(Closed) Is your partner similar to who you had imagined/your "type"?

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@honeyfolk:  I didn’t end up with my type. My Fiance is the complete opposite of what I thought I was looking for. He is my type to a point in that he is intelligent, has a good head on his shoulders, and is a good guy. But with physical appearance he fulfills some of the types I had in my head, pretty eyes and taller than me. But I also think he wasn’t the typical type of man I dated before, he is kind nerdy but in a good way and he is a quiet guy but as sweet as can be. I think it’s okay to have a type but I think when people least expect it, they meet someone that is the opposite and end up marrying them (like me in August!). I am glad I kept an open mind! 

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He was the guy I had a crush on before I even thought about my type! So I guess he’s it! Tall, on the thinner side, and good looking =)

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Yes and no. He’s tall (6’3″), good looking, has a beard and chest hair, light eyes, and is sarcastic like me. But he’s built like a swimmer (which he was, played water polo all throughout high school) when I’ve always preferred line backer types, he’s into anime – like REALLY into it – (which he’s now gotten me hooked on a few), and he’s artsy when I’ve always been more mathematical (engineer here). And I’m sure there are some other differences between him and who I’d always been attracted to.

He’s not exactly who I thought I would end up with, but he’s perfect. I never thought I could love someone more than I love myself or my family, but I do. I never thought I could have so much fun doing nothing and being silly with him, but I do. It just works. Laughing

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Pretty much, yeah. My husband has most of the qualifications that are a “requirement” for me to date. For the most part, yeah, I ended up with my type. No one is going to perfectly fit in with your “ideal” so my husband is a 9/10 on that regard.

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Yes and no. I’ve always been attracted to darker men, bonus if they have dark curly hair. A beard or some sort of facial scruff is a must, as is some body hair! I also prefer taller men and those who have a bit of weight on them – no skinny boys.

As for personality, I always loved intelligence – that is my number one turn on. The guy had to be well read and knowledgable. Other than that, I didn’t really have a personality “type” figured out.

My Fiance is somewhat tall and he’s not skinny. He has great facial hair and a nice hairy chest that I love (though it’s definitely a little more than I ever thought I wanted, haha). He has dark hair, but it’s as straight as can be. It’s also thinning. And he’s super pale! That’s what I get for falling for an Englishman I guess. 

Personality-wise, he’s perfect. He’s so knowledgable, and that’s sexy. All his other features are great too. I really cannot imagine myself with someone who didn’t have his exact demeanor.

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@honeyfolk:  I never had a physicl type (beyond in shape). He is my personality type but a billion times better. I got a perfect catch!

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Not even close to my “type”! Before SO my ideal guy was tall, with dark hair, hairless (no beard, no chest hair), broad-shouldered and muscular, dressed somewhat preppy (think Express for men) and did not have tattoos or piercings. 

This is SO:

Slightly on the smaller side at 5’9″. Dirty blonde hair. HAIRY!!! HAIRIEST chest ever, arms, legs, everything. He grows the fullest most amazing beard I have ever seen. Guys always compliment his beard and wish they could grow one like him. He can shave today and tomorrow morning itll be halfway back! Lol

He is slim and is a total cardio guy rather than weights guy. 

Random tshirts and old jeans were his daily outfit. His jeans never fit properly and matching was not on his to-do list when I met him. 

Oh and my new favorite thing about him, most of his torso is covered in tats. Half sleeves on both arms, full upper back, chest, hip, sides, and one little one on his foot. I swore I would never have a tattoo but I got a matching one with him. 

 I am also the only Latina he has ever dated and he loves it. He is not at all what I envisioned and vice versa. We’ve never been happier bees 🙂

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My Fiance is mostly my type – I’ve always gone for tall, dark-haired men with pale skin and blue eyes (there was one blonde in there, but he was an anomaly).

However, I never thought I’d want to be with someone who was overweight – I was really into leaner guys. I don’t think of Fiance as fat, because he’s quite bulky in terms of muscle and he carries his weight well, but he definitely is overweight.

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100% my type. He is tall, dark, handsome, witty. He is my first and last real boyfriend. But he  is completely my type. 

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Not at all.

I met him about 10 years before we got together but he never even registered on my radar.

He’s 18 years older than me (well, I always knew I’d end up with an older man, but not that much older! lol), shorter than me (and I don’t own any flat shoes), grey hair, not a snazzy dresser (but he does let me dress him up), no real stable job (he owns his own independant dvd rental store which makes no money, but I adore it and will do whatever it takes to keep it running. He also writes freelance for the local paper). He enjoys going to see local bands which can be kind of hardcore which I hate, but he also loves the older jazz era stuff as well which is my taste.

However, my taste had always been a-holes who cheated, and for the first time in my life I really feel loved and respected and happier than I’ve ever been. I trust and love him competely 🙂

Oh, I did always want to marry a doctor right from when I was a little girl and he is a doctor…but he has a doctorate in film studies! lol

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No, not superficially (aside from that he’s good looking…always had a weakness for the hot guys lol). Anyway, in terms of first impressions, he’s very different from the type of guy I thought I’d end up with.

I decided to take a chance anyway. Best decision I ever made!

Turns out that underneath, our true personalities, preferences, values, ways of understanding the world, we are eerily similar… you never could tell, if you only knew us casually.

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Physically, I’ve always been attracted to and dated Hugh Jackman-esque guys. Tall, dark, with awesome hair – head, facial, and chest. And I’m marrying Leonardo DiCaprio, lol. Fiance is a dirty blonde, manages to grow a decent goatee and that’s it. Chest as smooth as a baby’s. Personality-wise, though, he’s absolutely what I’ve always wanted. And hey, he’s tall, too. I’ll keep him 🙂

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Tall, dark, and handsome, yep! I was a little put off by how skinny he is at first, but damn, the man is strong – and when I’m in his arms, no matter how skinny he is, nothing’s getting in his way.

Also, my ego gets quite a boost whenever someone sees him for the first time and comments on how good looking he is – well duh, I know!

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I’m not really sure I ever had a defined type, but he’s definitely the one.  He’s smart, funny, kind, hardworking, honest, loyal, and he is truly a good person.  I love everything about him, even the bad stuff I find endearing.


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