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@Allyg:  “honestly it just annoys me that doctors aren’t upfront about things, that we go online to choose our bc instead of our doctors because they are just pushing whichever one insurance and medical company’s are telling them to at that time.”

@Rachel631:  “the purpose of the IUD is to prevent implantation, if you accidentally get pregnant whilst on it then it can really harm your baby because it stops the placenta forming properly.”

@NauticalDisaster:  “I could go on for hours about just how much it has messed up my health.”

So sorry to threadjack, I really don’t like doing this, but feel compelled to put in my 2 cents… All of these reasons – and more – are why I won’t use artificial bc at all. If anyone’s interested in a method that is 99.6% effective at avoiding pregnancy, can help with conception as well when you’re ready, and is 100% natural with no health risks or risks to an “oops baby”, as a PP put it, look into NFP. http://ccli.org/nfp/effectiveness/index.php

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@Allyg: Yikes! I’m so glad your doctor was able to connect your symptoms to the paraguard and remove it! I totally agree about doctors not always being the most reliable source of info. Before I got my paraguard, I would get these bad visual migraines multiple times a month. In spite of telling my doctor about the migraines, she still prescribed me the nuvaring. I had no idea at the time that people with migraines (and esp visual migraines) should not be taking estrogen-based birth control. It wasn’t until I was chatting with a friend of mine who was in med school that I learned how dangerous that can be. I am so pissed at the negligence of the doctor for missing the link between the migraines and the birth control. She put my life at risk! Since getting off the nuvaring two years ago, the migraines have practically stopped.

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@cutiebomb7789:  Well, I took the pill for many years, and I actually found it really helped with my skin and other hormonal problems, so it isn’t a one size fits all!

I just get frustrated at the things doctors don’t tell you, you know? They treat women as if they are stupid. They don’t even tell women that antibiotics make the pill ineffective!

The problem with NFP is that it does require dedication though… it’s only a certain type of woman who will be happy to chart and temp and all the rest of it. People can get lazy and assume their usually regular cycles will always be regular etc etc… whereas stuff like implants (my fave is the implant) is really much easier.

So I think there are pros and cons to everything.

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@SweetyBee:  I have a Mirena for about 18 months now and I love it. After many years on the pill and patch, and then being off altogether while my now-fiance was deployed, I just couldn’t face going back on the pill. So I got the IUD and don’t regret it for a moment. My periods also stopped essentially completely after a few months on it, which is convenient. I might spot- very literally a single spot- once every few months, but that’s it.

Insertion was uncomfortable, not going to lie- but I had a vasovagal reaction (very common for me) and passed out about fifteen seconds in to the procedure, so that was a piece of cake, really. I woke up and it was over, and I spent the afternoon in bed with a heating pad, it was roughly comparable to bad cramps. The next day I was fine and we went on vacation and had sex maybe a week later with no problems.

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@prahajess:  You have all the same “issues” as me! Hooray! We are not alone!


To OP:

No more period! Hooray! I think I’ve gotten it once since I put the Mirena IUD in 7 months ago.

Sex drive isn’t low like it was on the pill. On the pill, it was non-existant. With the IUD, I can actully enjoy my fiance again.

When off the pill and all birthcontrol, I am a very complacent person. I don’t have moods AT ALL and am normally happy, bubbly, and void of saddness or other emotional varieties.

On the pill, I was a trainwreck.

On Mirena, I feel like a nomal girl. I cry at Budwiser commercials and other appropriately sappy events.


All together, the Mirena IUD was the best thing that’s every happened to me *knock on wood*.

The only thing I didn’t like was when I found out my cervix is really really long and I had to get a numbing agent shot up there and it was weird as hell for like an hour.


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@SweetyBee:  I got the copper IUD- paraguard- maybe 4 years ago now and it really was one of the best decisions for me. 

