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@MeghanFly:  I am not a doctor and will not offer medical advice, however, here are my thoughts:

I think it is a good first step that you are searching for a new gyno, I hope you find a good one. I cannot speak to your personal situation, but I think that talking with a good, knowledgable gyno will give you an informed perspective and allow you to make a confident decision. 

I, personally, have been on Mirena for about 7 years now and LOVE IT.

I am 25, have never had children, have only been married for 5 months (in committed relationship for 10 1/2 years) and I have not had any major issues with it. The insertion process both times (had it replaced at 5 years) was really painful for about 30 seconds, and there was some mild cramping, but otherwise no issues. No weight gain, light periods and occasional cramps (like 2-3 times a year). 

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I got the Mirena about 4 months ago and I really like it!  I have pretty much stopped having periods altogether now- I get like 1 day of spotting and that’s it! It hurt HORRENDOUSLY to have put in, and I was sore for the rest of the day, but after that I had no problems. I’m 22 with no kids and my gyno actually reccommended that I go with the IUD because I was having irregular periods and spotting while I was on the highest dosage of pills they could give me. I gained about 8 pounds within 3 weeks of starting it, though! Increased hormones will do that, I guess. 

I feel so much more secure knowing that I personally can’t do anything to screw up my birth control- I had a hard time taking my pill at exactly the same time each day due to my schedule, and we always doubled up using condoms. TMI- I had actually NEVER had sex without a condom until I got the IUD because I just felt like there were too many scenarios where the pill wouldn’t work!

I can’t say how much it costs because my husband is military, so it was covered for free at the Naval hospital on base. A lot of insurance will cover at least part of it, though!

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@MeghanFly:  I would never go for a copper IUD, reason being that I suffered from crippling period pain that I had to rely on prescription painkillers for, and the copper IUD can make your periods worse. Could not take that chance! If you’re already anaemic then it possibly wouldn’t be suitable.

I’ve had Mirena for almost 5 years – getting it replaced in a couple of weeks. It has been great. I haven’t had a period for all that time (very light spotting maybe once every 2 years!). I am in the same situation as you – I’ve never been pregnant, and this was at a time when not a lot of child free women were getting them, but I was out of options. My gyn had suggested it previously and I hated the idea, but warmed to it and thought ‘why not?’.

I’d definitely see a new gyn. IUD’s in child free women are pretty common these days, and there will be a gyn out there willing to discuss it with you. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re married or not married as to what form of birth control you’re ‘allowed’ to have!


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@MeghanFly:  Well, technically with insertion it should have cost $1,000 each time. But the first time I was on my dad’s (military) insurance so it was free and last time my insurance covered it because of recent obamacare changes, so it was free again. I would suggest calling your insurance to see what your benefits might cover.


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DISCLAIMIG HERE: Not a doctor. But I have some experience with Paragard, so I’m going to share.

Hormones and I are not friends. I, too, have been on a myriad of various hormones, most recently seasonique (I was getting no period for 6 weeks and then bleeding for the other 6, no fun at all!) and I am going in, actually this coming Thursday, to consult my doctor about the Paragard. I, too, also had strangely irregular periods since I was about 11 and have never been “normal.” 

I had the Paragard once before, and I kept getting yeast infections. Be forewarned that the copper has been known to change the Ph level down there, and it makes you more susceptible to infections. Since you say that you are someone who is frequently on antibiotics, that already causes you to have a highly increased risk of yeast infections. To counter this, I highly recommend that you take a good, well-rounded probiotic!!! Do some research yourself on acidophilus and yeast infections. I currently take Femdophilus and Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support (Femdophilus has two different cultures that the Ultimate Flora does not, so I take them as a broad spectrum thing). 

Because of the infections and the fact that I had never had them so badly before, I thought the Paragard was the reason I was getting them, so I had it taken out. That was about 3 years ago, and I was put on hormonal bc (first Nuva Ring, then Junele, then Seasonique) and I continued to get the infections, along with some brand new bacterial vaginosis, which I had also never suffered from before (turns out hormonal BC gives you a just as high if not slightly higher risk of YI and BV than the IUD). In addition to those, I started having very serious mood swings and starting horrible fights between myself and Darling Husband and just being an overall horrible person. And crying uncontrolably, etc. You know, hormone crap.

TL;DR is this: The IUD was not the cause of my infections, rather it was an exacerbation of an existing problem. So, I was wrong, and the IUD was fine…Darling Husband and I don’t want kids for a while, so we’re revisiting the idea. I was very happy with it while I did have it, and I regret having it taken out instead of keeping it in and researching the problem…But I didn’t know at the time, so.

I will warn you, however. I can honestly say that getting the IUD in is the most painful experience I have ever been through. I hate saying that to you, and I don’t want to scare you off, but since you have never had children (and neither have I), they have to manually open your cervix to get it into your IUD and it is SO PAINFUL!!!! From what my Darling Husband tells me, they were supposed to have given me a local anasthetic, and they didn’t. So that was exciting. I cried the whole way home in the car after I got it in, and it hurt to walk. It was awful. It may have just been my doctor, though.

I will also warn you that your body may not (everyone’s body is different, so this is just my experience, you may not have this problem) like the IUD and might react. My body was very, “WTF IS THIS FOREIGN OBJECT?!?! GET IT OUT!” and I had crippling cramps for several days after insertion. But then my body realized it wasn’t going to go away, and chilled the hell out. I had one period on it, and it was just about as awful as my normal periods had been, so. Maybe a little heavier, but that’s what they make tampons for. 🙂 I know some people report heavier periods with the Paragard, but I never had that problem.

A friend of mine got a Mirena at the same time as I got the Paragard, and she had problems with her hair starting to come out, really heavy periods, constant infections, etc…. I see above me there are people who were opposite and feel great after the Mirena and awful after Paragard, so. I really do think it depends on your body. 

You’re doing the right thing, and I hope that once you get a good gyno (it’s absurd that yours didn’t want to put it in even though you haven’t had kids, mine did and my new gyno – I moved, so I found someone closer – is also totally okay with the idea. They’re very “your body, your choice) you will be able to figure out what’s best for you. Also, make sure to double check with your insurance. My first one was covered 100% because it’s “women’s health” and my second one is also going to be covered at 100% because of “family planning,” but we have to buy it first and give it to them (????), so that’s…gonna be weird. Check how it works under your insurance and what your coverage is, they’re fairly expensive.

I wish you luck!! 😀

ETA: Sorry it’s so long! =X I didn’t mean to write a novel!

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Yeah, I’d say to find a gyno stat! My gyno has an IUD and recommended it to me when I was childless and unmarried (but monogamous). That “only for women with children” rule is outdated and total BS. I have the Paraguard and love it. 

Hurts like a bitch going in, but it’s so worth it. I broke my collarbone when I was 17 and that was WAY worse, so it’s not the most painful thing imaginable or anything. Take at least 4 ibuprofen ahead of time!

I used to have really irregular periods (like every 40-70 days) when I wasn’t on BC, but they’re pretty regular now (30-35 days) even though I have the non-hormonal IUD. I dont know if that’s a matter of being older, not underweight anymore, years of BC “stabilizing” me, or what. In your case, you might consider the Mirena. It has a tiny bit of hormones, but it’s effective for period regulation because it’s right in the uterus.

Re: cost, I got mine on a grant for low-income women when I was a grad student so it was free (!!) but they usually cost $800-1000 including insertion. Do you have health insurance? With the new Obamacare rules, the vast majority of it should be covered. 

They are as effective as sterilization, so you wouldnt need any kind of backup birth control.

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