(Closed) I've officially changed my name! How did your process go?

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Not married yet but also curious about people’s experiences with name change 🙂

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I just finished this process this weekend myself.  Finally got the bank stuff sorted out.  Still need to change my credit card over, but for the most part it went smoothly.  Apparently it’s still a pretty common thing to do and so I had no problems.  

Waiting in line at the SS office took the longest amount of time.  haha.

I’m also getting used to signing my new name.  Although my initals did not change at all with my married name.

Good luck in your marriage!

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My name change was pretty easy peasy! I was able to go to the Social Security office during my lunch break and then went to the DMV about a week later. Most everything else I’ve been able to do online. I still need to change my name at the bank but I’m so lazy to go in……. 

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vip0802:  I’ve been married 6 months and still finishing up some things for my name, slacking on changing my loan on my car, meant that when I came to renew the registration on my car it came back with my maiden name.  Meaning that I know have to do two processes for one before my registration expires in December

But other than that changing my name was a breeze!  You’ll get the signature down soon enough.  My entire name is actually 15 letters, but I dropped it down to only spell EJR.


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Couple months past the 1yr mark and we are all done EXCEPT passport.  We had a lot to change since we both changed names and joined accounts.  We only had problems with WF and had to close the account because they could not change our names unless we mailed off our SS, Marriage license, ID–basically all forms of ID in a bright yellow envelope.  We took our forms in and asked they be faxed but apparently that is no longer their practice (in the mail or nothing).  So we said no, and chose to close the account.

A second bank asked for our original IDs to prove former name, but we didn’t have those since they were destroyed when given our new IDs with new name.  We explained that that’s what a marriage license is for (former name) and though they said it was still policy to require former ID, we huffed and puffed enough so they let it slide. 

The passport is a pain because we each had to get a copy of our marriage license,  notarized, and mailed to CA within 5 days of date the app was printed w/ fee to get the copies.  Now we have to go take new passport pics and then send in two separate apps (one for each of us) w/ 110pp fee. 

Live in WA, married in CA.

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I got married October 2013 and seriously lagged on changing my name….I was waiting until after our honeymoon in Feb 2014 so I didn’t have to change my passport. Then I decided I better wait until after tax time. Then I just lagged for a few more months haha. It went relatively smoothly for me I just have a LOT of things to change (student loans, multiple bank accounts and credit cards, IRA, 401K…blahblahblah) so its taken a while to get everything done!

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I was told I didn’t need to change my name on my home, car title and registration. Don’t know if that’s different from state to state. Super fast and easy name change. Next month I’ll have to do it all again. The SS office by my work is nasty. I feel like I’m getting diseases just sitting there. Lol

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I’m still in the process, and I’ve been married just shy of a month!

Once we got our certified copies of the marriage license back, I went to the SSA office and got that done. Hello, 45 minute wait! It was awful to wait… and the people around me smelled. I was happy that once their numbers were called and realized that they didn’t have the correct paperwork, they were asked to leave. Ha.

Once I got my new SS card, I went and changed my name on my license cos some resource online said I needed the SS card, old ID and marriage license… but only needed my license and old ID. I got that done last Tuesday (voting day), which was either a good or bad decision. Our state just changed it to where you need an ID that shows your most current address to vote (before you didn’t)… so I waited about 30 minutes to get that, and I still had to register as a new voter when I went to my place to vote – since I wasn’t in the system yet. But, didn’t know if I’d be listed with my maiden or married name since it was official with the SSA.

I went to the bank yesterday to change my name with my accounts, and we’re still keeping our stuff separate for now. I had some of my Roth accounts and other money management accounts updated this past week too.

My work stuff was JUST updated on Monday. I had to wait until it was officially changed with the SSA – so my HR stuff was done and finally got my email address and how it’s listed in the directory updated.

Um, next up is my passport since I need one in my new name (have one in my old). I also got one of my CC’s done, and got paperwork done on a few others. I haven’teven started the change for my store cards but should probably do that soon too.

Oh… my car title and registration is next. I went last week to get that done, but needed my title. However, they speeled off a list of things I needed and I don’t remember anything. So, I’ll just go in with everything I have and hope it works. I may just carry a copy of my license with me, just in case.

