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Have you been working out?  I am so afraid for something like this to happen to me to, so I am just thinking of what I would do differently .  If I start to plateau, I am going to step up the excercizing.

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Reevaluate your zero points food.  You might be consuming more than you think.  Keep doing what you’re doing and add some more exercise.  Have you gotten the weekly book “Pushing Past Plateaus” yet?

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What about starting with pilates or yoga?  I had back problems a few years and those exercizes completely cleared me up (though it wasn’t the bad and hadn’t been that long that I had the problems).  I hear you though, that’s rough.

Here’s something really interesting about zero point foods – when you enter them into the points manager, they may register as zero, like entering all the salad components in separately – but if you put your salad into the recipe maker, sometimes they actually add up, it’s really interesting.  (I’m not saying you don’t already do that – it’s just something I experimented with recently and I was totally surprised by the result!)

I also heard from someone once that sometimes in the middle of a diet or lifestyle change, your body plateaus to compensate for major loss, but if you keep at it, you should start to lose again.

Either way, I would totally be frustrated too, so I totally understand where you are coming from.

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Ugh, I wrote out a reply and lost it – so annoying!

Anyway…  I am doing WW online too!  If you are hitting all your healthy checks, vitamins, really great produce like berries/spinach/broccoli/carrots, drinking lots of water, and minimizing processed foods, then you are doing what you’re supposed to.  WW can be done on processed foods, but it REALLY slows down weight loss (as well as the obvious not-really-being-good for you thing).  The sodium just slows it all down.  I also make sure to get lots of fiber in my diet through high-fiber foods, high-fiber oatmeal, and I put Benefiber in my water (you can’t taste it at all whatsoever, unless you get the juicy-flavor kind).  Weight loss always takes a dip after those first great weeks, but if you stick with it, your body with catch up and start losing again.  Since exercising is problematic for you, you can also try just shaking up your menu.

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I already have a plan in place for when I plateau, haha.  Right now I eat lean cuisines for lunch everyday (horrible, but easy and delicious) and when I start to plateau I’m going to switch to home made lunches (salads, wraps, etc.).

Is there anything you could change in your current day to day diet that might help you get past it?  I feel like when I’m on a diet I tend to eat very similar foods every day and in my mind it should work kind of like when you do the same exercise every day if you change it you should see greater results.  This might be my crazy, desperate, bride to be mind at work though lol.

And as for exercise (I have a bad back to – degenerative subluxation and disc herniation – YAY) stationary bikes are really good.  I found an upright stationary bike on craigslist that was practically brand new for $50.  A recumbent bike would be even better for those of us with back problems.  So if you have the space for it, maybe start looking for one of those?

But don’t give up…at least you’re still losing something (imagine if you plateaued and started…duh duh duuuuuuuh…gaining weight)

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Honestly, that’s a lot for 1 month on WW.  My thought is that it’s just your body catching up! As long as you focus on the good health guidelines and don’t give up, you should continue to see results. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, our bodies just do what they want.

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Here are my tricks for breaking through a plateau (I’ve gained and lost more times than you can count): 

– what KIND of points are you eating? My go-to is always healthy carbs. But carbs are unfortunately evil. If I’m stuck I’ll try to limit my carbs and use up my points on more protein and veggies

– how much water are you drinking? 8 cups is the minimum… it keeps things flowin

– how much fiber are you getting? i am for 20-25 grams/day. again, keeps things moving

– what time are you eating? My default is always to skip breakfast, have a small lunch, a snack, and then use 1/2 my points at dinner. no bueno. When I am careful to use 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 i find that i lose weight much easier. 

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Do you have an indoor pool or YMCA that you have access to? I HATE exercising and have a lot of back and knee problems as well, but swimming is low impact on your joints and you don’t even realize you are exercising.

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I hate to break it to you, but unless you have a small amount of weight to lose, after only 1 month of being on program, followed by 3 weeks of modest change is probably not quite a plateau especially if you are losing at all–even if it’s .3, .2…a plateau really is no change for a sustained period (try a couple months of complete stagnation). The other thing is 14 lbs/1 month is a lot–so much that a good percentage of that will be water weight (sorry) and it’s common to experience some stalling or slowing up as your body starts replacing water and stops dumping it. In other words, the scale is starting to reflect a more normal, slower, rate of loss.  