Cons: Insertion hurt like hell but that only lasts maybe 5-15 min, they didn’t get it positioned properly the first time & had to go again. My period is heavier and at first I got worse cramps- but these have all tapered off within a year or two and I’m back to my regular flow with few cramps except every now & again (usualy pre-bc for me). 

Pros: My period is extremely predictible, not having hormones toying with my body has really allowed me to become more knowledgeable about what is going on when inside me, protected for 10-12 years without the “user error” that’s so common with bc pills (you should check your string every month to make sure it’s in position but that’s it), And it saved me $$ already in just 4 years!

I really really really love it. Never had kids and my dr said that was fine so long as I was monogamous- all it really means is you have a higher possibility of expulsion within the first few months so I was just careful about any rough/crazy sex the first month or two to let it settle in good. Different bc’s react differently for everyone though. You could always try out the IUD and get it removed if you dislike it. Warning though, my DR told me numerous times that it was going to be rough & I would most likely want it removed within the first few months. She said it takes your body a while to get used to non-hormone life again, esp since I had been on hormonal bc pills for 10+ yrs already. I did wonder what I had done and considered having it removed around month 2/3, but stuck with it and within another 3 mos or so I was seriously in love with it… So it’s a rough one to start, but if you stick with it and it’s right for you the IUD is an amazing thing!

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I’ve been using the copper IUD for over 11 years and I love it.  No side effects and I don’t have to think about my birth control.  I had my second one inserted after 10 years because they lose effectiveness after 10 years.

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I loved my copper IUD but I’ve already shared my story on like 10 of these threads, I’d search for IUD threads and read through them if I were you, there are a ton with a lot of different experiences.


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@MsJ2theZ:  LOL, me too.  That’s why I didn’t get too detailed.

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I have commented on other IUD threads because I love mine so much so here is my story AGAIN, haha.

I got my Paragard in September.  I took ibuprofen a little before my appointment and insertion was a breeze, I even ran errands after I had it inserted.  My doctor said I could experience worse periods for the first few months but that didn’t happen.  I have much shorter periods now than I did when I was on the pill.  The flow is still as heavy as before but I’m talking it’s 3-4 days of a shorter period.  After my period is done every month I check my strings to make sure it’s still in place and that’s it!  No pill everyday and no hormones, it’s a breeze.  I have a period app on my phone and my periods are so predicitable.

I would recommend it!

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@SweetyBee:  I got the mirena last summer and I love it! It’s a very low dose and localized hormonal IUD. The pill has two hormones (I forget which ones?) and the IUD  [mirena] only uses a low dose of one hormone.

I haven’t had any problems at all and I love not having to think about the pill.

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I have the copper IUD and I love it, love it, love it. I would never go back to any other method. Love it!

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I have the Mirena and it is so much better than any other BC I have tried (many pills, patch, ring). I have not had any widespread side effects with Mirena except some hair loss at first that is improving now. I have had it for 1.5 years now and I believe I will get another after this one is done.

I have had no periods or spotting since going on it which is awesome as well!

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I was in the EXACT same position as you, and I LOVE my mirena. I will never take a BC pill EVER again!

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I’m also a curious bee on copper IUD.  I was on pills for 3 years and it make my life so much easier with cramps. I used to have terrible cramps but the pills also put up around 10lbs on me..no matter how hard I try to lose it, it doesn’t go away easily.  


Anyhow, now that Im off pills, not sure if it was hormones from it, I’m generally very happy everyday now and yes, my cramps are back but doesn’t seem as bad as before.  I’m off pills for around 6 months now, I only had one very bad cramp. 

So my question is, with copper IUD, would it make my already bad cramps 10 times worse?  I have been doing crazy research about it, seems like women complain the cramps are really bad. (would it be they dun have cramps in the past? ) So far, this is the most positive thread I found on internet about copper IUD. 


If I decided to go with Mirena at the end, do I expect weight gain like I experience from the pills?  

Thank you all~~

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