(Closed) Is your neighborhood safe?

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    Even in nice areas crime will happen. As long as it’s not a common occurance I think it’s alright. We own a small business in our village (suburb, moderately affluent, great schools, etc.) and if you look on a crime rate map it shows where our store is to have a high crime rate. We have walked home from work late at night and never felt unsafe… it’s all relative. We currently rent an apartment which is right near our store. One night a guy got drunk, walked to the apartment office, and started throwing beer bottles through the windows because they said he didn’t pay his rent. I still feel completely safe there.

    Crime is relative. If you feel safe than it more than likely is safe. Trust your gut!

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    @NurseMandie:  Crime can happen everywhere.  Even in the safest neighborhoods, there’s always going to be a few bad apples around.  Unless you’re living in a really bad part of a city, shootings are usually isolated incidents that can happen anywhere.  I hate to make a generalization but in our area in the suburbs, the highest crime areas are ones near aparatment complexes. Maybe this isn’t the case everywhere but it’s definitely the trend in our town.  

    We’ve never had any incidents that I am aware in our neighborhood, but it’s primarily elderly people and young families.  It’s also a gated community which helps.  I’ve left my purse accidently on our front porch multiple times and it’s been fine.  We don’t make a habit of leaving our doors unlocked, but before I moved in my husband always did and never had an issue.  


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    Honey bee
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    Eh I live in Baltimore City and it’s a very urban area so there are definitely crimes. There was actually just a double homicide a few weeks ago, which I hadn’t heard of before in my area! So scary! Hoping it was a one-time thing. But that is the risk of living in the city. It is otherwise an awesome area.

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    Yah, totally safe. We always lock our doors of course, but we’d probably be totally fine if we didn’t. 

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    One of the many reasons we would not buy in a neighborhood with apartments. Too many issues. And before I get jumped on, I don’t judge people who live in apartments.  But the fact of the matter is that the more densely populated the area (apartments = denser population), the higher the crime rate. We wanted someplace safe, so eliminating all areas with apartments and townhomes was one way to narrow our search in an effort to achieve our goal. 

    To answer the question, yes our neighborhood is safe. Neighbors leave their garage doors wide open for weeks on end, and not so much as a weedwacker goes missing. In our half of the county there has been 1 robbery in the last 2 months. That was literally the only crime reported. 1 crime in 2 months in an area that represents half of a county. I’ll take it. I am more concerned about coyotes on my pre-dawn walks with the dog than I am criminals. Coming from a neighborhood where there was a drive-by shooting 100 feet from my home, where my vehicle was broken into twice in 2 months, and where there was a hostage situation 2 blocks away, I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to know that we are safe as a family.

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    @NurseMandie:  i dont like to talk about it because is so depressing, we have 1 slut house (many girls use it) 2 crack/drug houses  and 4 gang related houes on my street…yeah i think its time to move…or buy a gun

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    Blushing bee

    I live in a very very fancy part of town but its still Brooklyn, NYC! So mixed bag on this one but ultimately I feel safe.

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    I live in West Quincy, which is actually really nice!

    But when I run outside, I run through Quincy/North Quincy. And those are a little less nice. (Though they’re a far cry from the terror that is Quincy center, or Dorchester, or Murderpan I mean, Mattapan!)

    I’ve seen a couple of gangs on my early morning runs–NOT fun.

    But we’re moving soon, and I think the place we’re moving to is safer!

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    We’ve always felt safe in our neighbourhoods. We lived in a really nice neighbourhood when we were away at school (uptown and far from students, elderly people/young families, parks, etc.) and when we were looking at houses back in our hometown we were very picky about location. Our street is pretty quiet, not too much traffic, and mainly elderly people. I definitely feel safe on our street. Plus, there isn’t much foot traffic, because there aren’t sidewalks on the entire street and it’s kind of out of the way of pedestrians.

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    Yes, our neighborhood is very safe. However, the neighborhood my work is in is not very safe. I hate walking to my car alone after dark because of the crime rate in the area.

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    @NurseMandie:  we live in a nice family-oriented area- streets are empty by 8pm as all the kids are in bed! There are maybe a couple break ins a year- as pps stated, crime can happen anywhere, but I def feel safe here walking at night, going out anytime with son etc

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    Busy bee

    Not the best, not the worst. We live about a block from the college and there have been drug busts and shootings periodically, but thank goodness we don’t live on the opposite side of town..it’s been nicknamed ‘little Chicago’ because there are so many shootings.

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    One of my neighbors told me when we first moved here that this is the “bad” side of town. And by bad she meant there’s more petty crimes than the rest of the town. We live in a very cute looking condo complex and I’ve always felt safe walking around, even at night. The worst thing that’s happened to us is someone egged our door. And another neighboor told me he forgot to close his garage door and someone went in his car and stole a library book. 

    So, this is really nothing to me. When I was in college my apartment was not in a good area. I did not feel safe at night and we had issues with people stealing our mail (netflix and packages mostly). I had also witnessed someone hit a dog in front of my apartment with their truck and speed off. Needless to say, I moved out of there shortly after that.

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    Yeah, there’s a fair bit of crime related to new construction.  People seem to like to steal work trucks, vandalize buildings currently being built, that type of thing.  There have also been issues with off-roads, a new park was recently completed and then destroyed 2 days later but they caught the guy.  He doesn’t even live in this city, he’s from a small community out of the city.  I’ve also read about cars being keyed, things stolen from breakins, etc.

    I trust people where though, when the adults were away next door a kid through a party one of those where 100 teens show up.  I debated about calling the cops, but we’ve only been here a few months.  Our other neighbours, called, and I think someone across the street also called.  Maybe other people.


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