(Closed) “I’ve only ever been with one person” – well, whoop de doo.

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    I have only ever had sex with one person and I am proud of that. : (197 votes)
    11 %
    I have only ever had sex with one person but I don't care/never mention it. : (170 votes)
    10 %
    I have only ever had sex with one person but I wish I'd experienced other partners. : (63 votes)
    4 %
    I have had sex with more than one person and I am happy that I did. : (477 votes)
    28 %
    I have had sex with more than one person but I wish I had only been with one. : (120 votes)
    7 %
    I have had sex with more than one person but I don't think it had any effect on shaping who I am. : (205 votes)
    12 %
    My choice was partly based on my religious/moral beliefs. : (104 votes)
    6 %
    Added: I've had sex with more than one person and it has had helped to shape who I am. : (393 votes)
    23 %
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    @EnglishWifey:  @SnurfMurph86:  lol! No really, I’m shy, I swear! I’m ridiculously reserved around large groups of people or anyone I don’t know reeeeeally well, but in this case we were all good friends to begin with and there was alcohol involved. 

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    I’m sorry but, who cares? I’ve had previous bfs but have been saving myself for marriage. Fiance has had previous gfs and wasn’t saving himself. It’s not a pride thing, just a personal decision. It’s not that serious.

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    @kittyfinn:  +1. My virginity is not some present wrapped up in a bow and put under a christmas tree. It’s a concept that society has trumped up to police women’s bodies. Have sex, don’t have sex, whatever. It’s just a freaking hymen.


    And what of my lesbian friends that never have penetrative sex? Are we supposed to believe they’ll die virgins if they only sleep with women?

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    Well, I’m 30 and have been with only one person sexually. However, I was a strict Catholic and was waiting for marriage. Then I fell off the apple cart and that’s that:)

      Right now I love who I am with and feel happy. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sex and despite waiting so longggg I have no hang ups in the bedroom, almost anything goes, hehehehe.


     But I have no regrets that I haven’t sampled the buffet table. I have given it some thought as to what sex would be like with other men and it doesn’t make me want to stray or sample the candy jar…lol


    OP you feel that those who have had only one partner brag too much and whoop de doo which is fine, I agree that people shouldn‘t feel that makes them better. But I have the opposite problem of yours, my boyfriend thinks he deserves a lifetime achievement award for all the “conquests” he has had.

    I don’t care that he has been with other women, but the fact is he brags about it often, to me and his friends, and it gets kind of tiresome, not to mention it makes me feel inadequate, like I’m just another number. I wonder if one day he will be telling another woman about me ect.


    The other night he complimented me on my lingerie and alluded to other woman not wearing such sexy get ups…so I was surprised and remarked that I was sure many women wear sexy things and he made a funny face like he was going to explode from not wanting to act like he would know. But then he admitted to me not being the first to get dressed up for him.

    So it kind of pissed me off, here he was telling me I was rare but he’s had it before…


    So in that respect, I feel the scales are off, I can’t kind of dish out to him what he does to me, I feel that if I had racked up a few kills, we would be on even ground.

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    @OrchidsandCandles:  +1. Despite a few reactions to the contrary of what you posted, I totally agree with you.

    Also, I cannot believe this thread is still alive.

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    @lilkatiebee:  I cant believe your boyfriend tells you all of that. If you dont like it, you need to tell him to cut it out.Frankly no woman wants to know how many, how and what she wore.

    Seriuosly, if it bothers you, you need to mention it to him.

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    I’ve only had sex with one person and it helped shaping who I am because I’ve been with this person for half my life (we started dating when I was 14) and his presence in my life has been (obviously) of great influence.

    I think we’ve had such a great relationship it hasn’t made me want to experience, but sometimes I feel like the boring girl, not going to lie.

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    @SnurfMurph86:  er, no…i was 20 (almost 21) when i had sex. Of course when i was a baby i wasnt thinking of sex, but i did in effect hold out for 20 years of my life before having sex.

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    @sealevels:  When people say “I waited x amount of years to have sex” I assume that’s from the time they started dating, not birth. Thanks for clarifying! 

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    I’ve only been with one guy. It just happened that he was the one I fell in love with and wanted to spend my life with. I’ve had other boyfriends but I wasn’t mentally ready for sex at that point.


    There were long periods that I wished I had more experience, just to be sure my Fiance is the one on that level as well. But after enough time, you learn to enjoy each other properly and that curiousity wanes.

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