(Closed) I’ve never dealt with this before and I’m scared.

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Sue is going to do what Sue is going to do. I have dealt with people like this before, and it hurts to see them spiral like this. all you can do is be there if and when she needs you.

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Honey bee

If this were me this is what I would do, but yes it would be very hard.

I would take her our for lunch and tell her every reason why you are concerned and why she is hurting herself and future. Remind her that you love her, but can’t support the lifestyle she is living currently.  Then tell her that if she ever needs your help to call you, but until then you cant be friends with her.

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Wow, thats really tough, but good for you for wanting to help. Does she have any family that you can talk to and tell them that you are worried about her, how about inviting her over to your house or Jane’s and make a list of why you are legit worried about her.  Some times people need to be taken out of the sitituation to realize what is really happening. She may have self- esteem issues if she’s willing to put up with a toxic guy who gives her drugs. I’m not sure if this is any help but good luck! ((hugs!)) 

PS : I would be very careful about what you say about him to her that will put her on the defensive and she might go and tell him and you don’t know what he is capable of doing.

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I’d definitely try to sit her down and tell her you’re worried about her. If she was such a goody goody in school this may be her finally going through a “rebellious stage”.

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Tread lightly, but do mention it.

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As others have said, focus on her behavior, sex out of wedlock (you said she was very religious), sex whilst other people are around, taking drugs. All things she used to not approve of. Don’t talk about the boyfriend or she will just become defensive and shut down. 

Hope it goes well. 🙂

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You know what this sounds a lot like a person I know and unfortunately it took loosing his fiance, countless jobs, countless places to live, and the trust of everyone who loved him to get him to straighten up. It started with cigarettes at 9, yes 9, years old and took another 11 years to get that bad. We found out he was using heroine and everyone basically said “We love you but we will have nothing to do with you anymore if you do not go to rehab. We have done everything in the world for you and you have stolen and lied from us so as of now if you do not go we do not care and we will not have anything more to do with you.” Luckily he chose rehab. His fiance promised to stand by him as long as he went through the whole program and he made it. He is doing well now, went to college, has a job and everything.

Sorry that was long. Moral of the story: Wait until “sue” hits rock bottom. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of WHEN. And WHEN it happens you and Jane just need to be there to say “If you want to hit the bottom you can hit it alone or you can take our help. And go from there.” It’s nothing to be sugar coated. At that point they just need to be told how it is. They screwed up and they can either fix it with your help or suffer alone.

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It sounds like Sue is for some reason trying to experience all the things she must feel she missed out on earlier in life.  Question – did she date much in high school?  Did something happen within a reasonable time frame, like the death of a close family member, loss of a job, failing at school that migh precipitate this kind of personality change?

I had a friend got rhough something like this for a short while, where she was having issues her sneior year in high school and her first year in college, trying to keep up with all the sports and band that she’d been doing in high school, but her father was aslo pushing her out, insisting she work and pay him rent since she was now 18, and it all got to be too much.  She wanted to do all her activities, AND have time to go have fun, which in college is more likely to inlcude drinking and drugs (we were both very anti-alcohol in high school) adn promiscuity – hey – ‘everyone’s doing it”!

I saw her start to pretty much use caffine and caffine pills to keep up with everything, while telling me she was going to parties wher she was offered things that sounded a lot like acid.  She did them to fit in.  I told an older adult to whom we were both kinda close about my concerns – unfortunelty, this adult was well meaning but went and spoke to EVERYONE about it, causing her to hunt me down and burst into my BF’s apartment (we had only been together about 8 months at the time, and I wasn’t living with him yet) and yell at me in front of him, his borther and sister, whoa ll in turn jumped on her case for barging in and trying to start a argument.  It pretty much broke up our friendship – BUT she let go of some of her activities, found a good guy and now is a good mother with a good job, supporting her family while her husband is Mr. Dad.  We can talk now and then, and Im glad she didn’t spiral as badly as her sister, who got into herion.  I tried activty to help her, by pretty much flushing her drugs down the toilet when I found them… it took her having her daughter taken away before she decided to straighten up and get clean.

You can talk to your friend, but she will be defensive and will attack you.  For some reason, she wants this right now, or feels she belongs where she is.  Unless you can find the Ah-HA moment of why, you really can’t help her more than to say, “Look, I think you’re invovled in things that can hurt you.  I’ve been your friend for X amount of years, you know me, and you should know that all I care about is that you are okay.  If you want to stay with (insert loser Boyfriend or Best Friend name), of course I can’t stop you.  All I can say is he seems to be helping you down a path that worries me and Jane.  If you ever change your mind about your relationship with (loser guy) or need any other type of help, please call me or Jane.  We want to be there for you, but I can’t (maybe Jane can’t) spend time around the kind of people you seem to want to be around.  I’ll call you to see if you want to (go to movies, go shopping, etc.) or just to talk, but I will always be honest with you and if I think you are getting involved in dangerous, harmfl activites.  I want to remain your friend, and understand if this makes you angry.”

And then leave it.  Call her, spend time as you can with her doing things that have no bearing on her new lifestyle.  Don’t bring it up each time you see her – you’ll nag her right back into Loser Guy’s arms and influence.  She seems to have hit teenage rebellion a little late.  

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