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@sheebsw: ugh, i can’t wait to get mine out either! i’m thinking about calling this week to make an appointment! good luck with yours!

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Has anyone heard anything about fertility problems after having Paraguard/other non-hormonal IUDs? That’s my biggest fear and sometimes I worry so much about it that I just want to get mine out right now.

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@KristenGotMarried: Yes, its the one that causes scarring…I know that *sounds* scary and painful, but all our patients who have gotten it have said insertion is no biggie, comparable to an IUD, and none are reporting pain afterward.

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Hi, I’m sure this is just my experience but I had a bad experience on Mirena. It was painful and messed with my cycle. I have not wanted to try another IUD since coming off that one as it was so stressful with Mirena. But I know it works great for some.

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@MsPanda: that’s crazy!  for the most part, Mirena is wildly successful- or else they wouldn’t have had it on the market for so long.

but you personally know 4 people who have been badly affected by it. I wonder if the same mixup happened to you guys that happened to 

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@janie-janie: I know three people who have had bad experiences with it, as well… I posted that earlier on.

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I have an IUD for a month now.  paragard, no complications.  Just make sure you follow up with your doctor and ask her any questions you have during the first month.  This way, if anything is amiss, they can fix it right away.

The insurance coverage for mine was bleak- BCBS doesn’t cover nonhormonal contraception, so I paid $750 out of pocket and $200 for the insertion.  So far, its worth it though, because I no longer have to take the pill $60 (name brand) and antidepressants ($60) every single month.

Did the insertion hurt? Yes.  It hurt.  I cursed.  It was over in a minute or less.  I didn’t faint or feel sick.  It actually hurt worse that night- think like the worst period cramps ever.  It hurt for about 2 weeks- I got it the week before my period and then had a really painful period.  This time around, the cramps are still bad.

ALl that said, it should normalize in 3-6 months.  Overall, best decision I ever made, and I’m not the first of my friends to do it.  I’ll take a little pain over increased risks of blood clots.

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I had the mirena for a year and hated it.  I never had children so the insertion was pretty bad and left me with some serious cramping.  I started to have more problems related to endometriosis (they think I was ovulating and that’s why I wasin so much pain).  Eventually my periods slowed/stopped but the hormones were messing with me (mood swings like crazy and I lost a bunch of hair!).  I wanted to love it because of the low amount of hormones but no such luck.  

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I have had Mirena for a little more than 2 years.  I have enodmetriosis and have been on just about every birth control in one for or another and nothing (even 2 surgeries) helped relieve the cramping.  I got to the point where everything was making me sick to my stomach and I couldn’t handle even the smallest dose of oral birth control.

I have a great GYN who suggested I try the Mirena and at first I was hesitant having something in my body all the time.  When we talked about it she explained that the hormones in the Mirena are in a very low dose and are sent to where they are needed.  I agreed to try for at least 4 months as she said the in the first 3 months the body adjusts to the hormones.  I experienced some spotting and acne during this time, along with the cramps I always have.  I wanted to rip the thing out the first week I had it, but I am so glad I stuck with it because now I have only very light spotting or no period and my cramps pain has gone down as well.


As for the insertion I can’t give much advice because I was lightly sedated.  I can barely get a pap smear because after years of cramping all my muccles down there had really tightned (plus I haven’t had a child) and my doctor knew that to get it placed properly it would be better for me not to be awake.  I had some discomfort (bad period cramps) after I woke up and for a few days afterwards.  This is on the extreme side, but I am a fairly unusual GYN case.


If you decide to go with an IUD use a doctor who is experienced with them to minimize complecations.  There are side effects of everything and no one reacts the same to a particular medication.  You have to looks at the pros and cons for you and decide what is best for you.  For me it was try the Mirena and hope because I had really tried everything else.


If you are nearvous about the insertion ask your doctor for valium or something to relax you and take some pain meds before.  I also got mine checked for the first few months vaginally by my doctor and she also checked once with an ultrasound to make sure it hadn’t moved.

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