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Definitely take the 800 beforehand! It could have been worse, but it definitely wasn’t licked in by kittens! lol. I just kept telling myself that if I couldn’t make it through that, then I REALLY wasn’t prepared for labor. lol. I had A LOT of cramps for about a week. Like.. Had to keep taking the advil at a fairly high dose on schedule or I was in a lot of pain.


I will say that it was pretty much worth it. Mirena was one of the better BCs I’ve been on (although I do prefer charting to TTA). The first week was just pretty rough, and then I had pretty severe cramps randomly once a week for about six weeks.  


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Everyone I know had a great experience with their Mirena IUD. I’m the only person who had a terrible time with mine.


Insertion wasn’t bad at all & I didn’t even take ibuprofin beforehand. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing excrutiating. I had light bleeding for a few months but no one else I knew had this problem. After that my periods were much lighter than before I had the IUD once my cycle was back to normal. Everyone else I know who had an IUD were lucky enough not to have a period at all!


After awhile I started having terrible cramping and then the most excrutiating pain after intercourse to the point where I was ready to take it out. However, I wanted to see if I could stick it out as long as I could as it was expensive to get in the first place. Then I developed ovarian cysts (a problem I’d never, ever had before) which only added to the pain.


After I’d had my IUD for a total of almost 4 years I started having really heavy periods again so I knew something was up. Then one day the IUD fell out in the toilet. My gynechologist was shocked & said it was impossible but I guess it isn’t. I will say though that I’d never been so relieved after I didn’t have it anymore. Everything went back to normal & I felt so much better. I think my experience is certainly not the norm & I personally think my body just didn’t take to well to a foreign object & rejected it. 


I don’t mean to scare you. It could just be me but I thought you should hear all types of experiences. Everyone else I know loved theirs & have had their 2nd one put in.


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@Pepperwoodsy:  I got mine inserted a little over a month ago.  I’d like to think I have high pain tolerance.  My gyno kept telling me if I could get my ladybits pierced I could handle insertion.  The piercing was way less painful.  I took advil beforehand but it didn’t dull that pain one bit.  It was like a hook was pulling at my belly button from the inside for about a minute.  And then it was over.  I had turned that exam table deli paper into ass paper mache from the pain sweats and had to scrape it off my behind.  I was really out of it with intense cramping after I left and wouldn’t have been able to drive home.  I couldn’t even stomach standing on the subway and almost had a breakdown when I couldn’t find a taxi. I took the bus and probably looked like I was detoxing (pale and sweating).  2 hours later with a heating pad I was feeling much improved and was in work the next day with what felt like bad period cramps.  I had constant spotting for a month and some noticable cramps prior to my first period last week.  Honestly, so far it has been totally worth it for what should be 5 years of worry free sex.

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Honestly, I was fine right after insertion (which hurt like hell, btw). I had a physical for my life insurance right after insertion and drove home and I was fine that night. But, the next day I had terrible cramps. The heating pad was my best friend for 2 weeks.

See if your dr will hook you up with some local anesthesia (sp?) I think that might have helped the insertion for me. My dr. said I had a difficult cervix so I’m not sure if that makes a difference.


I’m so happy I got the Mirena. I haven’t had a period since and my ovulatory migraines have gotten a lot better. Instead of having roughly 7 migraine days per month with background headaches daily – I’m down to maybe 2 migraine days per month. Such an improvement. My hormones were all kind of crazy with no birth control.


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I’m so jealous of the ladies who had 30 sec – 1 minute insertions. I swear it took my dr. around 5-7 minutes to put mine in. My cervix was difficult so I think it took longer than average. 

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I’ve had my Mirena just shy of a year.  I have PCOS so I’ve always had horrible cramps, irregular cycles, but due to some complications with BC pills can’t be on anything with higher levels of estrogen.  I am a complete wimp when it comes to pain and have never had a child.  The 12 hour midol has always been the only OTC thing to touch my horrible menstrual cramps so my OBGYN suggested I take that instead.   I actually did not find the insertion painful, just uncomfortable for a minute.  I chatted to my OBGYN the entire time which I think actually helped.  My OBGYN stayed with me for almost 20 min post insertion even though I felt fine.  While checking out I started getting really hot and dizzy, but after sitting a while I was still able to drive myself home.  I was crampy and laid on the couch in sweats all day but was able to go to work the following day.  My periods were pretty much non existent until last month when I got some light flow.  I love the Mirena!  Good luck!

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@Pepperwoodsy:  Things will very likely be fine! I have had the Mirena inserted twice. I had the first one for 5 years and then last January had my second one inserted (because it was time to change it).

I am not going to lie to you, the insertion process was pretty painful. As in a sharp 7/8 (out of 10) on the pain scale for about 2 minutes. But…after than, only mild cramping for me and then no issues afterward. I am ok with tolerating the short amount of pain for the piece of mind for 5 years. 

Be sure to take a pain killer after though, it will help minimize pain from possible cramping!

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Practice some relaxation techniques. There is discomfort, but you can certainly handle it. For me, the ‘sounding’ (determining cervical depth) was always more uncomfortable than insertion itself.

IUCDs (copper, not hormonal) have been the only birth control I’ve ever used, starting at 21 (when I got my act together!). I’ve had four insertions, because I’ve lived in several countries where a ten year version is not available. So at 33 I’m on number four – finally a 10 year. Hoping this one takes me into menopause!

My trick was breathing (seriously), joking with staff, not clinching, and telling myself it would be a piece of cake. And I’d definitely do the pre and post over-the-counter medicating.

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I’ve had Mirena for 2.5 years now and love it. I’ve never been pregnant before so the insertion was painful. I had cold chill and hot flashes the rest of the day and I was bloated for a few days. I also spotted for exactly a month. After all that, it’s been a smooth ride so far. I’ll probably get the three year IUD once I’m done with this cycle. I highly recommend it.

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@pepperwoodsy, thanks for starting this thread! I’ve been debating an IUD for the past year or so, and reading the PPs responses has been super helpful. I had made an appointment for last month, but for the first time in my life, my period came 5 says early and I had to cancel. I’m going to call again this week to reschedule. 



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I didn’t read through all the other posts, so I’m sorry if this is a repeat!

I had a very traumatic insertion of the Mirena (the dr. could not get it in and had to try around 10-15 times to get it in, which is rare) but after it was finally in, I was fine within 20mins. I was worried I’d need to take time off work and school, but even after the horrible insertion I was A-OK!

I had mine for almost two years and had to have it removed because it got stuck in my cervix, yadda yadda. But it was great while it lasted, I loved not having to take the pill.


Good luck 🙂

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