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I take your vomit and raise you are house of poop!

Our yellow lab ate an entire bag of dog food. We came home from work and he was looking huge! We made him vomit and then had him hang out in the backyard for several hours in case he pooped. Nada.

So the next day we went to work, thinking he would be okay. We came home to what my husband called, ‘a house full of shit’. There was liquid poop in at least 4-8 puddles in every carpeted room on the main floor (family room, living room and dining room) as well as up the stairs. We cleaned it and carpet cleaned about four times, eventually having to rip up the carpets.

Still by far my grossest eog story.

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Last year, I took Cosmo out to pee, leaving Fawkes inside for 30 SECONDS. When I got back, he had wolfed down THREE POUND of corned beef from the counter that I’d made for St Patrick’s Day and had a corner of it in his mouth. We both froze, then he booked it to the bedroom and on the other side of the bed, tryiing to crawl underneath. The next day, I got home to EXPLOSIVE diarrhea in the kennel, all over the blankets and bedding. While doing my best not to hurl while I cleaned it up, after taking them out, he exploded in the corner. While cleaning that up off of the very light carpet, he exploded in the corner of the bedroom, with blood. I took him to the vet, just in case, paid a ton of money for an ER visit plus medicine (worth it, I had to make sure he hadn’t done something horrible to himself, even though I was 99% sure he was fine). I then spent the next 12 hours taking him out every 25 minutes. 


Once, teaching the dogs a new trick, I tossed Cosmo a carrot piece and he literally inhaled a piece which irritated his lung for the next week, giving him symptoms like kennel cough, even after he’d coughed it up.

Back at the end of December, we were on our way to the dog park in the car and I heard a loud noise and looked in my mirror to see Fawkes jumping up from the middle of the road. Somehow my dog — my not-small golden retriever / yellow lab mix — fit through a window opening that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BIG ENOUGH. It was rush hour on a major street and somehow — SOMEHOW — he picked a moment when there were no cars around. What I’d heard was the plastic poop bag holder that was hooked onto the end of his leash. I slammed on the brakes, turned around and had to honk my horn to herd him into a parking lot, where I opened the door and said, “GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!” and he jumped right in, over my lap, bleeding everywhere and panting like crazy. I took him straight to the ER where they checked him for broken bones (none) and internal bleeding (none) and shaved down all sorts of road rash spots. I was in the waiting room and kept hearing him SCREAMING because every time they tried to get close with the clippers, he flipped out. At that point, he wasn’t even so much in pain. He was panting and happy and excited when we got there. I was furious and terrified and in shock. When I got him back, they had to give him twice the dose of sedative just to get close enough to clean his wounds. He stood all splayed and drunken and then I had to carry him up the stairs at home, but he tried to walk on his own and ended up belly flopping on the stone stairs and then when we got up, he collapsed on the floor (and somehow got on the bed while I was in the shower) and got blood everywhere.

Stupid STUPID dog.

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Uggh poor pup! What a disaster!

When we went to visit my family a few years ago for the holidays my male pup (Teddy) wolfed down an entire bowl of wet dog food and cottage cheese my mom had out for her dogs. Obviously he is not used to eating such a fatty meal but didn’t get sick right away and we left that afternoon and stayed the night at our friend’s house.

The next morning we woke up to poop everywhere. In the middle of the night Teddy pooped on everything including our female (Pandy). He was covered in shit, she was covered in shit, the crate bars, blankets, food bowls and the carpet surrounding the crate were also covered in shit. I was even more horrified because this wasn’t our house! He clearly knew he had been naughty and didn’t feel good at the same time so we couldn’t help but feel bad…can’t get mad at a sick dog.

We took the dogs immediately to the bathtub to wash them and I grabbed a trash bag for the poopy linens. We cleaned the carpets three times on our hands and knees and scrubbed out the bath tub with Clorox. My friend and her mom were understanding but I was still so incredibly embarassed.

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@ellisrobertson:  Our yellow lab knows if he puts his paw in the right place, he can put the window down.. I’m so glad for child locks now.

