(Closed) IUD vs Arm implant birth control?

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And it was also 100% covered by my insurance!

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@BlondieBee28:  I dont have either but i’m an ER RN and cant tell you how many times ive had girls come in with problems with their IUD, yeeech.. looks so uncomfortable when we gotta take it out. Ive heard better things from the arm implant.

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@madtownbee: Yep!


I’ve had both: the Implanon made me a crazy bloated biatch. It was ok at first but after a bit over a year it was like constant PMS. The hormones didn’t agree with me

I have the IUD in and it’s amazing. Don’t notice it at all, no noticeable side effects. It really does hurt after it gets put in, it’s like having really bad cramps and heavy flow for the first couple of days after. But I definitely would get it again if I didn’t want kids when it’s time to get it out

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I’ve had the implant for 9 years (I just got my fourth one put in). Works wonders, no side effects, and I never even think about it.


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@BlondieBee28: I had the copper T. I loved not having any hormones running through my body. I had heavier periods and cramps for the first year but this got better as time went on.

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@BlondieBee28:  There’s not really a scar from insertion. All I have is a really small mark on the inside of my upper arm that I can barely see when I get really close to the mirror and specifically look for it. it’s really not in a place that anyone would be able see it. I’ve never heard of a non hormonal birth control implant so I don’t know anything about that. the implant I have is called Nexplanon. it’s the newest version of the Implanon implant, the only difference is that Nexplanon can be seen on an Xray, so in the rare event that the implant migrates they can easily find and remove it. My doctor told me that the hormones in the implant are very similar to the mini pill. So if you’ve had issues with hormonal birth control, you might want to try out the mini pill first to make sure you don’t have a negative reaction. I was on regular birth control pills for several years without problems and I had no issues due to the implant.




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I’ve had my copper IUD (Paragard) since September and I love it!  I’ve never had kids, and insertion wasn’t that bad, although I did forget to take pain meds before I went to bed after I had it installed and I had terrible cramps.  My period is heavier and I do get cramps now, but I love not being on any hormones!  I would definitely recommend it.  All I had to pay was my Gyno’s co-pay when I had it inserted!

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Hi, so I’ve never had the arm implant but I just switched from 5 years on the pill to a copper IUD. Ive never had kids and I heard a lot of scary stories about insertion pain, periods after etc but honestly the insertion was maybe a 4/10 for pain at the most painful part for me. I easily breathed through it. My periods after the iud have been heavier than when I was on the pill but no more than my usual periods off the pill. I actually have had less cramping since the iud insertion. (although your mileage might vary). 




My iud is copper so it’s good for 10 years and is non-hormonal, whih I love. While it doesn’t go this swimmingly for all women I am still very pleased. If you’re interested in learning more about iuds that livejournal community http://iud-divas.livejournal.com was so helpful to me!




Good luck choosing. πŸ™‚


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Another IUD user here. I have Mirena. I’ve never had children. I went in for my yearly and told them I was interested in the IUD, and they inserted it the same day. Normally they recommend taking ibuprofen 45 minutes before, but I didn’t get the chance.

It took about a minute for the insertion. As soon as my doctor starting messing with my cervix, I cramped up. I imagine it’s what contractions must feel like, though I have no way of knowing! Once it was in place and the instrument was removed, the cramping immediately stopped, though I was slightly achy and crampy for the rest of the day ( No worse than PMS ). Yes, it hurts, but it’s extremely fast and then you are set for years!

I bled lightly for two months after insertion, and then my periods stopped completely. I’ve had mine in for 4 years. No side effects other than no periods. How awesome is that?

Gross/TMI alert: It can increase discharge once in awhile. It’ll be thick and clear (think KY jelly), but it’s something that only happens occasionally.

I was under the impression that the arm implant was taken off the market in the US, but since people in this thread have it, I guess I am wrong.

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I have the nexplanon (arm) implant, which I also got because it stops my periods. It’s easier that way, because I travel a lot in the third world and it’s hard to be clean etc otherwise.


