(Closed) Is your home always ready for unexpected guests?

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Helper bee
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@hspw714:  Ours is always ready but that is only because my DH is very neat and clean so we always pick up and clean up right away.  When I lived alone, my house was almost never “unexpected guest” clean. 

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Bumble bee

Yes and no.  We have a guest room and bath, but our house could totally be neater & cleaner!

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Bee Keeper
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@hspw714:  if we have unexpected guests, for the most party, my apartment is pretty clean. I don’t like a mess, so I am constantly putting stuff away and organizing. I just got done with taking down our Christmas decor, so my hallway is filled with all the stuff I have to bring down to my moms house to store it for next year.

DH has a bad habit of snacking the night before, so my living room table is always filled with stuff, So every morning, I clean off the table and fluff the pillows and fold the blanket. I just got used to picking up after him, lol

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Buzzing bee

If we know guests are stopping by, it would take 15 minutes tops to make our house look decent.  We’re not really clean freaks and I don’t care if my house looks magazine-perfect, but we like to keep things sanitary at least.  Most of our usual chores involve wiping down the kitchen and bathrooms, and doing the dishes so the sink is clear.  Even if there is a lot of junk around the house, at least the surfaces are clean and you won’t be grossed out by them.

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Bumble bee
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My house is almost always “guest ready” on the weekends, because we do frequently have people pop-in on the weekends. So it’s something we are used to, we just do our chores before the weekend. 

During the week, it’s not like the house is a write off or anything, but it’s not company worthy sometimes. I’ll leave the dinner dishes till the next day sometimes, I don’t clean the bathrooms until Friday, so while they aren’t really “dirty” they aren’t guest clean until Friday.  We have a dog who sheds a lot, and I don’t sweep every day during the week (I do fri-sun). We are fairly clean people (that’s a lie, my DH is very clean, and I just try to keep the house nice for him). We both wouldn’t want people to come over if the house wasn’t clean. 

There was one time (in all the almost 9 years we’ve been together) at Christmas time last year that guests all of a sudden came over unexpectedly and the house was a complete mess. There were dishes everywhere, the bathrooms weren’t clean, the floors weren’t swept, son had toys out, there was Christmas stuff just everywhere. Seriously the house was a mess. These guests popped in and DH and I were absolutely mortified, but what are you going to do? You can’t say “can you just wait outside while I clean up a bit?”. Nobody seemed to care, but I was dying the whole time, DH too. That’s why we always try to maintain some semblance of clean and order, just in case.

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Bumble bee
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No way. I am in such a rush to leave every morning that I don’t have time to get it guest ready. It is clean (vacummed, dusted, etc) but certainly not tidy – we pretty much always have random things lying around (ironing board left out, cereal bowls and coffee mugs in the sink, dirty clothes next to the hamper, hair dryer left out).

My husband and I make a great team when we have to tidy up in 10 minutes! We both have the same idea of what is “presentable” when guests come over.

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Bee Keeper

I could probably make it presentable enough in about 15-20 minutes. I prefer more notice though!

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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: October 2013

our house it pretty neat overall.  sometimes i do slack a little bit.  but if a guest was coming over, i could have it guest ready in about 10 minutes.

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Sugar bee
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Not even close.  Luckily all our friends and family live far enough away and have enough decency to call on their way so we can clean it up before they get here.  Some of it is random crap everywhere because the house is just too small to have a place for everything, and a lot of it is the dog who sheds so much that I could vacuum every day and it would still be covered in hair. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Ours is not. We have two dogs that shed like crazy though, so if I wanted it “guest ready” all the time I’d have to vacuum twice a day, and that’s not happening lol.

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Buzzing bee
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Our house is never guest ready unless it’s one of our crazy cleaning weekends.   We both have demanding jobs, and mail seems to materialize on the table, and right now we are constantly tracking in salt and sand no mater how hard we try not to.  We can be ready in 15 minutes to an hour depending on who is coming.  Most of our friends is 15 minutes, puting away the mail, making sure the few dishes in the sink are done, folding blankets in the living room. 

My parents is an hour, because they come in like military drill sargents spot inspecting for any dirt that may be around.  If I have enough notice of them coming over, I have been known to whipe down the fronts of the cabinents and take out our carpet spot cleaner.  I’m really glad they didn’t come in when I went on family vacation with them and Fiance was home for a week alone.  The place was a mess. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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Another Vote for LORD NO !!

Our house is “lived in”… it is not a showcase by any stretch

There are ALWAYS things “on the go” as you have described… Dishes, Laundry, and just general day-to-day light messes (Newspapers, things not in their place, outdoor footwear not lined up on the boot mat etc)

It takes a good 15 to 30 minutes to tidy up to be “Guest” ready / approved (depending on the day of the week, time of day, and whatever activity the Guests are dropping by to do)

Including ALWAYS a quick scrub of the loo.

Honestly, I would probably be ticked with my Hubby if he brought people over when the house was in that “state” (or the one you’ve described)

We never have people over without the other person knowing… as it is THEIR SPACE too… even if is is JUST the guys.

I’d honestly find that a tad disrespectful.

If I was at work like you are… I’d expect him to give me a heads-up (so I know what I’m walking in on when I get home for example)… in which case I’d probably give him a mention of “OK, just please remember to take down my Lingerie in the Bath, and put it in our Bedroom … and shut the door”

I don’t think that is unfair.

I’d be very upset if I came home to a houseful of his buddies, and my lingerie hanging in the bath…

I don’t care to share that with the whole world.  My underwear is MINE… and he gets to see it cause I live with / am married to him.

I hang it in the bath to dry as a ulitarian thing… not to have it oogled by his buddies

Seriously, I think you need to have a heart-to-heart with your guy about respecting boundaries of your relationship status… and that physcial space where you live are comfortable to be yourselves, means that it isn’t a free for all for others to look in on.


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Bumble bee
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if anyone ever “pops by” i’m cutting them outta my life.

haha jk… but… seriously, our house is a disaster. especially with the wedding fast approaching… gold glitter EVERYWHERE. it is mortifying, even when i have time to clean up! after the wedding we are going to hire a cleaning lady for sure.

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Buzzing bee
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@hspw714:  My parents house is. Although my mom claims that it isn’t sometimes when there is stuff on the table (like our jackets on the back of the chairs), but their house is always clean. My mom just likes it that way, and to be honest, I do too. I hate going into homes that are dirty. So I can imagine that we will be keeping our home clean and “guest” ready.

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Helper bee
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well we try to keep our living room and dinning room neat normally (this is where people would see the most if they come over. but more often then not we have a coat on the couch and mail on the table. i try to keep the bath room straightened up but yea i usually need like 10 min to move stuff and put stuff away… now our bed room that is a whole other issue, i just shut the door lol

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