It's officially October – time for ghost stories!

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My mom is very big on antiques, when I was in the 9th grade she bought like an old big wooden box television. It didn’t have a remote so we would have to turn up/down the volume or change the channel using the knobs on the t.v. I remember every night when I would have to change the channel or adjust the sound, I would look to my left and look down the hall. Except when I did I could see a silhouette of a tall muscular man. Every. Single.time. 

So, being the big sister I started making my little sister change the channel and adjust the volume until one night she finally said, “no, everytime I go to change the channel, I see a big man in the hall!” I was so shocked. Nothing too spooky, we never talked to him or anything. 

My mom has a lot of ghost stories. I just have weird stories that could be coincidental. 

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jcud4 :  and yet, here I am again. procrastinating from doing my homework, tuning in to stories that I know I’ll regret reading when I can’t sleep at 2am.

dont let me down, bees. I demand to be scared shitless. 

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I’ve told this one before but for those who haven’t heard it, here it is again.  

The story I’m about to tell didn’t happen to me but to my sister…

Several years ago, she was in the kitchen cooking.  While the eggs were boiling, she grabbed her laptop and went to sit at the kitchen table to surf the net.  She had the music on full blast and totally distracted, my dear sister lost all track of time…she’s an ENFP yell

She hadn’t realized that all the water in the pot had evaporated and had turned black and was starting to burn.  I don’t even know how she couldn’t smell the smoke and somehow the curtains, which were 4 feet away and on the other side of the stove had caught on fire.

At that moment, she heard a loud whisper…like someone had leaned in from behind and said in her ear, “Ugly boy!” She thought it was me since that was my nickname for her. One time, she had cut her hair really short and I told her she looked… an ugly boy.

That was when I got her frantic phone call asking where I was.  I told her I was at my DH’s…then boyfriend’s place.  She told me to come home right away. I asked her what was wrong but she refused to answer and just kept telling me to get my butt home.

When we got there 10 minutes later, we found her sitting outside on the steps waiting for us where she began to recount her tale.

To this day, we still don’t know who the mysterious voice belonged to.  There was no one else home but her.  We like to think it was a friendly spirit looking out for her and warning her that she was about to set the house on fire.

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I don’t have a ghost story of my own, but I teach literature and try to find uncommon works for students who are interested in going beyond. Last Christmas, I was really interested in reading ghost stories for some reason, when I discovered that England has a LONG history of telling ghost stories at Christmastime (whereas we in the USA do so during Halloween). Anyone familar with Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will of course realize this! 

The ghost stories of author M.R. James were recommended to me, and very gratifying they are! James wrote in the early 20th century, so expect some sophisticated language and British idioms (he was a British scholar who worked at King’s College, the University of Cambridge, and Eton College), but also expect some intricately-woven and imaginative ghost stories with substance. 

Here is an online collection:

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obviousanonymous :  Many of the ‘A ghost story for Christmas’ episodes on television here were based on his work.

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Just moved to our own home (yeayy!!!!) and there is this loud knocking sound (on furniture or pipe) on our master bedroom every 3am-5am, waking me up every day!!!! Well the sounds stops when my mom is around.

I call the pipe man, the aircon man, the furniture man, the contractor, other contractor, with no answer what could make that noise.

Start calling some supernatural people that all acknowledge that there is “spirit/ghost/energy”, and it was a woman. Try to talk, pray, even one guy claimed to already send her out, but the sound is still there.. All said it has a good energy so it fine, but it messed my sleeping!!!!!!! So stressed out and dont know what to do….

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When I was a young teenager with a lot of attitude I used to argue with my dad a lot and one night I ran out the house to a park around the corner. 

This park has a standard three seat swing, like the old school black rubber seats. I was sitting on one at the end, it wasn’t windy and the one in the middle wasn’t moving at all but the end one on the other side started swinging and the swing looked like it had weight in it, like the seat sagged in the middle. Anyway, it started swinging higher and higher and I was completely petrified, like glued to my seat but after a couple minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and ran home faster than my legs have ever carried me 😂

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silverwoods :  This is terrific! I’m gonna see if I can track down some of the episodes featuring James’ stories. Thank you for telling me about this! 

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I live in a very, very remote part of Nevada. It is a 3.5 hour drive in ANY direction to get to a town big enough for a Walmart or any other shopping.  Once a month we typically make the trek out of town for groceries and general shopping. This requires a route that takes us over a couple of mountain passes. Really pretty country, but can get quite creepy at night.

My hubby and I have both had similar experiences on a particular mountain pass. Once we were together for one, but we’ve each experienced things separately as well. No matter what time of day, this mountain pass also just ‘feels’ weird to me as well.

One time I was driving home alone along this route. It was dark, and later at night. Suddenly, I saw a man wearing blue jeans and red jacket step out of the bushes and into my lane. I slammed on the brakes, but couldn’t stop in time. No one was there. I was a good 40-50 miles from the nearest town/house, so it wasn’t like someone was just out for a walk. My hubby has also claimed to see a human-like figure step out onto the road in the same mountain pass. Except his was more of a shadowy-type, and he couldn’t make out distinct clothing like I did.

Interestingly, I’ve had a co-worker share a weird story about the same area as well. He is a hunter, and got an elk tag in the area of the mountain pass. He likes to scout areas out beforehand, and puts up trail camera in the area. Well, he caught what he first thought was just some random person messing with his camera, until he realized that the figure was only in a single frame (his camera records a photo every 2 seconds once movement is sensed). Due to the wide angle of the lens, there’s no way the person could have stepped into the camera view for a single shot, and then stepped out without the camera recording that as well. The image shows a large man wearing some sort of hooded sweatshirt or jacket, with a skull-type face mask.

I’ve tried to research the history of this mountain pass, but haven’t come up with a lot. No massacres, no horrible history. It’s named after a local  Native American chief who was famous for raids throughout the southwest, but there’s no recorded instances of his band raiding this particular area, or o any settlements that would have even existed during his time in this spot.

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Well, my husband and I got a divorce (we have since remarried) and were sharing custody of our minor sons (we have a grown daughter who lives on her own). He had them a week at a time, then I had them a week. My house was built in 1948 and is a standard bungalow with some additions. At some point, owners enclosed the garage, turning it into my den, added a step down dining room and a master suite. From the dining room, there is a stair up into my kitchen.

My boys were 10 and 13. One night I was sitting in my den and out of the corner of my eye I saw a thin, blonde boy standing in the kitchen. My mind registered it as my 13 year old, but when I turned to talk to him, I realized he was at my husband’s. 

I chalked it up to stress. 

Then, I started hearing running in my front rooms at night. Not always, but often. At first I thought it was one of our cats, but it sounded like a child. One night, the cats were on the bed with me and I heard running. 


I got got up to look and found nothing. 

Another night I got up to use the bathroom and as I was sitting there a coin hit me on the shoulder. It was a quarter that had been on the windowsill that was on the wall closest to my OTHER shoulder. 

I saw this boy on and off many times. I was never afraid because he just seemed surrounded by peace. 

The weirdest spotting occyafter several nights of hearing running. It was about 5 am and I went to the bathroom. I felt someone watching me and I turned and saw a very pale boulder and arm. My cat, Elvis, even looked at him and reached up to paw him. I thought it was my youngest son needing the bathroom, so I washed my hands and walked out. No one was there and my son was dead asleep in another room wearing a shirt and the kid I saw was not wearing a shirt. 

Since my husband and I reconciled and he moved home, I haven’t seen the little boy ghost. 

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