(Closed) Is your FI anything like your father?

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Worker bee
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He is so much like my father, it’s scary! Thin, fastideous, tempermental… the list goes on!

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Helper bee
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@CHK -My dad and fiance are the exact same as yours it sounds like ! Fiance is level, cool, calm, and smart. Dad is stubborn, angry, grumpy, and excitable, much like a 14 year old. I love both, but am glad I am not marrying my dad.

 My Fiance and my step-dad are a lot alike however, although I would say my step-dad is a bit more outgoing. They just have very similar attitudes. 

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Blushing bee
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My Fiance and dad are a lot alike… very sweet, thoughtful, funny and non-confrontational.  My Fiance is also a lot like my step-dad… family oriented, fun-loving, sports loving and beer drinking.  I’m getting the best of both worlds.

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Bumble bee

My FH is more like my dad than I could have ever dreamed.  My daddy is amazing and he and my mom have a beautiful 37 years together – still acting like newlyweds. 

I’m an encore and I didn’t realize that these were the things that really make the difference.   It’s the calm, the tenderness, the level-headedness, the listening, the compassion, I could on forever…

So yes – they are alike and yes I am so grateful

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Busy Beekeeper
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My dad would have loved T.  And T would have loved my dad.  I know he’s happy though looking down on us.

They are very much alike in these ways:

want what’s best for their family, work hard for their family, strong yet gentle in nature, wise, and slow to anger.  Introspective.

I could probably go on and on.  They look nothing alike, but share many qualities.

My x was NOTHING like my dad, and before my dad passed away in the hospital, my dad told me he wished that one day I would move forward with my son without my then H, and you know what ?  My dad was right.  The day I married my x, at the church, the best absolute funny and cute picture of my dad ever was the looks on our faces (one of the few wedding photos I ever kept btw) because he had whispered in my ear "Hey darlin, wanna make a run for it?  The limo’s out front and we can have one helluva party!".  I thought he was joking always until that day I found out the truth.

But that was only my experience.  Others may be very different and sometimes having a Fiance that’s different can make things fun and lively.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Good post!  I think Fiance and dad are a lot alike, they both are smitten with me (I’m a daddy’s girl) and are generally laid back fellas.  They both love to crab and fish, will do anything to provide for their family, and work with their hands.  Dad is a musician and loves to sing, while Fiance sings to me all the time and while I think he’s good I don’t know about everyone else.   I see a lot of my dad in Fiance, and I think in my case its true that I found someone who emulated my dad.  I knew I needed to find someone to take care of me when my dads time comes, and I think I picked a winner!

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Mine are so similar that I find myself saying, "Are you sure you’re not my Daddy?" on a relatively frequent basis.  I think it’s mostly that they both use the same random sayings and phrases.  Plus, they’re both big nerds…and of course they both love me!  🙂

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Helper bee
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They are almost too much a like for my own comfort!  I love my dad to death, so I’m not surprised I found someone who is very similar to him!  I love my Fiance to death too!  They are similiar in how they sleep (lots of blankets, but feet sticking out at the end) to their favorite cocktail (Captain & Dt. Coke) to their love of golf!  They have a pretty similar body build too!

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Helper bee
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Not at all though I have dated men that were very similar to my Dad.

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Buzzing bee

there are a couple things that are similar [like how i can’t negotiate with him on certain things – namely anything concerning my safety] but for the most part, absolutely not. i’m like taye, love my dad but the personality is lacking in certain areas. and i love that about the bf.

though my dad completely adores him. if i weren’t more assertive i probably would have to fight my dad for quality time with the bf when he comes visits!

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Helper bee
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No – they aren’t really anything alike. They both have a quirky (although different) sense of humor, are family oriented, and are about the same size/shape. But other than that… I can’t really think of any similarities. It’s not too surprising, really, because while I love my dad, I always swore that I’d never marry a man with some of his particular traits. BUT, my husband IS a blend of my two grandfathers, which is interesting considering that I wasn’t particularly close to either.

The really weird thing is that Darling Husband and my brother have nothing in common. Seriously, nothing. They like each other, but the dread being left alone, because they can’t come up with anything to talk about!

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Not at all. I would HATE to marry someone like my dad! He’s so strict and he’s the one to ruin the family fun! My Fiance is so flexible, down to earth, and lets me be me. 🙂

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Busy bee
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Yeah, kind of.  They’re both very light-hearted, care-free kind of guys.  They’re very attentive to detail… in very specific situations (i.e. work).  They also look a lot a like… similar build (at least, Dad at 23 and Fiance now have similiar builds) similar hair, etc.  FI is almost exactly like my brother, though.  My brother works at a bagel shop and we went there this weekend to see him.  My brother introduces us to his boss as his sister and future brother in law, and the boss says to Fiance, "You look more like him than she does!"

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I joke regularly that my father gets along better with my guy than he does me! Both are "manly men", have similar personalities & values, root for the same sports teams and enjoy the same hobbies (aside from golf – dad loves it, my guy doesn’t play). Luckily I love my father dearly so it doesn’t bother me in the least.

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there are two main similarities between my Fiance and my dad.  one is their sense of humor.  they both tell old man jokes and laugh at them, even when theyre not funny.  they also enjoy some of the same movies like star wars and indiana jones.  and they LOVE family guy.  they look nothing alike.  my dad is 6’6” and brawny.  my Fiance is 5’8” and round.

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