IUD removal and TTC within same day?

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I know a girl who got hers out in Jan and conceived in Feb. I don’t know much about IUDs but I’m fairly certain, as long as your doctor gives you the thumbs  up, you can TTC immediately 

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Depends on the type of IUD  if you have merina excuse my spelling it is hormonal and can take a bit for your hormones on track if you have the traditional copper you could essentially start right away!

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coffeelvr45 :  i don’t think I’d even want to have sex the same day. Both on insertion and removal i spent the rest of the day in bed with pretty major cramps. 

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um, do you think you’ll be ovulating that day?

cus if not, you can have alllllll the sex you want and you won’t concieve a thing that particular day…

But yeah, if you ovulate that day you have a shot.. I didn’t find removal that uncomfortable at all if I remember right.  Certainly nothing like insertion.

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coffeelvr45 :  my friend got her mirena out and was pregnant a couple weeks later so it IS possible, but don’t be upset if it doesn’t happen either. 

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Technically you’re able to convince right away. But some doctors and women that have had IUDs suggest waiting at least one cycle so that your uterine wall lining can have time to rebuild. 

Also, I am right there with you!! Got my appointment for removal in two weeks!

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LilliV :  your friends the exception most of us are the rule 😉

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IIt took my sister almost 6 months to ovulate the last time she had her iud out.  She did have one once before and it only took 2 months for her to get pregnant that time.  It doesn’t appear to be particularly predictable when you’ll ovulate after an iud. 

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I agree it is possible to conceive right away but I would recommend waiting at least one cycle to allow the uterine lining to build back up to decrease the chance of a miscarraige if you did conceive.

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Mirena is a localized hormone, so it’s not “in your system ” like with BCP. While a small amount may enter your bloodstream, it’s not the same amount as with BCP, so shouldn’t take long for your body to regulate at all. That means that if you were to ovulate right away (i did within a week), it’s definitely possible to catch that egg and get pregnant. 

I had mine out mid-November, and was pregnant mid-January.

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coffeelvr45 :  it really depends on what kind of IUD you have. If you have the Mirena, you might need time for your cycle to regulate. 

I had my Paraguard IUD out on Jan 2, ovulated on ~Jan 17, and found out I was pregnant on Jan 29. We are in our mid 30s / mid 40s, so that was surprising and exiting. So yep getting pregnant the first cycle definitely happens. 

As for preparing your body for TTC, you should take prenatal for several months in advance. Besides that, just eating well, exercising, not smoking, not binge-drinking, and not drinking 3-4+ cups of coffee or caffeinated beverages a day can all improve your fertility. Not smoking is the most important one. 

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I was told by my doctor for both IUDs I’ve had (paragard/copper non hormonal and kyleena/hormonal) that you can TTC immediately after removal and have the possibility to concieve immediately. 

All experiences are different so it could be quick or it could take some time which could be independent to iud history. I’ve known enough that got pregnant right after, a few months after, and a few years after to where I wouldn’t try to correlate it.

If you’re prepping to start TTC, I would schedule an appointment with your doctor whom knows your history so they can give you the best advice on changes or preparations. Like PP said, diet/starting prenatals (folic acid being highly important) early may be good to examine with your doctor.

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The removal of my first mirena was awful, so I took the day off work to prepare for the agony this time around. It was totally fine this time around, to the point where sex was on the table the same night. My doctor said that removal can be easier as you get older.

She also said that while you can definitely conceive right away, it’s best to wait one cycle for your uterine lining to be in top shape. 

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I had a Mirena, got it removed on June 26th, ovulated July 15th and had a BFP on July 27th. Never had a period while the iud was in there, never got a period between removal and conception. 

Second time around it took us several cycles to get pregnant so it’s definitely possible but not guaranteed. The Mirena liberates hormones mostly locally so it doesn’t take long for your own hormones to regulate. 

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