfectly polished every day. 

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Bee Keeper

I have never worn make up on the job and it’s in a office setting.  I think if make up is a requirement it’s not the job for me.  But do what you want.  Don’t feel you need to wear it because other women in your office do.

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Busy bee
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Even before my skin was pharmaceutically perfected, I never wore much makeup every day. In high school and my early years of a professional job, I wore at least eye shadow and mascara every day.

I think I stopped wearing it on the regular when I moved from my rental unit that had a gigantic counter, to just a basin sink in my home. I’m interested to see if having a larger bathroom in my someday home will lend itself to getting ready (plus not having to share a bathroom with my man).

These days, I mainly put on makeup on days I host events, meet with vendors or members of my organization. Every once in a while I’ll end up with good hair in the morning, and then I will probably do makeup since good hair should always be celebrated.

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Bumble bee

I always wear a natural looking foundation, mascara. I will sometimes line my eyes, or wear neutral shadow, other times wear a darker lip etc. 

I only wear enough to make me look healthy and put together. I have a thick head of crazy  hair so I have to ensure it is tame and acceptable, but I do not use product . My hair is probably up half the time.  

I make sure my hands are clean and groomed, either bare nails or with fresh polish. 

You do need to look maintained, but not high-maintenace . Lol both men and women. 

I work with a beautiful,  mature Judge, she wears nothing and looks stunning and classy. 

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Bumble bee

I work in a corporate environment and only really just do my brows most of the time. If I can be bothered, I’ll put on some bb cream and blush to make my skin tone look nicer but usually nothing else. I don’t think anyone cares.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m surprised that so many people think it’s not necessary. I’ve never gone to work without makeup, and I never plan to. I’m a redhead, and you can barely even see my eyelashes or eyebrows without makeup. I look like a teenager without makeup (I’m 30).

I could see if someone has defined features and is very well-kept otherwise (hair, clothes, hands, etc), then it could work. But the women at work who don’t wear makeup stick out to me. It’s also because they don’t put much into their look otherwise. 

I personally tend to take my cues from my supervisors. My current supervisor (late 30s) wears makeup. At my last job, my supervisor did too (early 60s). My current job is a relatively small non-profit with majority women staff. My last job was a very large, very competitive corporate environment. Regardless of if other women at work feel confident without makeup, if the person who evaluates me thinks makeup is necessary, then I think wearing it can help set myself up for success. 

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Blushing bee

I never wear a full face of makeup to work, but I do wear some mascara and/or eyeliner and make sure my brows are groomed because I look much, much younger otherwise. 

In a perfect world makeup shouldn’t matter, but our world isn’t perfect. I think you really need to know your industry and take cues from those above. I work in the corporate world, but surprisingly, a beat face isn’t the norm in my office.

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