IUI sample nervousness

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  • poll: Were you nervous the doc gave your the wrong semen sample during IUI?
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    I think if you have this level of anxiety you need to speak to your doctor about it and get a referral to a mental health practitioner. This is not normal. 

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    You’re going through a stressful situation right now, and one that is completely new to you. It IS normal to be anxious in a situation like this. Don’t judge yourself for how you’re feeling right now, but also don’t hesitate to speak to a counselor or therapist if you do feel like you could benefit from getting some of these feelings off your chest.

    I have never had IUI, so I can’t comment on that specifically, but hopefully someone who has will be able to ease your mind! I’ll at least say that, in my opinion at least, love is what makes a family, not blood. No matter what happens or who’s DNA your baby carries, that will still be your child, and you and your husband will still be his or her wonderful and loving parents. (Really, though, I think it’s very unlikely that there would be that kind of mix-up!)


    I hope someone here can give you some reassurance and help you feel better! You got this!

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    Agree with bluejellyfish…I haven’t been through IUI (or any infertility treatments), but I’m sure it’s all pretty overwhelming the first time, and I don’t think there’s anything unusual about heightened anxiety. I’m also sure (or I would certainly hope!!!) the clinic has really good procedures in place to prevent a mixup like that. Can you talk to your RE and go over their protocols? Maybe that would set your mind at ease a little, and I guarantee you wouldn’t be the first patient who asked about it.

    If you become pregnant and still have that nagging paranoia then I would just pay for the genetic confirmation and put it to rest. You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

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    I’m having an IUI this week and have had the same worries. My clinic is… chaotic. I go in for my follicle scan on Tuesday and I’m going to ask how they can reassure me a mixup won’t happen. 

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    Taking a picture of the container he uses and the vial they use on you isn’t really going to help.  They are going to take his sample and “wash it”… then they come back with the catheter all loaded up and ready to go.  There are so checks and protocols to ensure that mix ups don’t happen that it’s quite unlikely. 

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    I’ve had 5 iuis and also worried about this, I think its really normal and common to have this fear.  Have you asked how the clinic handles this?  At my clinic,  they label the vial of sperm then when they come in to the room they confirm who you are, then show you the vial to check it for accuracy. 

    To the poster that said this level of anxiety isn’t normal, I think this is not something you can understand until you have been through it yourself. Please have some compassion and respond with kindness.  If you have been through fertility treatment yourself and didn’t have anxiety, then congratulations, you are very fortunate. 


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    Really..this is SO unhelpful and phrased in an insensitive and dismissive way too.  . Also, l imagine it is a perfectly usual and normal fear in these stressful circumstances. 

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    @eviegreene:  Question them as closely and repeatedly as you need OP. You may be annoying to them, but that may just make them extra careful !!

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    Not meant to scare you.. but in my country, there was a case where the sperm was mixed up during IVF and it was only found out because the baby came out with mixed ethnicity. It became a court case when the parents sued the clinic. It was a huge deal when it happened. The clinic is very reputable, and our healthcare system is very developed. So.. anything can happen. And i think in many cases who would have known if the baby was of the majority ethnicity. So I do not think your fears are unfounded. But i think most of us (me included) will just cross our fingers and hope no screw ups… feels pretty out of our control!

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    I’ve been through 3 IUIs and 3 IVF cycles, my clinic in particular ask for your name, your partners name and last 4 digits of SS# about 15 times before the actual procedures to make sure they have the right vials for use. To me, they were so over the top and thorough about it from the get go that any anxiety I had surrounding that particular situation went away immediately. Definitely ask them to reassure you about this as it is a common fear. But the unlikely scenario PP suggested is so rare that it is something you really don’t have to worry yourself about. ❤️

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    @eviegreene:  you asked!!!! Needing to get mental health care during fertility treatment is super common, I did it myself. It is clinic’s jobs to not mess this up. Paying for unnecessary genetic testing is one way to treat anxiety but I think you’ll be better served by getting help from a professional. Why ask if you’re going to be outraged by other’s opinions? 

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    @eviegreene: it’s a normal worry but if it’s more than a passing worry and starts to consume you speaking to your doctor should help. If they dismiss you find a new clinic. We did IUI and IVF and the thought crossed my mind (I think it’d be weirder if it didn’t!) but my clinic had so many double checks I felt confident it was our stuff. They had us look at the vial labels and confirm everything a million times. And then our two kids are basically carbon copies of us (looks and personalities) that any lingering concern was squashed. 

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