I was always turned off the IUDs, because if you do accidentally get pregnant whilst you have one in (as unlikely as it is), it can really hurt your baby, because it stops the placenta forming properly. It sounds odd, but I think you need to consider what would happen if you did accidentally get pregnant. If you would decide to keep your hypothetical “oops” baby, nexplanon is much better than IUDs.

Maybe a minor detail to some, but it mattered to me. If you do decide to go this route, try out the progesterone only pill for a few weeks beforehand, to make sure you won’t react to the hormones. Nexplanon is a progesterone only implant.

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I have the Implanon. I’ve had it for almost 3 years now. If we weren’t going to start TTC soon after, I’d definitely get another put in.

The insertion was painless. They did numb it first, though, which hurt (as expected).

There is a tiny little scar from insertion. It’s just a little circle maybe 2 mm thick. It’s on the inside of my arm so I’m sure nobody notices it but me.

I had one period right after insertion and haven’t had a period since then. But I was on Depo before that and also didn’t have periods on it. I’m sure the one period was due to switching methods.


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@Spideykiss:  Since you’ve had multiple implants taken out, can you tell me how that went? Mine is due out in October and I’m a little worried about it since this was my first one! I remember them telling me how after 3 years it would likely be attached to tissues. Was it really painful? Did it leave a big scar?

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@BlondieBee28:  yeah I don’t know of a non-hormonal implant either, mines hormonal.

I can’t even see the scar where the implant went in. It doesn’t show at all except when I manually poke it out under the skin (more to gross people out! It doesn’t hurt at all now).

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@taraelisabeth:  I experienced NO PAIN with any of my three removals.  First time not quick, they had trouble finding it but got it in he end; it just took longer than expected. Utterly painless, minor bruising.


Second time it was in too deep, almost needed stitches but was ok in the end (sterile tape and dressings sufficed!) but the bruising was bad/noticable. The scar from this – by far the worst – is a round half an inch long. 


 Because of this, the doctor put my third one in a slightly different place. Having this one removed and replaced with my fourth implant was fastest – 10 minutes, done. 


The scars from my 2 “normal” removals and my 4 insertions are unnoticable; I barely notice the  scar I have from my second removal (similar to a bad insect bite, I’d say). Unless you have serious body image issues, I wouldn’t even consider it to be a factor in your decision making. 


I never had any side effects of the removal, slightly sore for 12-24 hours afterward but nothing that stopped me going about my usual activities (work, exercise etc.) on any occasion; no pain meds needed (didn’t cross my mind). There was certainly nothing negative enough to make me consider any other form of BC. Insertion is painless, removal is 95% painless but you’d have to be a real wimp not to handle it!


The first TWO of my implants were inserted by “new” doctors, as in I was one of the first human patients they had inserted the implant into, which explains the difficulty in removing them. This hasn’t deterred me in the slightest. Unless we plan to TTC, my 5th implant will be inserted in 2.5 years from now. 


Given that I was essentially a “guinea pig” when this first rolled out, I think I got the “worst” that you could possibly experience. I am 100% happy with my choice and continue to renew it. That should tell you A LOT.  


I have has implanon and nexplanon (whatever was available at the time) and experienced no side effects with either. Both are hormonal – all implants are – how else could something placed in your arm prevent conception?!


 TBH a lot of the things you hear about hormonal BC is because of “hype” – women expect to feel different /gaim weight/turn evil, so they do. Ignore your BC and actually most women (90%+) have no side effects. 


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@BlondieBee28:  I just had a bad experience with the pill so I wasn’t interested in hormones. It didn’t give me crazy mood swings or anything but it was like I was always in a slightly worse mood than I would normally be. And once I stopped taking it, it took a full YEAR to get my periods back to normal. I didn’t want to put my body through that again, so this works much better for me. Lots of women react really well to hormonal methods and can use them with no problem, but unfortunately that just isn’t me πŸ™ MY sister actually had the same problem; she now has a copper IUD as well.

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