(Closed) IUD – Birth Control. Has anyone used this? PLease Help with info…

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    I was very interested in getting the Paragard inserted. No hormones, worry free….but, called my OB/GYN and his secretary told me that in the whole practice (8 doctors) NONE of them will insert it in a woman who hasn’t had children yet. She said even the ones that advertise being reversible, can cause infertility since they are attached to your uterus. I was bummed, but would rather be cautious than jump the gun on something, and I 100000% trust my doctor. Good luck!

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    @clwkerric:  I was told by my Dr that it is only given to women who have already had children. It is not available for women who have not already had children. The PILL it is!

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    Paragard is an IUD that is made of copper and totally hormone free. I would never consider Mirena, I’ve heard sooooo many horror stories.

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    I have an appointment to have a non hormonal iud put in next week. I’ve spoken to at least a dozen women who have had it. Results vary, but I’ve never heard of anyone becoming infertile from it. The worst I’ve heard is it can cause infection.

    I have not had any children. For this reason my doctor referred me to a gynecologist to have the iud inserted (because I guess they can be difficult to insert if a woman has not had children) but never told me not to get one.

    I hope this helps..

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    I have one and am nuliparous (have not had any babies) – it’s great in terms of worry free, hormone free birth control. The downsides are more cramping and more spotting (versus a hormonal method, but this will vary depending on your own cycle). I don’t live in the US however and I’m told it’s much harder to convince a doctor to insert one over there if you have not given birth. I would also suggest finding a doctor who is experienced in IUD insertion in nuliparous women. I had mine inserted at family planning (planned parenthood in the US, I believe) and was specifically assigned a doctor who had experience doing insertions on nuliparious women. Insertion was painful but worth it, and at around NZ $28 for five years of birth control, I can’t think of better value!

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    I’ve never had one, but my friend got pregnant using a copper IUD (no hormones) and had to have it removed so she could carry the baby to term.  She already had two children….now she has three!

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    I’ve had both (I’ve never had a baby)… I would NEVER get another one.. The insertion was awful, the second time around they took me in for an inpatient procedure. I gained weight on the mirena, felt like I had period cramps the entire time. The paraguard gave me wretched cramps, and I read about stories about girls bleeding for months and losing their hair.. ugh. 

    Never again.. 

    But it’s not like that for everyone you need to decide what is best for you! 

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    I have the paragard and I would recommend it! It took some time to get used to, as it caused heavier cramping and bleeding for a while, but I’m pretty much back to where I was pre-paragard.

    It usually isn’t inserted into women who haven’t given birth because it’s more likely to be expelled. There are a lot of horror stories out there about it causing infertility, but that reputation comes from several decades ago when IUD’s did cause infertility not infrequently. They’re quite a bit different now, and my understanding is that the risk of it causing infertility is pretty negligible.

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    I worked at a Drs office and they did not recomend it unless you have already had kids, you can get infections and have complications that could possibly make you infertile.  (one of the reasons I stuck to the pill)   For most people it is a painful procedure and you can have discomfort for a while after.  We have had people come back to get it removed after a few week due to really bad cramping.  I also know 2 people who got pregnant with the IUD.  I would talk to your dr or obgyn, but personally I would not get it, I would stick to the pill for now.   

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    I have a mirena, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I heard all the stories about not being able to insert one since I haven’t had kids, but my Nurse Practioner had no issues doing it. 

    She said the reason they want you to have had kids is so your cervix has been dialated but it is not required. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty freaking painful when they inserted it, and I have had a colposcopy twice before. I would definitely recommend asking for some sedative beforehard and make sure they wait and be sure you are very very numb before they start. I also had bad cramps all that day and night.

    My periods are basically non existent. I have some light symptoms that I did before, emotion, hunger, fatigue. At this point I barely notice any discharge at all. 

    I also used nuva ring prior, and I thought this would be a good fit for me and my fiance. I got it right before my 25th birthday and won’t have to worry about anything until I am almost 30! Plus there is no ongoing cost obviously, which was important to me since I thought I would be without insurance for a period of time. 

    i know some people have bad cramping but i just wanted you to know I have had a fantastic experience!

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    I had Mirena inserted after I had my daughter and it fell out within three days :(. My doctor said I was the first person in her ten years that has happened to, though! So apparently I’m just odd. She thinks that I hadn’t healed completely from birth. I could have had it reinserted when I got my next period but I opted not to. I wouldn’t recommend it based on my experience. 

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