(Closed) Is your home always ready for unexpected guests?

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Blushing bee
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@hspw714:  I don’t think DH would think about ANY details when having people over! We haven’t even been married a year, and we haven’t had any “surprise” guests yet, so I always clean up before people come over. 



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@Westwood:  My dog sheds a lot too; we caved & got a rooma because I was busting out the dyson every couple days, or I’d be kneeling on the floor w/ my hand held all the time.. And I am so OCD about a clean house, DH bought the Romba to stop me from going nuts lol 

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Honey Beekeeper
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Our place is always tidy enough for guests, because it is tidy enough for us.

I like a clean home so we always make the bed in the morning when we get dressed (takes only 2 minutes).  I didn’t buy those lovely linens and pillows to look at them in a heap on the floor. Add in dusting and vacuuming as needed and you are basically done.

Ditto for the bathroom. I don’t want to use a scrungy bathroom myself so I clean it.

When there are only two adults in the home, all you have to do is put stuff away where it belongs the first time you deal with it, instead of leaving stuff around where it doesn’t belong, then having to deal with it twice when you do decide to put it away.

If I am drying lingerie in the bathroom, it goes on a separate tension rod placed in the shower for this exact purpose. With the shower curtain pulled, no one even knows it’s there.


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Blushing bee

SO keeps our apartment looking like total shit.  He lived with three guys for a year before we moved in together and before that, his parents didn’t seem to have standards for his room growing up.  It’s awful and it’s really hard to keep up with keeping stuff clean when he’s always dragging it back down.  Plus I work weird hours so I’m usually at work when he’s home to mess everything up and by the time I get home, it’s time for bed.  Like, it pisses me off so bad.  He leaves stuff all over.  His shoes are in the middle of the floor where he just walked out of them, he doesn’t understand the concept of rinsing out the sink, he doesn’t seem to know how to put dishes away or take out the trash before it’s overflowing (or how to replace the bag when he’s done or to check the other trashcans besides just the one in the kitchen)

I can get the apartment passable in about half an hour but to get it to the state I’d want it to be in would take DAYS. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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@MASPA:  Its hardly ever guest ready.  However, I am a pro at the “freak out people are coming clean up in 10 minutes” routine.


OP – I’d start insisting that he gives you a heads up before he brings people over, or that if you’re not around, he picks up ahead of time (unless it’s your best friends or something).  I’m a really easy-going and semi-slobby person, but I am NOT down with all but a few people seeing my bras drying or dirty dishes everywhere.

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Busy bee

Always. My environment is very important to me and I love an organized and neat house. I work full time in a very demanding corporate job with tons of travel.  I have two kids, two pets and am eight months pregnant.  I don’t have a cleaning lady. I’m not saying tht because I think I deserve an award, I think if it’s a priority to you and you keep on top of it, a clean house is doable.  I make cleaning a thirty minute to one hour part of my daily schedule. I rotate – vacuuming, laundry, dusting, bathrooms on a daily basis always with a general pick up and the kitchen – daily.  A few years ago, I made developing a strong friend network for all members of our family a priority so our house is a revolving door of friends of all ages coming and going and I couldn’t be happier! I had previously spent years in an emotionally abusive marriage isolated from friends. By The Way, I don’t really think people would care if your house is not neatorgan company ready. I have been to plenty of my friends’ “lived in” houses and I don’t judge. Don’t let a less than ideal house stop you from friends.  Best wishes!

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Helper bee
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My husband and I cannot seem to stay on top of our messes, so our home is almost never guest ready. Even when we would consider it clean I’d still hesitate to invite guests because of some of the hidden messes, like super dusty blinds, a few stains on the floor, a messy closet, etc. We’ll invite people in if they come by and just apologize for the mess if it’s not that bad. if it’s really bad, we just tell them the house is a disaster and don’t let them in – it’s terrible! But we’re working on it. It’s really stressful, actually. We need to get on top of it!

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Busy bee
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It is literally never ready for unexpected guests. Our version of cleaning for guests involves hurling everything from the living room into the ever cluttered guest bedroom. God forbid we ever have overnight guests. The sheets need to be washed, the room cleaned, shower cleaned, etc.

No, no, no. I don’t much like to entertain people, but when we do on the rare occasion have guests over I MUST clean up the living spaces and make our bathroom spotless and have our bedroom looking somewhat presentable.

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Bumble bee
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Our house is almost always very well organised and tidy because I like it that way. I really don’t feel relaxed if something is out of place. The only room I would need to work on if guests were to arrived unannouced is the office because DH always leaves a few things unorganised in there (dishes, clothes, shoes, random paper work, etc). 

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Bee Keeper
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@hspw714:  Depends on the guest, i suppose. My apartment is always “My BFF ready” because I don’t give a shit if she sees the kitchen a disaster and our dinning table full of scattered bills and random craft supplies. She came over the other day and stepped on a cherrio in my living room. She asked if I’d had my nephew over the night before. Nope. Fiance got hungry in the middle of the night. Whatever. 

But, like REAL guests? No. Unless they like cheerio-covered feet. 

But what’s more not guest-ready is me. Even BFF knows she better call when she’s parking or I will 100% be braless when she knocks. 

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No, I ususally do plenty more cleaning/picking up before guests come over. I would agree with your husband that his friends probably don’t care and people understand that you don’t always have your house spotless. I would probably think someone was weirder for always having a clean house than for having a few dishes in the sink to be honest. If you have specific things (like the drying bras) that bother you tell your husband that you really care about X and Y and could he do a sweep of the house to move specific things ex: dirty laundry and drying undergarments before having people over. Just keep the list short for him.

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Bumble bee

Maybe I’m one of the few, but I’m totally a neat freak, so our apartment is always clean. It helps a lot that I moved from my parents’ huge house to a tiny, two bedroom apartment. If I lived in a bigger house I could probably keep the guest areas clean, but I’m sure our bedroom would be a mess. At this point our bedroom is pretty much the first thing peple see when they walk in, so it has to be relatively clean when someone comes over. I think there is also something about an apartment that people think they can just walk into any room since they are so close together. SO’s younger brother came over and brought a friend, and his friend took himself on a tour! LOL

I just got surgery today, and right now I feel like the place is a mess. We have two pizza boxes that won’t fit into our recycling, and I don’t feel like walking or driving all the way down to the bin to throw them out when our trashcan isn’t full. That is really the only mess we have, and that is bothering me. My mom came over, and I felt like she was judging me because she offered to take them down LOL.

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Bumble bee
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Ha! That’s funny…

No, but really, no chance in hell. Maybe before my child was born, but my house is in almost constant disarray from when he wakes up until 20 minutes after he goes to bed. So I guess if you show up after 7:30 p.m., then yes. Otherwise, fend for yourself.

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Helper bee

@MexiPino:  +1

Depends on the guest.  My boyfriend’s scruffy, hipster best friend? Yeah, don’t care.

His super anal, judgemental mother? Our house is NEVER ready for her.  

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Buzzing bee
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Hell no! Even with a cleaning person, my house is never guest worthy without a huge freak out and cleaning frenzy.

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Honey bee
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I do get pop in visitors, so try to look at the living space and tidy things up constantly.  Luckily H wants it to be just as tidy as I do and he chips in.  No it’s not alawys pop in ready, but for the most part the embarassment level is low!

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