What a pain! *lol*

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I had to get mine changed in a rush because we bought a car from DH’s parents and in order for it to be in my name I had to change it first and the name on the lease needed to be switched for emissions testing. Most of the things on the list of proofs of address and identity took more than 2 weeks to process. I somehow managed to get around it but it wasn’t easy…. when I first got to the BMV I had my old drivers license, my birth certificate, and my receipt from when I changed my name with SS, and our lease on the apartment. I  told them that I couldn’t get anything else on the list quickly but I needed to get my license change like yesterday. They normally don’t take the SSC receipts but because of my situation they were able to use it. I do not suggest doing it this way.

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I joined a site called MissNowMisses, it was a $25 Groupon deal and its pretty awesome.  It takes care of all the paperwork.  You really just need to mail it out! License, SS Card bank info – the works!

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I thought name changing was fairly common, but I have had a pretty hard time with it.

The SS office was cake. DMV was cake. Our credit union was great at first… until I got the new ATM card in the mail with my FIRST name spelled wrong. They also spelled my address wrong. And I know very well I checked the spelling of my first name on the forms I signed at the CU because I have a common first name with a slightly different spelling. I also know all the documents I handed over had the correct spelling. The third-party they went through just sucked. It took three weeks to get a new debit card. Every other bank was easy.

My student loans were easy. Most of the stuff was done with a simple phone call.

Work was a hassle. I know in my industry people don’t get married every day, but they get divorced a lot, so it should have been easy. Our office lady had no idea. She had to call over to a different facility to ask. The other facility initiated my actual name change request for payroll. She told me which form I needed to fill out and send in to my insurance. Basically, I was dropping my insurance as a “life event” change and being added to my husband’s. We have the same company… just doing a family plan now. I called payroll, my insurance, and the benefits office that I was sending my form in to and they both verified that was the correct form. A week later I called the benefits office to ask what was up and they insisted I needed a different form. We got transferred to a sup. who said the one we sent in was good and an hour later he called back saying we needed a different one. It has been a battle… a battle that is still going on, but legally they have to process the paperwork as of a certain date and refund me my money that was already taken out of my check. It’s just sucky because any claims (flu shots, dental work) we make will not be processed until the change is made. The crappy thing is that my husband was able to make his changes online, but since I was terminating my insurance I had to snail mail it all in.

Now I have to get my office lady to make me an appt to get a new work ID. She didn’t understand why I needed a new one and the one with my old last name wasn’t good enough. Well, I work on a base and sometimes they ask for your DL and compare it to your work ID. I shouldn’t have to carry around a copy of my certificate because she is too lazy to do her job.

Wow, that turned into a rant. I needed to get it out though, :)!

What really helped me is making a list of everything that I needed to change my name on. I was able to cross things off and it made me feel accomplished.

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vip0802:  lol I envy you!! I just filled out my form to just GET my marriage license to start the process and we got married over 6 months ago. I finally got the form noterized, but its sitting in my car for the past month. I’m too lazy, and it feels pretty daunting. I also have some vacations/work trips in the next few months so I don’t want to get stuck half way in the process and have something go wrong with my tickets, etc.

Also, I work for the government and nothing there is easy in regards to HR stuff. I never knew changing my name was so complicated!

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vip0802:  This reminds me of something I saw on Pinterest:



In all seriousness — it was a bit of a hassle to change my name with Social Security, driver’s license, banks, credit cards, etc. etc. But the thing that surprised me was that it was a downright nightmare to change it with my employer. I work for a big, lumbering, inefficient government bureaucracy and my old maiden name was on dozens of different servers and computer systems, all of which were managed by different departments which ignored, mismanaged or lost my repeated emails, phone calls and letters. I’m not kidding when I say that it probably took me three times as much time and energy to get my name changed through my employer, compared to everyone else combined. To this day — nearly three years after we got married!! — my maiden name is still popping up on random things at work. I’ve given up at this point and I’ve had my last meltdown over the subject. Lol. 

But even so, I’d go back and do it all over again. I love sharing my DH’s name and having the “Mrs.” title.

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Mine wasn’t too bad. I have changed all the government stuff (SS, DL, passport), work stuff, and my banks. Everything else I am slowly changing over. I’m putting off the car registration, since if there is a lien on it (aka a loan), you need waaaaaay more paperwork, and we are almost done paying it off.

My work has actually been the worst. My inbox shows my current (new) last name, but randomly, it will send emails that show my OLD last name. Its annoying because I work in an industry where I often meet new people, and these people don’t know me as my old last name at all!

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