IUD is ruining my sex life! (TMI) Experiences & suggestions welcome!

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Charliejeorge :  Oh my lord yes< this thing has done some damage to me. When the doc offered it to me, she even said it would help with my migraines and heavy periods. Its done the opposite. Then i was told to wait 6 months and my body would adjust, from 6 months i was told to wait a year. So here i am with it about to expire. I even had a physical done because ive had severe hot flashes, cold sweats for years now, which i am certain its the IUD causing it, as i am only 36. All the lab test came back super dandy, so i decided to just ride it off. Your body might adjust, as i said before, it effects us all different. I can vouch that it does do what its intended to do. I have no idea what i will try next, but i will need something. Wish you the best of luck.

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rez123 :  Ive been told that numerous times, as i was also told that i was only going to feel a pinch w the insertion. I am just so taumatize by it. I can deal with some pain, but that thing almost made me faint. Its inevitable, i will have to deal with it very soon, just not looking forward to it. My husband tells me the same thing, that i will feel relief and that my body will adjust back to normal. I never got acne from it, just a million other nasty side effects. So you are not on any BC now? How soon did you feel your body going back to normal?

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If you decide to go back on the pill, look into Seasonale. You only have a period 4 times a year. I have had issues with my drive with other pills, but not this one. 

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We also can’t get the condoms we need locally, so we just buy them in bulk when we get a chance, or online. I haven’t been on hormonal birth control for a number of years & and feel so much better. It wreaked havoc with my libido and my moods, and I couldn’t handle trying different types for months at a time to see if anything would eventually suit me.

My periods are slightly worse now, and condoms aren’t sexy but it’s a price I’m willing to pay & you do get used to it (the condoms, not the periods!). I’d recommend going off hormonal birth control for a few months & seeing how you feel.

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I’m sorry your sex life is going through changes.. I’ve been hormonally imbalanced and sensitive all my life so i know what you’re going through. I have been on birth control since i was 14 not because of sex but because of my shitty hormone imbalance. When I was on the pill I had similar side effects like the nausea. My body also would acted like it was prego. I switched from the pill to the nuva ring and that was amazing for a few years then i started getting really imbalanced again. I now have the Mirena and I’ve had that since 2015. My advice is don’t remove it, The pros out way the cons in my eyes. safer sex, less pms, less hormonal imbalance, less blood. About the vagina wetness…. women don’t usually talk about this. But I’ve done my fair share of research and its perfectly normal. It might be because of stress, hormones, diet, cycle, age, time ect. This is really nothing to worry about, everybody is different.. Many birth control I have been on have messed with the lubrication process but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel great when i do have sex. Explain to your SO that it’s just something that happens to some. Buy some good lube (i recommend wet platinum), eat some aphrodisiacs more often (bananas and chocolate are my personal fave lol) and don’t be afraid of foreplay. If you don’t have a vibrator i recommend one of those too. Personal pleasure is important, it’s important to have fun with sex and have fun with yourself too. Sex without foreplay I feel like can be difficult for most women. lol Make sex a game and less of a chore. try to change things up, make things fun and talk openly about exploration, this is very important. I feel the same way about wanting to cuddle instead of sex sometimes and when that happens i either cuddle and kiss and he goes and masturbates or I cuddle, kiss and turn myself on and go to town. I would say just try even if your not feeling it and if you aren’t feeling great finish him some other way or ask him if he can finish. Some men can feel easily disappointed about wetness, and when they want to have it but you don’t give it. If you don’t want it, he shouldn’t force you, he shouldn’t make you feel bad about it. He should be understanding. Sex wont always be great, it wont always be perfect, it won’t always be easy, but it’s beautiful and bonding. I feel sex is really important in a relationships, I feel personally like sex is effort. Love is effort. Bringing pleasure to each other is important. I hope your sex life gets better, stop stressing so much. You’re going to be fine. I hope my advice helps. Sending my regards. <3

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I have the Mirena. I got it put in around October(?) & my sex drive plummeted at first, too. Then came on the acne. Then the fatigue. My periods have only just started to be lighter, but they’re still coming on every month. My boobs are a swollen from time to time, but not consistently. Sex has become much more desirable lately and the wetness issue has subsided. I think it’s all in time.. I’d be leery of the arm impant because of how common it wanders. 😐 Although all BC have terrifying symptoms. I just like knowing my thing is locked in place, so to speak. Lol

I’m sorry you’re going through all that, though. I just had to concentrate really hard while my libido was so down. We use lube here and there, but I just bought a new kind and made it a fun thing – trying new ones out. 

Good luck. <3

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Have you considered trying a non-hormonal form of contraception?

I had tried most types of hormonal contraception available, and none of them agreed with me. The pill really messed up my moods. All progesterone-based contraceptions (the implant, the depo injection, the nuva ring etc.) messed up my periods, often causing severely prolonged bleeding (my record is 20 months with the implant!), and killed my sex drive.

After experiencing significant side effects with every hormonal contraception I’d tried, I decided to come off them for the first time in my adult life. I still had issues afterwards, so I saw my GP who referred me to an endocrinologist. My endocrinologist told me that the hormones had caused polycystic ovarian syndrome (which is known as pill-induced PCOS).

While not every non-hormonal method is perfect perfect, I have experienced the benefit of not having my natural hormonal cycle messed with, and my body has started to balace itself out. 

I currently have a copper coil, which does cause me some pain during sex (though that likely wouldn’t be an issue for someone who has had an IUD/IUS previously and found it comfortable). When it is time for it to be removed, I plan on switching to a diaphragm or cervical cap, paired with the fertility awareness method. 

For me, the disruption to my hormones caused far more harm than good, so the slight inconvenience of non-hormonal methods is preferable.

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