When our one dog was younger, maybe 8-10 months, he used to do the “walk and pee”.. literally walk and pee at the same time. Well one time neither of us were really paying attention (not like he gives many clues, even now) and he couldn’t hold it anymore. From the basement, up the steps (carpeted, 13 of them), around the entier living/dining room (500 square feet?), then up the upstairs steps (maybe 15 or so steps?), then into the master bedroom.. all while peeing. Of course we had a spotbot, not a big carpet cleaner. It took forever to clean all the pee, and it still stunk for days.

Our other dog managed to get the runs and tried to get to the basement door. Well, partially down he lost it, exploded out the rear down the last few steps, then proceeded to puke all over the floor. Thankfully the basement is tile, but those stairs were carpet. Yep.. that didn’t look good even after cleaning. Glad it’s now hardwood :). The little area is super confined, as it’s a tiny hallway space – it reeked so bad, we had to open the garage and the door to it, plus the slider in the basement. It was months before I got that smell out of my nose when going downstairs.

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My story is tame compared to some of these!  WOW!  

A couple weeks ago, Darling Husband came home from work to our dog panting and extra wiggly.  He had a short work day, so he had taken the dog out like three hours before, but he took him out again and the dog had very liquidy poop.  DH picked up what he could, then pour a gallon of water over it and washed the rest away.  EW!  We took him out several times that night, and he seemed to be feeling better.

The next morning I got up, took a shower, dressed for work, and then went downstairs to take the dog out.  I was greeted at the bottom of the stairs by a pile of mushy poop, (on our light colored carpet, of course – couldn’t have been on the brown doormat or the kitchen linoleum!  LOL!).  I should have been suspicious that the dog wasn’t upstairs, (he normally sleeps in our room).  He was on his downstairs dog bed just watching me with sad eyes.  I know he couldn’t help it, but I am not sure why he didn’t bark or something, since he sleeps in our room!

The worst part was that since our dog NEVER has accidents, we didn’t have anything to clean with besides paper towels and water.  I had to call my parents to bring over some Nature’s Miracle (we did foster care for dogs while living with them, and not all of them were reliably trained, so they had stuff).  I had to go to work, so Darling Husband had to clean up the rest of the stain.  DH then spent the morning taking the dog out every half hour, but that was apparently all he had because he never did go anymore.  It must have been a while before I woke up, too, because it wasn’t warm, (oh man, if it had still been warm, that would have been WORSE!).  Never did find out what he got in to, or if it was just a bug, or what.  Odd!

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@snoie:  I have manual windows! Seriously, how he managed to fit is a mystery to me still! Now I only do about four inches — and in any direction he’s at least eight. Oh, I could have killed him that day. 

lol at your dog walking and peeing. Fawkes walks and poops. So he’ll be all hunched over (more when we lived in an apartment and went for 3x daily walks where things smelled different all the time) pooping and walking along smelling things. He is MORTIFYING to be around in public. Between the car and the fence at the dog park (say, 100 feet), he’d poop big massive poops like three times, then he’d stop every ten minutes IN the fenced in area to poop air. I know that the excitement gets his bowels moving, and then they just keep going even when he’s empty! 

Ugh. Babies and dogs. The only times it’s okay to talk openly about poop stories, right?

I’ll tell you, though — living in an apartment with a moronic dog really taught me carpet cleaning secrets. I’m not kidding. Light carpet (light tan), bloody explosive diarrhea and when I moved out, I had cleaned the carpets so well that they didn’t have to be replaced. Those talents came in way handy when we moved here and Rigby was sick for like three weeks with random vomiting and diarrhea. 

ALSO! Anyone who has seen the Pinterest steam-iron stain secret, it WORKS. Cosmo got sick in three places the other day, dark brown vomit like pureed beef baby food. I whipped out the vinegar, the wet towel, the super hot iron and a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and it vanished. It was incredible. And it works on set-in stains, too, for anyone still battling pets + carpets! 

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@ellisrobertson:  I’ll tell you, though — living in an apartment with a moronic dog really taught me carpet cleaning secrets. I’m not kidding. Light carpet (light tan), bloody explosive diarrhea and when I moved out, I had cleaned the carpets so well that they didn’t have to be replaced.

Do tell!  We cleaned the carpet pretty well after our dog’s accident, but there is a tiny bit of a stain left, (looks like a shadow or something on the carpet).

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