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The most important thing to do is urinate after sex  Drink plenty of water too..and it is prob a good idea cor your H to wash prior to sex. Also take 100mg vitamin C daily. 

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Honey bee
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No matter whether or not you insist on showering beforehand, you WILL still have bacteria that occurs during sex that gets pushed up into your urinary tract. Your urologist’s advice sounds way off base to me, every source and doctor I’ve ever heard from says that the key to avoiding UTIs is to make sure you go to the bathroom after sex, because that dispels the bacteria out of your urinary tract. So if you are showering and going to the bathroom before sex, instead of after…well, basically there’s no point. You’re totally working in the reverse of what is actually going to help the problem.

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Always, always urinate after sex. It might not be very “romantic” but this helps a lot.

Drink a lot of water and look into taking cranberry supplements. Avoid cranberry cocktail juices that are full of sugar.

Wear only cotton panties and try to avoid tight fitting clothes.

G-strings and Thongs are another culprit.

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Has he taken an antibiotic? He might have a low level infection that he is passing to you. I know when we started fertility treatments our RE made us both take one time antibiotc just in case. You both have to take it at the same time to wipe out everything. Then make sure you both don’t have a low grade yeast infection. You both should use OTC yeast infection cream. Then rebuild the good bacteria in your gut. Both of you can eat yogurt everyday for a month, but I would use something stronger. I would go to a healthfood store and get a supplement that must be refrigerated. 

You should also be checked for diabeties. UTI are sometimes a sin that you are becoming prediabetic.

All that might take awhile, so until then, why don’t you try shower sex or at least shower foreplay?

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The key to UTI’s is making sure you pee within 30 minutes after having sex. Showering isn’t going to make a big difference, neither does the last time you went #2. I mean obviously you want to be careful about having things touching the backdoor and then touching the front door, but as long as you wipe well and pee after sex it shouldn’t be a huge issue. 

It sounds like you have just built this up into a wall in your mind. Try to just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about anything but peeing after sex. 

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If you can’t get past needing to feel clean, would you be able to feel comfortable just washing with a wash cloth before sex? No need for a full on shower.


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Two tablets of Alka seltzer in water drank completely after sex will help neutralize the possibility of a UTI taking hold. Plenty of fresh water + Cranberry (or blueberry) juice will do the same thing.

Alka seltzer will make your urine Alkaline — An environment that bacteria cannot endure very well. Cranberry and Blueberry juice stimulate the production of the mucus layer inside your bladder and urethra, preventing bacteria from actually finding a place to call home. It will also turn your urine more alkaline, just like the alka seltzer.

The Seltzer also contains aspirin (So be wary if you are sensitive) which will also alleviate the pain of urination.

You can buy at-home UTI tests for around eight bucks for two tests, and if you choose a home remedy, you’ll be able to have a fairly certain idea of when the bacteria is gone.

Urinate AFTER sex. Absolutely every time. Even if you don’t have to go. The penis will happily shove bacteria into your urethra — it’s 100% natural. Pee after sex and wipe downwards and you’ll see improvement in UTI’s.

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@gettinghealthy38:  Showering is not so much the issue as much as making sure you pee BEFORE and AFTER sex. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water and maybe take cranberry pills. Vit C will not help, but cranberry juice or cranberry pills will.



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Honey bee
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I second the cranberry pills. I have a crap immune system. Also, your soap, liners, detergents etc may be irritating things. 

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Seriously? You shower every.single.time you have sex with your husband?? My goodness you must smell amazing lol. 

Don’t worry about showering every time! Not only does that KILL the spontaneous part of sex (which is often the most enjoyable) but it’s uneccesary! Just make sure to urinate after sex. If you must shower, then shower AFTER you have sex but even that is going overboard.

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I have chronic UTIs/Kidney infections and as PPs have said, the biggest thing is to urinate after sex. I had them all the time, like at least every single month until I learned that and then they for the most part stopped.

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I hardly ever shower before sex.

I do make sure to always, always pee after sex, and UTIs have never been a consistent problem for me. I’ve had one or two over the years, that’s it.

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