But I get that it’s frustrating either way. Weight loss stalls are generally caused by your body getting used to things and/or you slacking off. In your case, it doesn’t seem like you’re slacking off, but it could be that your body is getting used to things. Here are a couple things to try:

1. Eat MORE, not less. Sounds counter-intuitive, but you said that you barely touch your +35. Your daily points allowance (DPA) is the MINIMUM you should be eating. A lot of members think eating less = losing more and don’t touch their +35, but then find that once they break into the weeklies, they actually lose MORE. The +35 are part of the program–don’t be afraid of them. Now, I wouldn’t recommend that you use them so you can go hog-wild on cake (it’s okay if you have a moment of weakness and do–that’s what they’re there for) or party down with tequila, but you know, a little avocado on your salad, some peanut butter at breakfast…that’s okay and it might help you out.

2. Stagger your daily points–in other words, divvy up those 35 to use over the course of the week, but do so in such a way that you use maybe 8 more on day one, 1 on day 2, 5 on day 3, 3 on day 4 and so on. Google “Wendie Plan” for a blueprint on how to do this.

3. Step up your exercise–BUT you don’t have to do things that hurt your back or that you hate doing. Brisk walking is fine. By “stepping it up” small changes make a difference, like adding just 10 more minutes to your walks. Or, another way to look at it is trying to be more active in general–park your car further away, take the stairs, sign up to take a class that has you being a little more active, like art museum club or auto repair class (something that doesn’t have you sitting around and eating–ie, not book club)

4. Work really hard at hitting the GHGs (good health guidelines). This will naturally get you to cut back on carbs as CorgiTales mentioned and eat more vegetables/fruits and drink more water. If you can’t hit them all every day (it’s actually a little difficult to do), it’s okay, just do the best that you can. The two elements that seem to have the biggest effect are the fruits and vegetables and the exercise. The water comes in third. If you haven’t been paying attention to them, start each week focusing on one and add them progressively. Start with whichever habit will be easiest for you and work towards the one that will be hardest.

At this stage in the game, I don’t think that this is an actual true plateau, so the good news is that small tweaks will make a difference. When you hit a true-to-balls plateau, then it might be time to look at more of an overhaul, but I’m not convinced you’re there quite yest.

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I’m with CorgiTales on this one – I find the easiest way for me to bust a lag is to go low carb and I cut all dairy, grains and sugar (except for fruits)…

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@JennyW1: Very good advice, I was going to say much the same thing.

Have you tried swimming for your back? My father has a horrible back and this helped strengthen it (as well as proper stretches from his chiso) to help manage it day to day

Also, think about the quality of those calories. Are they coming from processed foods? versus whole natural foods?  I can eat way more calories when I avoid processed items and sugars (even minimize natural sugars like fruit) and still lose weight/maintain.

What about alcohol? Are you drinking? Even if you are incorporating it into your points? Alcohol actually makes you burn less calories after drinking it.  http://www.thefactsaboutfitness.com/research/alcohol.htm


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I feel you! I’ve been like that for a couple months now.  I’ve changed things up and I’m still plataued. 🙁 But I’ve also been a little lazy about tracking lately too.  So I need to pick it up better.  However, to loose 14 pounds in a month is great.  WOW I’ve only lost 16 since Jan. and you did all that in a month.  Make sure you are eatting well and enough. 

One thing though that has helped is TRICK YOUR BODY!!  Trust me this does work.  Try a new work out.  Add something new, and make sure to count your points. Drink more water.  Do your workouts at a different time or different day.  Do whatever you can to throw the routine off some and it does work!  Use your daily points, weekly points and the Activity points.  Don’t be afraid to use them…but try not to go overboard.

I’m on WW too and it’s a struggle but I keep going and keep trying, SO NEVER GIVE UP!!  Plus if your not married yet…keep eyes on goal of looking HOT in your dress!

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