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  • poll: What does your SO do when sick?
    Call the Dr right away, he's a baby! : (21 votes)
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    Ignore it until it can't be ignored anymore : (22 votes)
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    I would totally go with him too!  I don’t think you’re overbearing, I think you’re concerned and you know your man.  Mine is the same way.  I haven’t gone with him to the doctors appointments but I have threatened to and I eventually will.  Your Fiance sounds like mine, when they get to the doctor they minimize the symptoms and how crappy they feel.  Hopefully he realizes this isn’t going to go away and he’ll speak up. 

    I hope your Fiance feels better soon!

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    I don’t want to scare you but those sound like serious symptoms, especially since they sound like they are chronic. I definitely think you should go with him to make sure the Doctor hears about ALL his symptoms. Even if he doesn’t mean to, when you are in a stressful sitatuon like that, you tend forget little details that might end up being important. I think it would be helpful for you to be there, but I agree that he definitely needs to see a doctor because chronic symptoms like the ones you described are NOT normal and need to be treated and investigated for more serious underlying issues.

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    I’d go with him, if nothing else just so he doesn’t have to drive himself! I know when I’m really sick like that, driving is the last thing I want to do.

    It sounds a little bit like how I felt when I had mono, but then again, those symptoms are fairly general so it could be anything (like tonsilitis or strep.) Hope he feels better soon!

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    lol my Fiance is the same way

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    I definitely don’t think you’re being overbearing. At this point, I probably would have hit my husband over the head with a frying pan and drug him to the doctor! Haha…so you were much more patient. Kudos to you for calling the ENT FOR him and getting him an appointment today! His symptoms really sound quite serious.

    My mom is like this. She puts things off for so long until they become huge issues. It’s so frustrating! I’m glad my husband isn’t that way…he’ll go to the doctor, but he’s not a huge baby about it.

    I hope everything goes well today for him…and hopefully the Dr. can give him something to fight off the infection he probably has!!!

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    Just because symptoms aren’t always bad doesn’t mean that something isn’t wrong.  The fact that he is doubling over in pain and can’t swallow at all can’t be good.  It sounds like he has a tonsil infection (not sure about the stomach thing).  You should definetly go with him so that you can tell the doctor everything that is going on.

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    My Fiance was this bad until one day he woke up and looked like he had a stroke.

    OMG can I tell you how scary it was that day driving him to the hospital because he looked like he seriously had a stroke at the age of 26!

    Long story short he had severe streph throat which he never went to the doctor for. So from one of the wounds/ spots in his throat he caught a secondary viral infection which spread into his nerves and paraylized one side of his face. FOR 3 MONTHS. He had to tape his eye down, and hold a napkin to his face to eat.  It was so so scary, so from such a minor sickness and not getting treated right away he learned the hard way. So now if he gets sick and it starts to get bad, he goes to the clinic asap.



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    It sounds like what I was going thru for a bout 2 years. I would have the same horrible symptoms then they would go away for a while. But then my life got a lot more stressful with a lot less sleep and I wasn’t taking very good care of myself and it finally forced me to go to the doctor and it ended up that I had to get my tonils and retropharyngeal lymph nodes removed because they were all necrotic. The doctor explained to me that part of the reason I would have stomach signs is because all of the bacteria and drainage were getting swallowed and creating a bacterial overgrowth in my intestines and because of the stress in my life + the other health issues I developed a stomach ulcer which started bleeding and became really serious really fast.

    I am not saying that your Fiance has what I had but I feel 100% better now that I had my tonsils/lymph nodes taken out and treated the ulcer. 

    If you should go with your Fiance or not is up to you but I would definitely express to him that you are concerned that he is not taking his health seriously and that it is causing you to become very worried. Fiance uses the guilt trip on me that we are a family and I have to take better care of myself if not for me but for him.


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    To get my fiance to go to the doctor I have to pretty much guilty him into it… “Do you want to be around for us to grow old and grow?” he’ll answer yes and I’ll do something like “Well if you don’t see that doctor about_________ you can kiss that good bye” Or something like “Do you want me to get sick?”  I know I sound like a naggy witch with a b but A) my immunce system is horrible and B) he’s a big baby as long as he’s not feeling well and drives me nuts by being a big baby because I can’t take whinning for a very long time (over 3days makes me want to scream!)

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    I hope your Fiance is ok girl. I’ll say a prayer.

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