IUD placement when you HAVEN'T had children?

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Hello!  I just got an IUD in June no kids no pregnancies!  I love it!

The doctor gave me a pill to soften the cervix the night before.  The insertion was burning and stinging but didn’t really hurt except for the last little bit.  I had cramping for a little afterward but not much.  I have the Mirena so I don’t have any periods anymore.

Oh and visit IUD Divas on Livejournal.  There are a million stories on there.

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Got an IUD in December 2011 and I LOVE it. No pregnancies and no kids. I’m also allergic to latex, so I know the feeling of not being able to find them. A LOT of the manufacturers don’t make them anymore.

Like PP, I have Mirena. I’ve gotten my period once in the last year. They tell you to take advil or something of the like 30 minutes before your procedure. The insertion was a little bit painful and then I had cramps afterwards. I just took more advil/ibuprofen and I was fine. It was seriously the best decision I’ve made regarding birth control.

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I had Mirena in for about 4 months, that is all I could take, horrible side effects…but you didn’t ask about that lol! (However if you want to know PM me)

Insertion hurt like a motherf*cker, I cried and the lovely nurse held my hand because I was in so much pain, like you my cervix has never been opened for a child so it hurt a lot. It was pressure and like someone was stabbing my vagina. I wasn’t offered a muscle relaxant before, however I gladly would have taken one or some morphine, I took 3 advil and it did nothing for the pain. I had mild cramping after for about a day and some spotting, nothing major. I didn’t get periods after the insertion.

Maybe I’m just a puss but that was my horrible experience.


@MissAsB You are SO lucky you got the pill to soften your cervix, I wonder if it would have made it easier for me!

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@MissCalifornia:  I have a Mirena and haven’t had kids. One of my best friends has a copper IUD has not had kids. The insertion process is painful, but they’ll give you something to take before hand that will dilate your cervix and make the process a bit easier. And they will probably suggest taking ibuprofen beforehand to help as well. But you should expect it to hurt and also bring a friend or your SO with you. It’s nice to have someone’s hand to squeeze adn someone to drive you home. I had a lot of cramping that day and couldn’t really do much else for the rest of the day.


All that said, it is well worth the pain. I’ve had my Mirena for 3 1/2 years and haven’t had a single worry since!

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I have had no kids and I have had an IUD for 2 years — absolutely LOVE it. I have Mirena as well, and had the same experience (except didn’t have the pill to soften the cervix) as @MissAsB: !!! LOVE IT!

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I have the Mirena IUD (not sure if this is the copper one) and I’ve never been pregnant. I LOVE IT! I reccommend it to anyone who’ll listen to me.  

I thought the pain would be really terrible but it wasn’t that bad.  I didn’t take the cervix opening pill and I didn’t take a muscle relaxant.  I was given a couple ibuprofens from the doc but that’s it.

Apparently I have a high tolerance for pain or my cervix is large or something because it didn’t seem that bad.  Even the doctor said, “Wow, you’re handling this really well.”  The most painful part was when they aligned my cervix (apparently it was tilted).

The pain during the procedure and after was similar to menstrual cramps.  The bleeding wasn’t very intense, it was like a mild period for me.  I had off and on cramps for about a week but nothing too serious.

And since then, I haven’t had a period at all! IMO, any amount of pain is worth it to not have periods!

Hope this helps!

EDIT: I didn’t have a friend with me and I was fine during the procedure and after, driving home, etc

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It hurt!  I had a Mirena for a little over 5 years and I loved it.  Insertion was not fun, but I made it.  I went alone and even stopped at Target on my way home (haha), but I would def have someone drive me if I did it again.  I even went in to work that night (2nd shift), but that may have been a mistake, too.  All I did was sit there and bitch about how much it hurt.  The hot pads that stick to you were pretty awesome for that.

Anyway – it’s like really bad stabby cramps.  Then they stick around for a couple days.  But after that it was all good.  (I’ve never been pregnant)  I didn’t have any drugs other than a few ibuprofen.

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i have the mirena and have never had kids. i’m going to be totally honest with you and i hope it doesn’t freak you out- it hurt like hell. i took vicadin before the appt and it still hurt. i was in severe pain for more than a day. i had it done on a friday so i had the weekend to rest before having to go back to work otherwise i would’ve had to take a day off from work. by monday, i was fine and i’m really glad i got it put in. it was worth the pain. i would highly recommend an IUD to anyone even though the insertion is awful.

i’ve had mine for almost 3 years and am getting it out in a week and a half so we can TTC this spring. i really hope getting it out doesn’t hurt as much as insertion!

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@Bazinga:  you’re not a puss! my experience was very similar and i took vicadin before the appt.

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Your cervix does open up a bit every month, mid month to be exact, for letting in those little sperms 🙂    But i understand what you are saying, not like it does when having kids….

I had 2 kids, and your cervix does go back to it’s shape. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had kids or not, that thing still closes up tight as can be and gets back to normal.  I had Mirena in for almost a year. I had every side effect possible with that thing. I had to get it removed. It caused too many problems.

Copper might be lesser risk for anyone. Don’t go with Mirena. I researched Mirena when I started getting horrible symptoms and side effects. I scheduled to have it removed, then got my tubes tied instead because i knew I was done having children.  

Anyway, insertion hurt, but the only part that hurt was the doctor finding the cervix and opening it to insert the device to insert the IUD. Removal was  nothing. It was like pulling out a tampon – easier than a tampon actually. I didn’t feel a thing. 

Hope that helps.


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@jmaze:  i’m glad to hear getting it out didn’t hurt. thank you for sharing that!

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