(Closed) IUD, tubes tied, or vasectomy?

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Honey Beekeeper
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If you both aren’t 100% sure you are done, I’d go back on some form of birth control (pill, IUD, Nuvaring, etc).

But once Darling Husband and I are 100% sure we are done having kids, Darling Husband will be getting a vasectomy.  Tubal litigation is a longer, more complicated surgery with more risks of complications than a vasectomy (which is typically an out-patient procedure).  It is also way cheaper to get a vasectomy.

Plus – I’ll have been the one who’ll taken BC for years and gone through pregnancies, labor and child-birth.  He can handle one simple procedure.  🙂

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Busy bee
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Go with t.he IUD until yOu know for sure. Both of the other alternatives are too hard to reverse. 

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Buzzing bee
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A woman getting her tubes tied is a big surgey. I vote vasectomy because there is less risk, but it’s more affective than IUD. However, I say if you’re not 100% about not wanting anymore kids then maybe an IUD is the way to go, at least for now. The only option that’s a big no to me is getting my tubes tied! My SO already knows that it isn’t an option for me.

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Bumble bee
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IUD.  You’re not sure if you’re done having kids.  Once you’re 100% committed I would go for the vasectomy.

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Helper bee
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Once set on not having more children, I highly suggest Essure.  Wire corkscrews are implanted in your tubes and scar tissue builds up, thus blocking the tubes.  After about 3-4 months, a scan is done to ensure that the tubes are indeed completely blocked.  I had it done 3 years ago, was 90% painless, just discomfort, no anesthesia was needed, just sedation and all done.  Not a problem at all since.

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Honey bee
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Agree. If you are not 100% sure get the IUD. When we are ready my husband said he will get a vasectomy.

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Busy bee

@figgnewton:  I have an IUD (Mirena) and it is the only form of birth control SO and I have used for the last 4 years. It’s magic! No pregnancy scares, and no periods for me!

I don’t like the idea of tubal ligation or vasectomies either – and also, they aren’t 100% either.

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Blushing bee
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I had a Paragard copper IUD for 3 years (had it removed when I was diagnosed with POF) and loved it. If you aren’t 100% I’d go with an IUD.

I just had the Essure sterilization procedure done on Monday even though I’m infertile and the chances of me ovulating and becoming pregnant are very rare, it can happen and I’m a fragile X syndrome “carrier” (I have a premutation) and I was just diagnosed with hemochromatosis which is genetic so I don’t want any chance of pregnancy. Husband had a vasectomy a while ago and he had his follow up this last week and is all clear… figuratively and literally, lol. We have a different situation than most, though, and the decision was easy once my health problems and genetics were on paper staring back. Getting the Essure procedure done at 26 with no kids wasn’t hard. It was just like asking for the pill, no problem.

I used to want kids, now I’m really content and happy with the fact that even though it wasn’t brought on by choice, we’re childfree and now I would consider myself childfree by choice – if I were able to have kids suddenly, I wouldn’t want them.

And you don’t have to have a tubal ligation operation to have permanent sterilization done. 🙂 Look into Essure when you and your husband decide on no more kids. It’s nonsurgical so the risks of general anesthesia and all of that are off the list from the start. And for vasectomies, there are a couple of different methods, there’s a no-scalpel method and the traditional. No-scalpel involves a small hole to do the work through.

One last thing I just have a couple cents to throw in on. Don’t let family pressure you into more kids if you and your husband as a couple feel your family is complete. Unless your family is going to be there 24/7 as well to care for them, pay for them, and rear them, shush them up. My grandma is a giant pressure cooker for kids, she won’t even get off me and she knows about my infertility and genetic disorders. Two of my aunts seem to have let the guilt get them because one has 7 kids (could have 8 now, crap, every time I hear about them I hear about another baby she had) and another has 6. Not saying THAT will happen to you, but sometimes family doesn’t stop pressuring so you have to just say no more.

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Busy bee
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Vasectomy is a much safer and less invasive option than getting your tubes tied. Any surgery that goes into your abdomen carries way more risks than the quick snip that guys can have. If he’s on the fence I’d suggest having him read a bit of comparison between the procedures.

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Busy bee

Don’t let your family pressure you into having more kids.

Don’t do a vasectomy or tubal unti you’ve made the right decision. 

I’ve had a tubal done in August. My xDH had a Vasectomy done a few months after my son was born (he’s 6 years old now).  but the only concern my OB/GYN had with me getting the Tubal done was making sure that was the right decsion. Making sure that I was SURE i didn’t want any more kids. He said a lot of women get depressed afterwards because they regret having it done.  

For me, I have 2 kids – Fiance and I DO NOT want any more.  My life is complete with the 2 I have and FI’s is complete with the 1 he has.  We enjoy our time togehter alone when my kids are with their dad.   

I would suggest a form of other birth control until you decide the best decision that is right for you and your husband.  Tubals are harmless procedures.  Mine was an outpatient surgery. I have a small cut in my belly button that you can’t even see, and one at my pubic hair line, that is so tiny, I can barely see.  

Men getting the vasectomy is also a quick easy, in office procedure.  They are awake, this doesn’t require an outpatient surgery.  Let’s face it,  They are men, it deals with thier balls, so they don’t want to get it done.  But from my experience with my xDH, he was just sore for about 2-3 days with a bag of frozen peas on his nuts.  Some men are just babies when it comes to their balls.  LOL  

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Bee Keeper
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Since you aren’t sure, IUD 100%

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Bumble bee
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Unless you’re completely sure you don’t want any more kids, I wouldn’t go with something permanent.  I was faced with the same thing in my 30’s (as a divorced mom).  I wasn’t sure about having any more kids (I have one), but I also was uncomfortable with NOT having that option.  I went with a non-hormonal IUD.  It worked great.  I had it in for 10 years, and have since had another inserted.  Best of both worlds, IMO.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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IUDs are awesome except for a very small percentage of people.  I’ve had mine for 3 years and love it!  Definitely do that if you’re not sure you’re done having kids.

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