(Closed) Is your fiance/husband anything like your first love?

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First Boyfriend (soon to be ex-DH): Extremely ambitious, highly intelligent, logical, kept his emotions close to his chest, career was number 1 priority, traditional in the sense that he earned the money and I took care of the household.

Current SO: Ambitious and successful, family orientated, very sensitive and in touch with his feelings, romantic and likes sharing responsibilities.

I love/d my ex-DH very much but am much happier with my current SO and the type of relationship we have.

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It’s weird but Darling Husband is similar in ways to my first boyfriend. They even have simliar family names!! For example, first boyfriend is “Dave” and his brother is “John”, well Darling Husband is “John” and his brother is “Dave”…(and no, it’s not the same family! Lol) 

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HAHAHAHAHA oh man my husband is literally the polar opposite of my first love.

First love: incredibly extroverted, very suave and smooth talking, HORRIBLE with money, self centered, ridiculously immature…

Husband: literally polar opposite haha.

I was thinking of my first love when reading another thread on here the other day and realizing that there is no way in hell I would ever trade my husband for my first love…who was the man I was DETERMINED to marry when we were together.  Seriously, thank God that didn’t happen.

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They are so very different.  I mean, they’re built similarly physically, and they’re both gamers.  Oh, and they both LOVE cooking!  Both asthmatic and blind as a bat.  Besides that, though, they are crazy different.

My first love (high school sweetheart, together for 3 years) worshipped the ground I walked on.  I treated him like crap, but he thought I hung the moon.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t particularly bright.  Incredibly sweet, but not great for intellectual conversation.  He also had a speech impediment that was bad enough I sometimes had to translate for his own mother lol.  He was very quiet.

My Fiance doesn’t take any of my crap lol.  Instead of worshipping me for being a crappy person, he makes me want to be a better one.  He is a moral compass, even when I don’t want one lol.  He is incredibly loud and intelligent.  We spend a lot of our time debating just for fun.  He’s an eloquent speaker.  Unfortunately, unlike my first love, he needs some extra guidance in the romance department.

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Well, Darling Husband not like my first boyfriend, maybe only in the fact that he makes me laugh, but his humor is quite different.

1st boyfriend: Very extroverted, charming, flirty and he cheated on me many times (because of his charm), i also suspect that he’s a bit of a sociopath, he doesnt really care for other peoples feelings… or if he does he disregards them anyway.

Darling Husband: Introverted, charming for me but he really is not a flirt, he always cares of what i feel, he notices even the slightest change in my mood. He’s not very social.

Oh, physically they’re different too, though they both have curly hair and glasses!

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My Fiance is actually my first love. 17 yrs ago we were highschool sweethearts and very much in love then and even more now. I’ve been lucky to be a double fiance to the same man. Lol So basically he has exact characteristics of my first love. 😉

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Carolsays:  I’d count my “first love” as my high school boyfriend. 

Similarities: family oriented, totally spoil me, very generous (with everyone), both into the arts (though different genres).

Differences: Fiance is very intellectual while the Boyfriend or Best Friend wasn’t really. Fiance is very highly educated and has always worked at the lab bench or in an office, Boyfriend or Best Friend is blue collar/dropped out of college. Fiance loves kids but doesn’t want our own, Boyfriend or Best Friend has like 5 with his wife. Fiance is into broadway and classical music, Boyfriend or Best Friend still likes house and whatever very bass-oriented club music is called now. Fiance is very loyal and faithful, Boyfriend or Best Friend and his wife are swingers. 

So some of the main important things are the same but there are some VERY important differences. I think I upgraded for sure. And honestly, the guys in between the two of them were WAY WORSE, so I basically started out with ok, took a huge nose dive and then miraculously shot to the moon. 

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Busy bee

Nope! Mainly because my first love, my best friend in high school, the guy that taught me why it’s called a crush (because it really fucking hurts) turned out to be gay. Ugh it was heartbreaking but I grew a lot from that. 

Aside from that, they are polar opposites in every way. 

My first love was an extrovert/center of attention type of guy (still very much is) and my fiancé is super chill and an introvert. 

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No! Thank god! 

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My husband is my first love.  I was always very stingy with those words, wanted to be extremely sure before I put it out there, and never wanted to say it to anyone before him.  

My first boyfriend… well he’s come out of the closet since then.  He was loud, obnoxious and kept announcing to the 8th grade english teacher how much he liked me – in front of everyone.  I believe now that he was probably trying too hard to compensate for his real feelings about people.  I actually dated him for a week or so in 9th grade.  Live and learn.  He was still a good friend to have around but I wouldn’t say he’s anything like my husband.  Much more extroverted, not as intelligent, or at least not obviously so.  Obsessively posts selfies on facebook.  No thank you.  As it turns out, he wouldn’t be too interested in me these days either since I’m a gal and all that 

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futuremrshalpert:  lol, just saw how similar our stories are.  Maybe it’s the same guy

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Nope. My first love was in 9th grade, so I guess it would be hard for him to have much in common with my 34-year-old fiance.

What they do have in common is making me laugh. That is a required quality in a man!

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No! And that’s the way I like it. 

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Haha, my Fiance was my first love so I guess…. YES.

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