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  • poll: In a world where there are no physical relationships, would your SO still be your best friend?
    Definitely! We're get along awesomely and have everything in common and always have fun together : (187 votes)
    60 %
    Most likely! We have a great relationship, but there could be someone else more suited as a friend! : (48 votes)
    15 %
    Probably?! We'd be good friends at least... We'd sometimes fight, but best friends do that too! : (24 votes)
    8 %
    Maybe. We get along well, but without the physical aspect, there might not be quite enough!...? : (12 votes)
    4 %
    Probably not. We get along, but the attraction/physical part and attraction is pretty important! : (4 votes)
    1 %
    Highly doubtful. What's a relationship without sexual attraction?? I have other friends for that! : (3 votes)
    1 %
    Definitely not! I have other best friends already! Physical/sexual attraction is necessary! : (4 votes)
    1 %
    I'm not sure... hmm... It's pretty difficult to distinguish the two from each other, so I can't tell : (3 votes)
    1 %
    I have more than one "best" friend. They're just... different. So this doesn't apply to me really : (16 votes)
    5 %
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    Far too often we say “Get outta my heeeaad” in a funny voice to each other. We can start by saying “Did you…” about something completely off topic from our conversation and the other will finish it. We are so alike and have so much in common it’s sometimes a bit scary.

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    We got to know each other online for over a year before we met and we were close friends. We’re a lot alike, enjoy the same things, and are all around extremely similar. Also, my closest friends have alway been men (or women who tend to think like men), so yeah, we’d still be best friends.

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    Definitely, we met playing World of Warcraft so we didn’t know what the other person looked like at the beginning anyways.

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    I voted I have different best friends for different reasons – I basically have different best friends within different groups of friends.  So I mean, I might consider him as a best friend or a really good friend, but I still have others.  I currently do consider him my bestest best friend, though LoL.

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    Definitely! We are best friends and just get each other in ways that no one else can, regardless of our romantic relationship.

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    Definitely, he would be my male bff!!!

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    Absolutely, without a doubt, he is my best friend.  We have a vibe together that makes just be around eachother enjoyable (and I don’t mean physical attraction).  I still need my girlfriends, but his presence is something special.

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    Absolutely. But I do have another female best friend, so I’m covered in both scenarios.

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    I think we would be. We share a lot of interests, values, beiiefs, etc.

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    Fiance and I were really good friends for 12 years before we got together, (I noticed “were friends before” was not an option) so I chose “Something else that doesn’t fit any of these”.  He was a very close friend for a long time and helped me through a lot.

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    I’d miss the sex, but my husband would still be my BFF without it.

    He is always the first person I think of and call/text when something significant happens. I have 3 siblings who I’m close with, and a few girlfriends, but my husband is the person I turn to first for everything. 

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    Like someone else said, he is the male version of me in so many ways.  But we also have a good balance of extrovert and introvert and have so many of the same interests.  We started out as friends and i think if there were no sexual attraction that we could still be friends.

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    This was a hard question for me to answer.  My husband and I first met about 11 years ago , sort of just in passing.  Honestly, I don’t remember much about him, but he thought I was cute.  He was doing some clinical time where I work and the person that was precepting him, whom I have known for about 21 years, told him to just foget about it!  LOL!  Flash forward about 3.5-4 years and he is taking another class where I work.  We saw each other in passing again, thought each other was cute, moved on, no biggie.  In fact, when he was taking a practical test, I FAILED him in my station (In my defense, he deserved it) LOL!  Fast forway 3-6 months later, he applied for a part-time position where I work, and did some of his orientation with me and my partner.  Got to know him a little bit better, found him to be very nice and funny and incredibly kind-hearted and good to people.  Plus, HE WAS STILL CUTE!  LOL!  So a few months after he started working where I work, we became friends on facebook and would chit chat when we ran into each other, nothing Earth-rocking!  Except one day, I came into work, said Hi and chit chatted for a while like I normally do, before going on a standby shift.  I was setting out in the heat (it was July) when I got a text message from him about the weather.  THE WEATHER!  LOL!  We pretty much started talking that night and didn’t stop.  We went on our first date 4 days later, I moved in 3 months later, we were engaged just less than 2 months later, and were married just over 5 months after that!  I love him, he is my best friend, but there has always been a SPARK.  I honestly cannot wrap my head around what it would be like without that spark with my wonderful husband, who is my whole world and my happiness!

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    Yes.  We are a lot alike.  🙂

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    @OUgal0004:  “If the standards are such that you, OP, stated, then I do not think my SO and I would be friends…at all.

    I feel the same way.

    FI-to-be and I met and began dating shortly after (2 months) so we were never friends beforehand and we really don’t have much in common. What makes us ‘best friends’ is that we love one another (and love the physical aspect of our relationship) enough to do things we wouldn’t normally consider doing.

    Would I wake up at 6am and decide to go for early morning surf…no. But I do it because it makes him happy and I actually do enjoy it once I stop feeling numb. Would he volunteer to come shopping with me so I can get my hair done, have a nice lunch, buy new shoes and pick new outfits for him…no. But he does it because it makes me happy, he loves seeing me smile and he always likes the clothes I pick out for him.

    He’s my best friend because I give things up for him, I do things I usually wouldn’t, I smile through things I dislike doing (watching a rugby game for example) and put up with more crap from him the I would from the (girl) I consider my ‘best friend’. He does the same for me.

    If it wasn’t for the physical attraction/physical relationship, I don’t think we would be best friends – we are best friends because of all the things I listed above which came about because of the physical attraction.

    I think I answered your question…

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