(Closed) is weight really just a number?

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Weight is just a number, but it can be very indicative of your health.  The most important thing is your BMI and where you carry your excess weight.  Granted someone who has a much lower BMI will also have a much lower weight, but overall health is the most important thing, not the actual number.

Also, numbers on the scale vary greatly based on your frame size.  I’m extremely small boned so if I was to go up toward the end of the “healthy” weight for my height, I would be overweight for my frame.  The same goes for the opposite way, someone with a large frame would most likely look sickly if they lost enough weight to be at the bottom of the “healthy weight” threshhold.

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It is just a number!

People get obsessed with the numbers really easily. Remember that women’s body don’t mature until early 20’s and so it makes sense that you weigh more than you weighed in college.

Healthy women can weigh anything in the 100’s, depending on height and fitness level. Muscle does weigh more than fat and will make a significant difference on the scale.

Use the scale as a measure of difference (loss each week hopefully ;-)) and not a number that represents you – because it doesn’t!

Good Luck with WW!

EDIT: BMI also isn’t the best measure of health either. It doesn’t take body composition into account. It doesn’t distinguish between fat free mass (bone, muscle, connective tissue) and fat mass! All body builders and most very muscular athletes are considered overweight or obese. So once again only use this measure as a guideline.

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It’s totally a number, but I understand how you can get totally caught up in it.  My weight loss slowed significantly over the winter months.  I’m sure it’s mostly chemistry:  I think my body was trying to hold onto extra pounds to stay warm… but it’s been a slow start again now that the weather is warming.

I have my dress fitting in 3 weeks and I’m starting to freak a little.

If you are in your healthy weight range, and you don’t have “extreme bone sizes” as mrs. louboutin mentioned, it’s just a number.  Sounds like you are just healthy and muscular!

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If you work out a lot/are in training for a marathon, a good part of it might be muscle, which weighs more than fat.

But I agree, I too am often confused by the scale! For instance, last time I weighed myself, I was about 10-15 lbs more than I was when I was at my lowest. Yet I’m still fitting into most of the clothes I wore at my lowest weight. So who knows why that is? I try not to think about it too much, or else it drives me crazy.

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I rely on my body fat % to tell me where I am. When I weigh 165 pounds, I sit around 23%. My happy weight. Now i’m 170 and I’m at 25%. So I know it fluctuates with my scale and helps keep me in check. Every month or so i go in for a body fat check up.

My best indicator is how well my summer capris fit. They’re kinda snug right now =*(

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I feel it is just a number and you should go by your clothing size more. I weigh nearly 160 pounds. I am 5’5” and wear a size 9 ( I have gained weight and plan on losing it). At my tiniest ever (138 pounds) I was a size 3/4. To most 138 pounds seems somewhat high even…but I was in great shape…I’m still in decent shape but I could stand to lose 10-15 pounds before my wedding in 7 months. 

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I really would not worry about your weight.  Since you are training for a marathon, you probably have a lot of muscle mass and muscle is denser than fat so you can be compact but still weigh more with muscle.

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don’t worry about the number!

it sounds like you’re an active person and just because you are not a size 00 and weigh 100 pounds does not mean a thing!

it really is about the body fat percentage and the overall way you carry your weight!

i’m right around 130 lbs at 5’7″… and still wear the same size as i was when i weighed 110 lbs a couple of years ago… and i am DEfINITELY a much healtheir person now than before!

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It is just a number. My sister weights 129 lbs and she looks skinnier than i do. I weight 109 lbs, that’s a 20 lbs of difference. I think there a lot of factors other than body fat. 

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Yes, it’s just a number.  BMI / weight is actually a really inaccurate way of looking at your health (it basically docs points for having a lot of lean mass, but muscle/bone mass is KEY to good health, especially as you age).  There are other things (body fat %, waist-hip ratio) that are more accurate, but in general fitness is the best measure.  If you are training for a marathon and working out 5-6 days a week, you are fit. (and I’d imagine it’s hard to fuel that sort of workout level without eating pretty healthy – I know it is for me.)

My mom and I are pretty much the exact same height and weight (I may even be a couple pounds heavier) – we’re towards the top of the healthy range for our height.  I wear a size 4 and she wears a size 12.  Both of us are healthy and fit, I’ve just got the type of body you do with solid bones and muscle everywhere.  Seriously, keep doing what you’re doing.  Focus on your training and how you feel, and if that training intensity means the scale stays the same (or even goes up), remember how important and healthy it is for women to have muscle and bone strength.

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I know it’s just a number. Well, that’s what people keep saying, and that’s what we say to others… But really, when it comes to me, that number is pretty important.

You always hear that the norm is that when people lose weight, they’ll most probably gain it back and more. Well I lost 30 pounds in the last years and worked very, very hard for that. So in order to make sure that I wouldn’t gain it back, I rely on the numbers on the scale a lot, and start being extra careful whenever I gain 2 pounds.

Mind you, my weight tend to fluctuate a lot, and in order to avoid yoyo dieting, I need this daily check…

So I’m not ready to say that it’s just a number. It’s one indicator among many, as your BMI, your body fat percentage, the way your clothes fit, and how healthy you are/feel…

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According to BMI, I am overweight … I wear a size 4. For some body types, BMI just doesn’t work. I monitor my weight to make sure it’s not gradually creeping up, but I know what’s normal for my frame. Other than that, my weight is just a number.

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@ariellebride- it sounds like you are a pretty healthy individual and that is really all that matters…I think we all have our “norms” that we have established is our own normal weight…and it sounds like you probably have a lot of muscle mass due to your very healthy workout habits. so as long as you look and feel good to YOU…then I wouldnt worry too much about the numbers!

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From your post, it seems like you are really healthy! However, WW is great! It teaches you how much to eat, what types of foods to eat and supports you through your weight loss with the weekly meetings! It’s great!

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