(Closed) It's Halloween! Time for another scary stories thread…

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Arshim:  I always have things to contribute to these threads… my house is haunted but we deal with it and it just doesn’t really phase us anymore since it doesn’t ever seem to be bad energy.

The most recent thing to happen was just this past saturday. I was upstairs (which is where most things occur). I was changing alone in my bedroom and I heard my bathroom door close. I figured it was my son since he had been out in my living room area playing xbox. I walked out and asked if he had gone in the bathroom and he said no that the door closed on its own. So we carried on doing what we were doing and while we were both sitting there, it happened again. I calmly explained to our friendly ghost that they were making both of us nervous so could they please leave the damn bathroom door alone. about a minute later it opened back up like it had been and didn’t happen again that night. My son is pretty used to these things at this point so he just shook his head and made a comment about how he’s sure his friends don’t have to live with ghosts lol.

Most things that happen are pretty playful, sometimes annoying,and occasionally startling. It’s just regular life in my house though. I could sit for days and tell stories about the things that go on.  

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i have had a few paranormal experiences, the 1st when i was younger – me and my sister saw lights in the sky one night, a green one sort of triangular in shape. it hovered for ages and then was joined by a pink light, same size and shape. the lights then started moving strangely – not like a plane or air balloon would – they moved in a figue 8 shape. like they were dancing with ach other. it must have only lasted a few minutes before they shot upwards… faster than any plane or helicopter could move. YEARS later my sister showed me a copy of the national newspaper – on the front cover was a picture of a grey triangular shape and a story that was pretty much word for word exactly what we had experienced in that car years before – the ONLY difference was they had witnessed it during the day.

the second experience – i was lucky enough to be able to join a ghost hunting group as they investigated one of the haunted buildings in our town. we walked around with them for the majority of the evening and then were allowed (with a video recorder and voice recorder) to wander around and see what we could find. 3 of us chose a room and decided to try and contact whoever or whatever was still in the building. we managed to make contact through a candle, the room we were in had no breeze or draught, not even a window… everytime we asked a question the flame on this candle would flicker and bend in response (noone was near enough for our breath to affect it) so we decided to ask for more proof….
i asked for them to touch me. and something did. i can remember the feeling like it was yesterday – an opened palm childs hand touched my left cheek. i dont think i have ever moved so quickly!!! the other 2 also had experiences after that, hair and clothes being tugged. when we joined back ewith the group we asked if anything had happened in the room we had been in….. it had – a child had died in there, there was a fire and she couldnt open the door to get out.

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I love freaking myself out! I have had lots of strange experiences but they are complex stories! I will give you my most recent, last night in fact! We are doing up a very very old house, hundreds of years old. The dining room next to the kitchen is the latest project. We have no lights in the room so as we have been working on it late and night we put flood lights in there, they are very bright and come on via sensor. I went to the kitchen to make my partner his lunch for then next morning, a few mins later I saw a really bright light, looked round the corner and the flood lights had come on. I looked around but brushed it off. It happened twice more when i was in the room next door! Spoooky!

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any more stories ladies?? theres gotta be some more spooky experiences out there!!

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Darling Husband believes is ghosts, i don’t.  but he is convinced we have a ghost in our bedroom.  our ceiling light/fan turns on and off at random times.  a few week ago, i was in the bedroom and Darling Husband was walking the dog for the last walk of the night when all of a sudden the bedroom light is going on/off/on/off/on/off very quickly.  Darling Husband sees it from the street, calls me and asks what’s going on.  i said the neighbors are playing games with the remote.  he said, no, it’s the ghosts they are trying to scare you. 

he also tells me that one night he felt someone snap the top band of his boxers.

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I’m going to be home alone tonight, so I might regret posting, but here goes…. 

My parents’ house was haunted when I was a kid.  Occurances don’t happen any more (and haven’t since i was about 12…..I’m 29 now), and they lessened a great deal everytime my parents added on to the house (they did very little renovation, just adding to the structure).  Or house was the site of the rectory for the church that backs up to our property, and we are pretty certain a young girl died there at some point.  She seemed to really like me.

When I was about 2, my mom would wake up at night, swearing that she heard me yelling “MOMMA!”, as though I was having a nightmare.  She would rush to my room to find me sound asleep and silent.  This happened a few times.

We also had a swingset in our backyard that woudl move on Sunday afternoons…only Sundays.  The swings were in view of the kitchen window, and my mom would watch one of the swings (there were 3 on the set) begin to move slowly, then pick up speed.  It woul swing for about 10 minutes, then come to a sudden complete stop.  

We are pretty sure her name was Dorothy (we haven’t been able to find any definitive info), but I had an imaginary friend from ages 4-6 that sort of happened by accident…I went to my mom and said I wanted an imaginary friend (I was super imaginative and creative, don’t know why I didn’t invent it on my own).  Mom simply gestured beside herself and said, Here you go.  I responded “Hi Dorothy!” and skipped away.   I’ve always talked to myself, and apparently, talking to Dorothy was a regular thing.  I don’t remember much about it, except that when my friend across the street wanted to play together with out imaginary friends, I knew that Dorothy never wanted to play with her.  To my child mind, Dorothy did not feel the other friends were legitimate.  

I also used to see small shadow people in our dining room.  You had to go through the dining room to get from teh kitchen to the bedrooms, and I would run as fast as i could through the dark room, terrified that something was going to get me.  I did not mention this to my mom until I was in high school, and she told me she used to see them too.  To this day I hate walking through that room, although I haven’t seen anything in years.  Also, I have an older sister, but as far as I know, she never had any encounters, imaginary friends, and Mom never heard her calling out at night. 

As a bit of backstory/reference….my parents are really weird when it comes to the supernatural.  Both my parents were raised as very serious Protestants (Mom is Church of Christ, Dad is Episcopalian), but we were raised without any formal religion.  My parents believe heavily in the energies of spirits, Dad feels whenever someone he knows passes away (at their time of death, he is always flooded with memories of any time he spent with that person, often never knowing that they are ill/hospitalized/or anything).  I remember when Sixth Sense came out, I told my dad how cool the movie was, so he and my mom tried to watch it on video, but had to stop about 20 minutes in, as Dad said it was “too much like real life.”

Aside from home experience, the only other encoutners I have had involved my grandmother, who passed when I was 19.  At her funeral, I went into the restroom to compose myself and was met with stale Carlton cigarette smoke and expensive perfume….my grandmother’s perfume.  It was a non-smoking building, and the only smoker in attendance was my aunt, who had forgotten her lighter that morning, so she had yet to smoke a cigarette.  And she didn’t smoke Carltons, and she wore Elizabeth Taylor perfume, very different from my grandmother’s.  I still believe it was my Nana letting me know that she was moving on in her way ( I was the only grandchild that didn’t get to say goodbye in person).  The other instance with her was a few years later, when I was in a car accident.  I was t-boned on the driver’s side, and had it hit about 5 inches further back, I would have broken both my legs.  For a few weeks leading up I had misplaced the birthstone necklace I had inherited from her (we are the only family members born in september).  While looking for my extra glasses (mine flew off in the crash, and for some reason the police took them), I found the necklace in a table drawer that has NEVER held jewelry.  I found it nd burst into tears, knowing that she had been with me during the accident. 

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