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I have the Mirena and LOVEEE it! I would totally recommend it to anyone.

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I’m probably going to be one of the few bee’s to probably be against getting the Paragard. I had it, and I had a horrible experience with it to say the least. I had an ectopic preganancy while on it, and lost my right fallopian tube. You will experience heavier periods and worse cramps with the IUD.

I have however heard better things about the Mirena.




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I have Mirena and I really love it. It took some time to get used to and I had bad cramps for a few weeks, but sex drive was a huge reason I went on it and it made a huge difference. I used to have a really difficult time getting ramped up for sex if I wasn’t really into it before we started, and now I don’t have that trouble at all! I have had it for a year and a have absolutely no complaints.  

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I had a fairly good experience with the Paragard. If you want no hormones at all, that’s the way to go, because the Mirena does contain hormones (but at much lower levels than you get with the Pill, Patch, etc.).

The Paragard is great, although in rare cases–including mine– it can generate allergic reactions to metal, especially if you are sensitive to cheap earrings (I.E. have some allergy to nickel). The wire wrapped around the Paragard is copper-coated, which is what makes it so effective (99.8% or something like that) and the wire beneath the coating contains nickel. I eventually developed what I think is an allergy to the metals in the Paragard, as I (stupidly?) got that IUD despite the fact that I cannot wear cheap earrings, and wearing copper jewelry is very irritating to my skin. I had it for over 2 years before my issues started, and was happy with it until recently.

If you have little/no metal sensitivity, go for it! Also I’ve heard stories of people who ARE slightly metal sensitve and have one and are fine. For LOTS of great info on IUD options, insertion, experiences, etc., check out IUD_Divas on Livejournal. They’re great and so informative!

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@MackInChiCity:  Maybe you already were planning on it, but be sure that you wait until after the wedding to switch over. I’ve been on BCP for some of the same reasons, and my skin went INSANE after I went off. 

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I’m going to tag this post because I’ve been thinking of talking to my doctor about trying paraguard.  I’ve been on 10+ different types of BC pills and haven’t had much success on any of them, plus now I have breakouts on my chin.  The whole IUD thing kind of scares me, though.

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I have a Paragard IUD because I

1) wanted something cheap in the long run since I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take Darling Husband and I to find real jobs with insurance after graduation. So, I paid about $150 while I had my parents insurance before we got married.

2)Didn’t want to deal with what might happen involving more hormones in my body. I’ve heard of a lot of people who are on hormonal BC and love it, but I didn’t think it was for me.

I’ve never had a child before and didn’t have any problems with insertion. I was very crampy that day and the next (which allowed me to enjoy laying on the couch with the Weddingbee and enjoy the flowers at sorbet that (then) Fiance brough me. An all around good deal for me.

It’s only been a few months, but so far I love it. Neither of us feels the strings during sex at all (I left them a little long and let them curl up around my cervix), though I’ve heard of some poeple having that problem. At first my periods were much crampier, but that’s gone away now. They are still heavier, though every period they get a little lighter. And should you decide to go with a Paragard and have heavier periods, might I suggest a menstral cup. I had one before and just got a new one, that has a bigger capacity. I was a little worried about using them with my IUD but my obgyn didn’t have any concerns and I haven’t had any problems. Even if you don’t, they’re the best period product I’ve found and I love them!

I’ve heard some really good things about mirena, so that could be a good option for you. It just wasn’t right for me because I was afraid of haivng the hormones bother me and not feeling like I “could” get it out since I’d spent all that money already. With a pill you can just switch, but it’s more of a production with an IUD.

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I had the Paragard.  It worked ok for me. 

Insertion was very painful as I have not had any children.  I would bleed like a stuck pig…I mean like I would bleed through a tampon and pad during the night and mess up the sheets.  After two years with it in, I started to get random shooting pains at night that would wake me up.  Once I had it removed, the pains were gone.

I finally resorted to temping/charting and using condoms.  That worked very well for us.

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I love love love love my Mirena!!!!

I think the whole internet knows because I always reply to posts asking for advice on IUDs.  Facts;

  • I have never been pregnant
  • Insertion only hurt for a few seconds at a pain scale of 7/10
  • I don’t get my period ever
  • I’ve had it for 3 years
  • My insurance covered about 70% of it so it has been very cost-effective
  • My sex drive is awesome (probably because I’m in my dirty 30s, though)
  • Yes, he can feel the strings sometimes during sex but that’s never been a problem.

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I’m very happy with my Mirena, but I’d not recommend switching so close to the wedding. The “installation” itself can be painful, for some more than for others, and apparently is worse for women who have never had a baby than those who have had a baby.  For me, I spent about a day and a half curled up on the sofa in my jammies, and I’m generally a pretty tough girl.  I also had some light-to-moderate cramping on and off for maybe 5-6 months, nothing really awful but definitely more intense than my normal period cramps (but generally speaking, I rarely had intense cramps before, I’m just one of those lucky girls who never had a lot of period-related problems).  I had occasional spotting, especially around the time of the month when I’d formerly get my period.

I did not get any breakouts and did not gain any weight but I wouldn’t want to be dealing with the cramps and unpredictable spotting during the last few hectic weeks before my wedding nor during my honeymoon.

On the upside, I’ve had it for 4 years now and 100% definitely planning to replace it with a new one in about 6 months (the maximum is 5 years). I’m already dreading the “uninstall and reinstall”. I know it’s going to be unpleasant. But I am super happy with the level of protection it gives, and I love only having to do an occasional check to see if it’s still in place rather than having to remember to take a daily pill, and I honestly never see myself going back.

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I had the Mirena and highly recommend it- no period, no emotional ups and downs, and no change in weight. The only downfall for me was the painful insertion, but it was pretty quick which helped! My friend got one the same week I did and she didn’t really find it painful- so it may depend more on the person.

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@MackInChiCity:  I have mirena and really like it. I haven’t had a true period in quite a few months. Having it put in was no more painful that a regular pap for me.

Not sure what your situation is, but I am pretty sure you had to have already had a baby to use mirena.  

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@babeandbabe:  False. 

“While Mirena is generally not considered the method of first choice for young nulliparous women, it may be a suitable option for those nulliparous women who are not at risk of sexually transmitted infections.” –http://www.mirena.com/en/professional/counselling/nulliparous_women/index.php

If you are monogamous and or single and know how to care for yourself, you’re just fine.

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